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An A-Z List of Local Brick-and-Mortar Jersey City Businesses to Support

by Alexa Martin
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Hudson County is brimming with great spots to eat, drink, shop, and more. We’ve given our readers a run-down of Hoboken spots for dining, drinking, and things to do but there is also quite an extensive list of Jersey City gems for residents to take advantage of. Jersey City has become a Hudson County hot spot and has so many brick-and-mortar spots that need locals’ support. Read on for a full guide to all of the local businesses to support in Jersey City. And if you can’t get there in person because of everything going on, consider buying a gift certificate so that you can use at a later date but support them now.

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**Disclaimer: We came up with this list based on knowledge and research and are sure we will have many to add. No business was forgotten on purpose, so please let us know by emailing hello@hobokengirl.com if we missed any and we will add it ASAP!

jersey city brick and mortar businesses


15 Fox Place {15 Fox Place}

Alex’s Italian Restaurant {346 Grove Street}

American Hero {2982 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Ani Ramen {218 Newark Avenue}

Ani Ramen {210 Hudson Street at District Kitchen}

Andrea Salumeria {247 Central Avenue}

The Ashford {145 Newark Avenue}

Astor Bar & Grill {725 Montgomery Street}

Atlas Public House {130 Newark Avenue}

Barge Inn {324 Third Street}

Bistro Jeffrey’s {116 Newark Avenue}

Battello {502 Washington Boulevard}

The Boil {8 Erie Street}

BonChon Chicken {172 Newark Avenue}

Brightside Tavern {141 Bright Street #4203}

Broa Cafe {297 Grove Street}

Buon Appetito {520 Jersey Avenue}

Carmine’s Italian Deli {165 Mallory Avenue}

Carvao BBQ {686 Bergen Avenue}

Corto {507 Palisade Avenue}

East Flour {103 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Ed & Mary’s {174 Coles Street}

Edward’s Steakhouse {239 Marin Boulevard}

El Sazón De Las Americas {305 Grove Street}

Fire & Oak {479 Washington Boulevard}

Food King {185 Newark Avenue}

Frankie {264 Grove Street}

Future {216 Newark Avenue}

Gia Gelato & Cafe {281 Newark Avenue}

Grand Sichuan {342 Grove Street}

Gringo’s Tacos {12 Coles Street}

Gypsy Grill {187 Newark Avenue}

Hamilton Inn {708 Jersey Avenue}

Hamilton Pork {247 Tenth Street}

Hard Grove {284 First Street}

Helen’s Pizza {183 Newark Avenue}

Hollywood Fried Chicken (Heights) {431 Central Avenue}

Hollywood Fried Chicken {200 Newark Avenue #2}

Honshu {95 Greene Street}

Hudson and Co. Bar & Grill {3 Second Street}

Ibby’s Falafel {303 Grove Street}

JC Sakura Sushi {362 Grove Street}

The Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}

Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe {538 Jersey Avenue}

Left Bank Burger Bar {194 Newark Avenue}

Liberty House {76 Audrey Zapp Drive}

Liberty Prime Steakhouse {111 Montgomery Street}

The Little Sandwich Shop {333 Grove Street}

Los Cuernos {499 Washington Boulevard}

Los Tres Chilitos {456 Central Avenue}

Luna {279 Grove Street}

Maritime Parc {84 Audrey Zapp Drive}

Mathews Food & Drink {351 Grove Street}

Mezcal Kitchen {665 Newark Avenue}

Milano’s Deli {41 Montgomery Street}

Miso Ramen {189 Newark Avenue}

Moe’s Deli & Grocery {159 Newark Avenue}

More Express {281 Grove Street}

New York Bagel & Deli {576 West Side Avenue}

Nicole’s {521 Jersey Avenue #2720}

The Old Spot Hotpot & Skewer {523 Jersey Avenue}

Orale {341 Grove Street}

Paradise Deli {226 Newark Avenue}

Pasta Dal Cuore {527 Jersey Avenue}

Pino’s Pizza {225 Newark Avenue}

Pokay {283 Newark Avenue}

Porta Pizza {135 Newark Avenue}

Porto Leggero {185 Hudson Street}

Razza {275 Grove Street}

Roman Nose {125 Newark Avenue}

Saigon Cafe {188 Newark Avenue}

Salumeria Ercolano {1072 Westside Avenue}

Satis Bistro {212 Washington Street}

Sen Hai {303 Newark Avenue}

Shadman Restaurant {293 1/2 Grove Street}

Shah Taj {287 Grove Street}

Skinner’s Loft {146 Newark Avenue}

South House {149 Newark Avenue}

Square 1 Community Eatery {283 St. Pauls Avenue}

Stella’s Pizzeria {315 Grove Street}

Subculture {260 Newark Avenue}

Sweetberry {179 Newark Avenue}

Sweetberry {525 Washington Boulevard Unit E}

Tacoria {24-26 Erie Street}

Tacos Victoria {324 ½ Seventh Street}

Taqueria Downtown {354 Grove Street}

Taqueria Mi Mariachi {213 Sip Avenue}

Taqueria Sabor Mixteca {496 Communipaw Avenue}

Taqueria Viva Mexico Kitchen Cafe {133 Morris Street}

Tea NJ {262 Newark Avenue #5606}

Tidal Poke Co. {210 Hudson Street}

Tidal Poke Co. Downtown {337 Grove Street

Tony Boloney’s {363 Grove Street}

Two Boots Pizza {133 Newark Avenue}

Uncle Momo {289 Grove Street}

Villa Borghese III {475 Washington Boulevard}

Vincente Deli & Grocery {178 Newark Avenue}

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Abbey’s Pub {409 Monmouth Street}

The Archer {176 Newark Avenue}

Barcade {163 Newark Avenue}

Bobby Dees {49 Beacon Avenue}

Cellar 335 {335 Newark Avenue}

Cherry’s Lounge {102 Martin Luther King Drive}

Columbia Tavern {341 Martin Luther King Drive}

Corgi Spirits at the Jersey City Distillery {1 Distillery Drive}

Corkscrew Bar {61 Congress Street}

Dorrian’s Red Hand {555 Washington Boulevard}

Dullboy {364 Grove Street}

Fox & Crow {594 Palisade Avenue}

Golden Cicada Tavern {195 Grand Street}

Grape Vine Tavern {657 Newark Avenue}

Greene Hook Bar & Kitchen {70 Greene Street}

Grove Corner Bar {116 Newark Avenue}

Guillo’s {110 Coles Street}

Half Time Bar & Grill {746 West Side Avenue}

Headroom Bar & Social {150 Bay Street}

Healy’s Tavern {374 Newark Avenue}

Hudson Hall {364 Marin Boulevard}

Hutton Bar and Grill {225 Hutton Street}

Iron Monkey {99 Greene Street}

Jersey Social {837 Jersey Avenue}

JSQ Lounge {50 Journal Square Plaza}

Keyhole Bar {242 Bay Street}

Liberty Bar {111 Montgomery Street}

Light Horse Tavern {199 Washington Street}

Light Rail Cafe {237 Randolph Avenue}

LITM {140 Newark Avenue}

Low Fidelity {328 Palisade Avenue}

Lucky 7 Tavern {322 Second Street}

Lutze {3 Second Street}

McGinley Square Pub {755 Montgomery Street}

Moore’s Lounge {189 Monticello Avenue}

New Park Tavern {575 West Side Avenue}

Oasis Tavern {511 Palisade Avenue}

O’Abbey’s Corner Grill & Pub {60 Fisk Street}

O’Leary’s Publik House {788 Garfield Avenue}

Paulie’s Brickhouse {264 Central Avenue}

Pet Shop {193 Newark Avenue}

Pianist Envy {100 York Street}

Pint {34 Wayne Street}

PJ Ryan’s Squared {4 Path Plaza}

Porta Jersey City {135 Newark Avenue}

Ringside Lounge {475 Tonnele Avenue}

Rooftop at Exchange Place {1 Exchange Place}

Six26 Lounge & Rooftop {128 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Surf City {1 Marin Boulevard}

Wine & Whiskey Bar {116 Newark Avenue}

White Star Bar {230 Brunswick Street}

White Star Warren Street {179 Warren Street}

WURSTBAR {516 Jersey Avenue}

Zap’s Grill {153 Oakland Avenue}

Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden {88 Liberty View Drive}

512 Quantum Sound {512 Paterson Plank Road}

Coffee Shops

9 Bar Cafe {18 Erie Street}

9 Bar Cafe {200 Greene Street}

Angela’s Coffee Shop {583 Central Avenue}

Bluestone Lane {30 Hudson Street}

Butler Café {350 Warren Street}

Bwè kafe {140 River Drive South}

The Big Straw {276 First Street}

Beechwood Cafe {290 Grove Street}

Brewshot {9 Regent Street}

Cafe Madeleine {34 Coles Street}

Caffe Bene {564 Washington Boulevard}

The Cliff {38 Congress Street}

Dames Coffee Espresso Bar {581 Jersey Avenue}

Froth on Franklin {85 Franklin Street}

Galeria Cafe {121 Franklin Street}

Gregorys Coffee {525 Washington Boulevard}

Gregorys Coffee {10 Exchange Place}

The Grind Shop {360 Communipaw Avenue #3722}

Griot Cafe {434 Central Avenue}

Ground Connection Coffee {3 Second Street}

Hidden Grounds Coffee {148 First Street}

Hybrid Coffee {110 Cambridge Avenue} 

Juice Basin {336 Second Street}

Lackawanna Coffee {295 Grove Street}

Lackawanna Coffee {140 Bay Street}

Legal Grounds Coffee Co. {170 Grand Street}

Lil’ Dove Cafe {589 Palisade Avenue}

Maggie’s Farm Espresso {88 Morgan Street}

Modcup Coffee Company {479 Palisade Avenue}

One Two Cup Cafe {201 Warren Street}

Sam A.M.  {112 Morris Street}

Short Grain {183 Montgomery Street}

Snapdragon Coffee & Social {190 Monticello Avenue}

Sober Shot {514 Jersey Avenue}

Treehouse Coffee Shop {434A Westside Avenue}

Vogue Café {177 York Street}

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Liquor Stores

American Liquor Store {509 West Side Avenue}

Argo’s Deli & Liquors {529 Newark Avenue}

Avian Liquor {112 Tonnele Avenue}

Baldwin Liquors & Wines {51 St. Pauls Avenue}

Bauer’s Liquor Store {739 West Side Avenue}

Central Avenue Liquors {210 Central Avenue}

Communipaw Liquor {743 Communipaw Avenue}

Five Star Liquor {238 New York Avenue}

Garen Wine & Liquor Store {700 Park Avenue}

Heights Liquors {292 Central Avenue}

H&H Discount Liquors {3505 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Hudson Vine {1 Second Street}

Jersey City Super Buy-Rite {575 Manila Avenue}

Jersey Wines & Spirits {492 Jersey Avenue}

KMP Liquor Store {613 Communipaw Avenue}

Lee’s Liquor & Grocery Store {45 Congress Street}

Liquors {32 Coles Street}

Major Wine & Liquor Store {960 Summit Ave #A}

Manhattan Liquors {3300 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Metro Liquors of Jersey City {1212 Summit Avenue}

New Junction Liquors {489 Communipaw Avenue}

New Orient Liquors Store {663 Ocean Avenue}

Newport Spirits {111 River Drive South}

Palisade Fine Wine Spirits & Beer {401 Palisade Avenue}

Paulino Liquors {643 Newark Avenue}

Peña Liquors {960 Summit Avenue}

Podewitz Liquor & Deli {400 Central Avenue}

Red Feast Wine & Liquors {129 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Royal Liquor & Deli {730 Bergen Avenue}

Sparrowhill Market & Liquor {3190 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

S&L Liquor & Deli {683 Summit Avenue #A}

T B Liquors {368 Summit Avenue}

The Thirsty Quaker {492 Monmouth Street}

Village Wines & Liquors {348 Grove Street}

Waterfront Wine & Liquor {81 Montgomery Street #B}

Webster Liquor {4 Webster Avenue}

Willie’s Liquors & Wines {501 Central Avenue}

Z&M Liquors {1165 Summit Avenue}

555 Discount Liquor {555 Tonnele Avenue}


Ample Hills Creamery {200 Greene Street}

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes {312 Central Avenue}

Bang Cookies {1183 Summit Avenue}

Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato Co. {150 Bay Street} 

Carmen Rosa’s Bakery {37 Coles Street}

City Cafe & Bakery {2800 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Cookies N’ Crepes {195 Newark Avenue}

Choc O Pain (Heights) {330-332 Palisade Avenue}

Choc O Pain {530 Jersey Avenue}

Cocoa Bakery {275 Grand Street}

Dahlia’s Ice Cream Spot {290 Central Avenue}

Downtown Yogurt {126 Newark Avenue}

Dulce De Leche Bakery {376 Central Avenue}

Insomnia Cookies {56 Newark Street}

Krispy Kreme {95 Christopher Columbus Drive}

L’Atelier Du Chocolat {321 Marin Boulevard #8}

Milk and Cream Cereal Bar {175 Newark Avenue}

Milk Sugar Love Creamery & Bakeshop {19 McWilliams Place}

Monteleone’s {741 Newark Avenue}

Neptune Bakery & Deli {1612 John F. Kennedy Boulevard} 

Pecoraro Bakery {279 Newark Avenue}

Philippine Bread House {530 Newark Avenue}

Prato Bakery {371 4th Street}

Red Ribbon Bakeshop {591 Summit Avenue}

Sugartown Bakery Cafe {437 Jersey Avenue}

Sweet {343 Garden Street}

Torico Ice Cream {20 Erie Street}

#Baonanas {210 Hudson Street}


Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store {195 Montgomery Street}

Glow Thrift Shop Store {561 Palisade Avenue}

Go Toys & Games {30 Mall Drive West #71A}

Hazel Baby & Kids {199 Montgomery Street}

Heir’s Men Shop {525 West Side Avenue}

Hudson Mall {701 NJ-440}

Kanibal & Co. {197 Montgomery Street}

Love Locked {353 Grove Street}

Mint Market {339 Grove Street}

Newport Centre {30 Mall Drive West}

Newport Crossing {613 Washington Boulevard}

Newport Plaza {125 Eighteenth Street}

Rainbow Shops  {367 Central Avenue}

Vivi Girl Shop {512 Jersey Avenue}


24 Hour Fitness {918 Bergen Avenue}

8 Springs Studio {300 Coles Street}

Base {60 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Blink Fitness {35 Journal Square Plaza}

Club Metro USA {525 Washington Boulevard}

CRAG {127 First Street}

Crossfit Jersey City {109 Christopher Columbus Drive}

F45 Training Exchange Place {65 Bay Street}

Hamilton Health & Fitness {161 Erie Street}

Intrepid Gym {255 Brunswick Street}

JaneDo {160 Newark Avenue}

JC Barre {419 Monmouth Street}

Jersey Boxing City Gym {613 Communipaw Avenue}

Lucille Roberts {338 Central Avenue}

Maximum Motion Fitness {262 Grove Street}

My Gym Jersey City {252 Ninth Street}

Newport Fitness {55 River Drive South}

New York Sports Club {147 Second Street}

Orangetheory Fitness {475 Washington Boulevard}

Power House Gym {859 Communipaw Avenue}

Retro Fitness {701 NJ-400}

Retro Fitness {2 Garfield Avenue}

Surge Fitness {190 Christopher Columbus Drive}

WeStrong Strength & Conditioning {41 Marin Boulevard}

World Boxing Gym {29 Division Street}


Caribbean Pets {298 Central Avenue}

Fussy Friends Pet supplies {148 Newark Avenue}

Fussy Friends Pet supplies {458 Central Avenue}

Hound About Town {218 Montgomery Street}

Hound About Town {17 McWilliams Place}

PitBull City {234 Old Bergen Road}


A-1 Beauty Salon Full Service {429 Central Avenue}

All In One Beauty Salon {3019 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Beauty Within Hair Salon {96 Central Avenue}

Blowout Hair Bar + Beauty Lounge {127 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Domi Beauty & Nail Salon {606 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Fantasy Beauty Salon {747 West Side Avenue}

Jenny O’Hair Salon {193 York Street}

Johanny Beauty Salon {150 Monticello Avenue}

LaKoet Salon {301 First Street + 581 Jersey Avenue}

Love Lane Salon {190 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Mia Blowout Bar {579 Central Avenue}

NAZNAZ {295 Grove Street}
New Shringar Beauty Salon {779 Newark Avenue}

Pearl Beauty Salon {413 Central Avenue}

Rickie’s Hair & Beauty Salon {544 Jersey Avenue}

Salon 10N {5 McWilliams Place}

Shampoo JC Salon {107 Christopher Columbus Drive #3500}

Studio 17 Beauty Salon {269 Newark Avenue}

Super Style Beauty Salon {126 Newark Avenue}

Tousled Hair Salon {500 Jersey Avenue}

Urban Rose Boutique Salon {325 Summit Avenue}


Aarya Chiropractic {3523 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Abrams Exchange Place Chiro {150 Warren Street #201}

AcuChiropark at Jersey City {30 Montgomery Street}

Acuworx Acupuncture Studio {190 Christopher Columbus Drive #3A}

Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City {550 Newark Avenue #304}

Amazing Touch Rehad & Wellness Center {319 Barrow Street #1A}

Ani Baran Acupuncture {550 Newark Avenue #201}

Basebody Spa {60 Christopher Columbus Drive}

Brian P. Corrigan {75 Montgomery Street #201}

Chiropractor Jersey City {550 Newark Avenue}

Complete Physical Rehabilitation {75 Montgomery Street #502}

Corrective Bodyworks, Inc. {740A Bergen Avenue}

Di Liberto Chiropractic Family & Sports Center {66 York Street}

Erin Kumpf Acupuncture & Herbs, LLC {212 Palisade Avenue #1R}

Ethical Massage Therapy Center {900 Bergen Avenue}

Harborside Sport & Spine {75 Montgomery Street #603}

Je & Ce Spa {351 2nd Street}

Jersey City Chiropractic & Acupuncture {944 West Side Avenue}

Jersey City Wellness Center {520 Bergen Avenue}

JS Wellness LLC {665 Newark Avenue #406}

The Joint Chiropractic {140 Bay Street}

Laura Lacey Massage {212 Seventh Street}

Lee TCM Health Center {293 Grove Street}

Liberty Chiropractic & Physical Therapy {590 Newark Avenue #2A}

Loosen Up Wellness Center {172 Newark Avenue #3}

Lukin Center for Psychotherapy {277 Grove Street, Jersey City}

Metropolitan Family Health Network {935 Garfield Avenue}

Mia Spa {743 Newark Avenue}

NJ Acupuncture Center of Jersey City {550 Newark Avenue #201}

NJ Chiro/Med {253 Academy Street #1}

Nurturing Life Acupuncture & Wellness {106 Fourth Street}

Om.life Wellness Modern Recovery Spa {18 Park View Avenue}

Oriental Spa {300 Newark Avenue}

Petracco Chiropractic Center Inc. {311 Newark Avenue}

Quantum Vita Body Therapy {124 Brunswick Street}

Salvation Wellness {521 Jersey Avenue}

Sun-Up Chiropractic & Physical Therapy {679 Montgomery Street}

The Spine & Health Center of Jersey City {574 Summit Avenue #501}

United Therapies LLC {2787 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Washington Body Work {84 Washington Street}

Zahara Day Spa {403 Monmouth Street #2603}


Academy House {895 Bergen Avenue}

Academy House 5 {404 Tonnele Avenue}

Baby Galileo Daycare & Preschool {360 Grove Street}

Bright Future Day/Night Childcare {577 Bergen Avenue}

Bright Horizons At Plaza 3 {152 Plaza 3}

Bright Start Daycare {854 Bergen Avenue}

Busy Place Early Learning Center {444 Central Avenue}

Children’s Academy Day Care Center {2281 John F. Kennedy Boulevard}

Early Beginnings Day School {338 Grove Street}

Future Stars Daycare & Preschool {123 Brunswick Street}

Growing Tree II Learning Center {160 Fifth Street}

Happy Face Day Care Center {379 Palisade Avenue}

Kidz Inn Day Care & Learning {73 Congress Street}

Learning Ladders Early Education Center {33 Hudson Street}

Little Smiles Infant Toddler Center {40-B Congress Street}

Little Smiles Preschool {70 Beach Street}

New Jersey Kids II DC Center {565 Summit Avenue}

Oasis Preschool & Childcare {260 Hutton Street}

River School Exchange Place {251 Warren Street}

River School Newport {30 Newport Parkway}

Smart Start Academy {462 Central Avenue}

Starting Points of Hudson County {254 Bartholdi Avenue}

St. Elizabeth Childcare Center {129 Garrison Avenue}

Sweet Dreams Academy {661 Montgomery Street}

Viaquenti Academy {837 Jersey Avenue}

If we left out a business, please comment below or email us at hello@hobokengirl.com, and we will gladly add to the list! We did not leave any business out on purpose — our research showed us that there are SO many local businesses in town, almost too many to keep up with {which is a GREAT thing!}


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