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Sushi By Bou, Jersey City’s 1st Sushi Speakeasy, is Officially Open

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Ever since the new speakeasy called Sushi by Bou was announced to be coming to Jersey City, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for this secret spot to open. And now, it’s finally time — Sushi By Bou officially opens to the public December 19th, 2019 in its “secret” location, Ani Ramen in Jersey City. Keep reading to learn more about this sushi speakeasy, right in the heart of downtown JC, from our sneak preview this week:

sushi by bou open

Calling Jersey City Home

Coming to Downtown Jersey City, Hoboken Girl contributor and local realtor Tatiana Ilnicki confirmed that Sushi by Bou was settling in at its upcoming JC home, and we broke the news last month. Ilnicki worked with the company, finalizing details and the space, and trust us, there’s a lot to get excited about after visiting last night.

According to the Sushi by Bou website, their goal is to keep “changing the sushi scene across America. With an ever-growing list of locations, Sushi by Bou brings a high-end Omakase experience to the people in an intimate and speakeasy environment.”

The Omakase Experience

sushi omasake

If you’re unfamiliar with Omakase, in Japanese it means “to entrust” yourself in the hands of the chef, placing the choice of ingredients and presentations in the hand of the sushi chef {or itamae}.

In Jersey City, the timed Omakase at Sushi by Bou {a 60-minute option — in NYC there are 30- and 60-minute options, but in NJ only 60-minute, FYI} is served at an 8-seat counter and features the freshest of fish, both locally-sourced as well as brought in from all over the world.

The seasoned sushi chefs serve directly, bite by bite during the experience {which ends up being about a roll and-a-half of delicacies including sea urchin, scallops, and more} with the menu being set and not shared till you’re there — via a sign to the right of the small bar. Behind the bar seats, there’s a small cocktail bar where drinks are served. The cost per dining experience is $50/person, and is complimented by a craft selection of handmade cocktails, imported sake, and rare Japanese Whiskeys.

And these 60-minute situations are timed, so make sure to be on time. Say you sit down at 7:00PM for the 60-minute sitting, then you have 60 minutes to indulge in Omakase sushi goodness. But after experiencing it, it doesn’t feel rushed, and Ani Ramen is right outside if you want to hang for a while longer.

Which brings us to the serving situation: There are no servers! It’s a unique experience in that each sitting is only about eight to 10 people per timed eating slot, but it’s also unique in that patrons get one-on-one time with the chef. No servers. Just you, your date, and the chef.

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sushi by bou menu

About Sushi by Bou

sushi by bou 2

The concept and brand Sushi by Bou has been featured in the New York Times, Eater, and more, growing in popularity over the last few years. Simple Venue is the hospitality group behind the Sushi by Bou speakeasy — with 10 locations. The company specializes in micro restaurants and “bringing incredible concepts to underutilized spaces.” With 15 years of experience in the biz, Sushi by Bou is looking to expand throughout the U.S. under the direction of its executive chef, David Bouhadana. The concept is his brainchild, after traveling to Japan when he was 21 to learn everything he could about sushi-making and its culture.

Sushi by Bou seems to be characterized by, of course, its signature sushi dishes, but also by a very specific vibe and ambiance. Each location is different, however, and the Jersey City locale is tucked in a cozy nook where Luigi’s Ice Cream used to be {in the back right area of Ani Ramen}.


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Our Thoughts

Hudson City definitely needed a fun and unique experience like this, evidenced by the outpouring of support and excitement on our social channels when we posted. The experience is chic, fun, and different, and an ideal date night, private party event, or night out with a friend. Drinks are delicious, food is curated and served in bite-sized portions. If you’re extra hungry, would say that you may need a quick shrimp bun from Ani Ramen after, but it really is the perfect date-night experience with no mess and cool vibes. We loved it!

sushi by bou plate


To make a reservation, good luck, as the next availability is in January 2020 lolz — but worth it to call and check, just in case there’s a cancellation or you want to plan ahead: (201) 614-3660. 

Congrats to Ani Ramen + Sushi by Bou on the incredible collaboration. And welcome to the neighborhood!

Are you excited for Sushi by Bou to open? Let us know in the comments!

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