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A List of Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Hoboken + Jersey City

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We’ve compiled a list of black-owned businesses to support in Jersey City and Hoboken for easy access and reference. From Chopped chefs to celebrity manicurists to workout gurus and beyond, there are such amazing entrepreneurs in this area. Here’s the list that we hope to grow:

Please note: We’ll add to this list at any time, no one was left out intentionally. Please email hello@hobokengirl.com to suggest additions to the list.

Aku Afrika | Jersey City

aku afrika


Aku Frika sells African fabric clothing, accessories, and 100% Shea Butter homemade with love. All of the fabrics and clothing items for sale are listed for purchase on the IG page, making it super easy to DM to order — and get free shipping for orders of $100 and up.

As-U-Wish Nail Spa | 3807, 319 Willow Avenue #1, Hoboken

skyy hadley as u wish hoboken

Skyy Hadley started As-U-Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken as a haven for beauty. She’s a celeb manicurist and esthetician and fulfilled her lifelong dream of owning a salon in Hoboken. Forever evolving, Skyy has developed an all-natural exfoliating cream for the bikini area and does a variety of services including hair removal and eyelash extensions at her salon. More info here.

Ani Ramen | 218 Newark Avenue + District Kitchen, 210 Hudson Street, Jersey City

ani ramen

The owners of Ani Ramen fell in love with Japanese cuisine and wanted to share their passion for the country’s food and culture with the community. Shockingly enough, the Ani team soon found that there was already “good” ramen available in the U.S., so they teamed up with Sun Noodle Company to develop a cooking process that was truly their own.

Art Meet Chaos | Jersey City

art meet chaos


Art Meet Chaos is a custom-designed jeans company based out of Jersey City. The owner and designer, Donwan Harrell, is a denim artisan who turns his jeans into art, with custom drawings and designs. Shop here.

Banana Pudding King | Jersey City

banana king jersey city


Banana Pudding King is a Jersey City-based banana pudding shop, featuring original and mouth-watering variations on the dessert, like the popular Oreo Banana Pudding Cone. Email Bananapuddingking@gmail.com or DM on IG for all inquiries.

BK Lobster | Hoboken

bk lobster brooklyn

{Photo credit: @bklobsterhoboken}

BK Lobster is a Brooklyn-based restaurant that is all about lobster, lobster mac, lobster rolls, and more. The menu emphasizes a variety of lobster rolls, with imported lobster from Maine. For something a little more filling, there are seafood dishes like the fried lobster skewers that come with seasoned fries or golden waffles.

Bright Eyes by Ke Nibii | Jersey City

Bright Eyes by Ke Nibii

Originally from Philly, Rachel moved to Jersey and currently raises her family there. She makes plant-based skincare products for all skin types. Customers can shop body-butter, body syrups, and gels. DM her on Instagram for more details.

Bro-ritos | Hoboken


The signature bright green food truck gives serves up generously-sized burritos. Customers can also order crowd favorites like nachos and quesadillas. Vegetarian options are always available. Bro-Ritos is a regular fixture at Pier 13 seasonally and is regularly parked near apartment complexes around Hudson County and nearby towns. To see where the bros will be pulling up next, follow on Instagram @broritosft.

By Kiy | Jersey City

by ky kool kiy


By Kiy is a design company started by Kiy, a local entrepreneur. He and his team design original apparel — ranging from shirts and sweatshirts to signature sneakers, and so much more. His company has really taken off in the past 10 years, and his signature designs can be found around the country. Support him by shopping here.

But-A-Cake | Jersey City

but-a-cake jersey city black owned business

Matha creates delicious cakes — including her infamous “butter cake” made with simple ingredients that result in a fusion of pound cake and vanilla angel food cake. She also sells handmade seasonal fruit sauces, caramel, and whipped cream. More info here.

Be the Difference Clothing | Jersey City

be the difference clothing

Be the Difference Clothing is a clothing line started by a woman named Joy, established in August of 2014. Her clothing line consists of designs or sayings mean to inspire and encourage the wearer and those who see them. She also is a public speaker, hosting workshops around various topics, and embodies her movement daily. More info here.

Carolyn’s Soul Food | 76 Orient Avenue, Jersey City

carolyn soul food

Carolyn’s Soul Food is — you guessed it — the ultimate delicious comfort food, created in 2008 and located in Jersey City. Get more info here.

Champs Chicken and Waffles | 688 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City

Champs Chicken and Waffles

Champs Chics and Waffles is a local eatery with a menu that includes a variety of chicken and waffle specials, along with fries and some delicious mac and cheese. These inventive and unique waffles specials are one-of-a-kind. Click here to learn more.

Chariot Auto Repair | 71 Coles Street, Jersey City

Chariot Auto Repair is owned by Ricky. Rick is known locally as one of the most honest and hard-working mechanics around, so stop by for your auto repair needs.

Cherry’s Lounge | 102 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

The founder of Cherry’s Lounge, Mr. Leroy H, served as the owner and sole proprietor from 1980 – 2000. He was a longshoreman, a proud member of the Friendship Masonic Lodge in Jersey City, a lifetime member of the NAACP, loving husband, father, and friend to many. Now his loving wife Mervel is carrying the torch. Cherry’s Lounge has been a source of fundraising and sponsorships for various groups in the community, and an employer of local residents. Support his legacy by ordering here.

Childish Glow | Jersey City

Childish Glow

Childish Glow is a Jersey-City based skincare brand that sells handmade soaps, toning mists, bath salts, serums, and more. DM her on Instagram for details.

Coffee Factory JC | 43 West Side Avenue, Jersey City

At Jersey City’s Coffee Factory, the owners believe that coffee is the survival juice of humans — that’s why they dedicate the coffee shop to serving delicious and fresh coffee to our community. Since you can’t stop in right now, support Coffee Factory — so it can continue to fulfill the community’s caffeine needs with their delicious coffee — by ordering online here.

Conez Ice Cream Shop | 415 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

Conez Ice Cream

Conez Ice Cream Shop offers hard and soft ice cream and it’s known for its infamous Conez Sundaes.

City Kidz | 163 2nd Street, Hoboken

City Kidz Brittany

City Kidz is a kids’ streetwear boutique located in the heart of Hoboken. Family-owned and operated, it’s a children’s clothing store with clothes that are carefully curated, kid-tested, and “high-standard mom-approved,” as Brittany says, a local mom and its founder. City Kidz carries brands from all over the world, and Brittany ensures all products are ethically made, unique, and gender-neutral. Shop here.

DeCarlos BeSpoke | 150 Bay Street, Jersey City

decarlos bespoke black owned business jersey city

DeCarlos Bespoke is a curated collection of handmade, custom suits as well as ready-to-wear founded by master tailor DeCarlos Morse. DeCarlos offers a variety of menswear that cannot be replicated as it’s all from scratch. More info here.

Double Dough | Hoboken

double dough jordan and joelle

Jordan and Joelle, twins, media moguls, book authors, and volunteer coordinators of Hoboken Girl Helps make delicious and creative sugar cookies from scratch {in their spare time, no less} — and take custom orders throughout Hudson County. More info here.

Dyamond Fitness | 317 Central Avenue, Jersey City

dyamond fitness jersey city

Dyamond has been in the fitness industry for about five years now, but his love for staying in shape and working toward goals started long before becoming a business owner. Dyamond is able to help his clients achieve their goals through more than just exercise, knowing that both physical and mental health play a role in full transformation. For small group classes, clients can pick from options such as Bootcamp Class, High-Intensity Interval Training class, and Boxing. Sessions and classes can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels.

Everlast Gym | 358 Newark Street, Hoboken

jeff hunter everlast gym

Jeff Hunter runs Everlast Gym in Hoboken, which is currently the global leader in authentic boxing, MMA, and fitness related sporting goods, equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories. While it’s temporarily closed now, you’ll be able to visit again soon and you can support Everlast by purchasing equipment here.

FemaleKing | Jersey City

Female King

FemaleKing was created in an effort to inspire young women to be a dominant and superior force, and that they should always feel encouraged to follow their dreams. According to FemaleKing’s philosophy, “women must continue to dream big and be fearless”, and in order to build the confidence to do so, she must also feel good both on the inside and outside. Her signature pieces surely help to build that necessary confidence. Support FemaleKing by shopping here.

Four Fitness | Jersey City

four fitness jersey city

{Photo credit: @fourfitnessjc}

Four Fitness is a  Jersey City-based gym owned by Marcisco Morrison, who is a  personal trainer. His gym utilizes functional training methods to engage the body’s four major muscle groups, maximizing results and efficiency.

Freetown Road Project | 640 Newark Avenue, Jersey City


^Chef Claude with his mom!

The Freetown Road Project is a culinary arts project and business that is owned by Chopped winner Chef Claude Lewis. The space is run by Bread & Water LLC to bring a modern concept of West Indian culture to the public — and located in Journal Square. The name comes from the two villages where Chef Claude’s parents grew up — Freetown Village and Old Road village, both in Antigua, West Indies. More info here.

Fruiti Fi | Hoboken

fruiti fi

{Photo credit: @fruiti_fi )

Fruiti Fi is a smoothie bar that offers fruit-based clean juices and more. Smoothies that patrons can expect to see on the menu: the Smooth Energy {banana, cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, espresso, peanut butter, ice, dates, coconut milk, cacao nibs, Himalayan salt}, Kale Moss {mango, pineapple, coconut, water, lemon, mint, chia seeds, coconut nectar, kale, ice}, and Protein Oats {strawberries, mango, vanilla, chia seeds, vanilla protein, ice, coconut milk, coconut nectar}.

Glim + Glow | Jersey City

tanika green glim glow


Founded in 2016, Glim + Glow is a candle company owned by Tinika Green. Her candles are richly scented and crafted to accent the home and enhance the moment without overwhelming your space. With Glim + Glow candles, you can find a scent that fits any mood. Shop here.

Grind Coffee Shop | 360 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

grind coffee owners jersey city

Mike Clark owns The Grind Coffee shop with his wife Shane in the Bergen-Lafayette area of Jersey City. Beyond serving coffee, doughnuts, and other treats, The Grind is opening its General Store — coming this summer. More info in our article here.

Griot Cafe | 398 Central Avenue, Jersey City

black owned business griot cafe

Griot Cafe is an Afro-Caribbean coffee shop and cafe in Jersey City Heights serving delicious authentic eats and drinks.

Harry’s Daughter | 339 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

harrys daughter jersey city bergen lafayette

Harry’s Daughter — located in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City on Communipaw Avenue — has made our city souls happy with a modern take on traditional island fare. This Caribbean-themed restaurant is owned by Ria and Allister, Jersey City residents that have a background in the restaurant business and Caribbean cuisine. Their collaboration brings a unique, exciting addition to the BeLa neighborhood of JC. 

Hoboken Jengo | Online

Hoboken Jengo is a women-owned business that selects eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy pet products. They are a sustainable shop designed to empower pets and their humans with ways to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying fun, healthy, socially-responsible sourced goods.

Hudl Music | Jersey City

lashon robinson hudl music

La’Shion Robinson is the owner of Hudl Music which is meant to support and amplify the next wave of visionary artists: producers, songwriters, MCs, instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers. Hudl gives independent artists a place to showcase their talents, to get their content seen and heard. Nothing brings people together like music, and La’Shion and his team at Hudl are ready to spread the music.

Independent Beauty Supply | 93 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City

Independent Beauty Supply is a full service distributor of professional beauty products to licensed professionals. Their uniquely qualified sales team and established relationships with the leading manufacturers and educators in the industry enable IBS to provide clients with the best products, professional education, service, and value.

Issyra Gallery | 300 Observer Highway C, Hoboken

Issyra Gallery

Issyra Gallery is an art gallery located on the ground floor of the Neumann Leather building. Issa displays his own paintings, with sprinkles of ancient African-inspired sculptures he has collected over the years. He viewed the room itself as his canvas and transformed the floors and walls into a permanent art installation to serve as the perfect backdrop to frame his pieces.

JC Wonders | Jersey City

JC Wonders is an organization by the youth, for the youth and beyond. They worked to help others in need; they have gathered food donations for local shelters, distributed doughnuts to our essential healthcare workers, and more.

JCF Bootcamp | 39 Erie Street, Jersey City

daris wilson


JCF Bootcamp is a total-body training program that focuses on fitness, form, and nutrition. The Bootcamp is owned by Daris Wilson who believes that “every day is an opportunity to get a step closer to our ultimate goals. Learn more here.

Jerkin Chicken | 234 West Side Ave, Jersey City

Jerkin Chicken is a family-run restaurant that serves traditional Jamaican food, with a super laid-back environment.  Jerkin Chicken is located at 234 West Side Ave, Jersey City, but since you can’t stop in now, get your taste of Jamaica by ordering takeout or delivery here.

Joi Louise the Label | Jersey City

joi louise


Joi Louise the Label is a fashion boutique for curvy and plus-sized women. The owner, Joi Louis, is a published fashion designer and stylist who designs clothing specifically for women with curves, between the sizes of 14 to 22, and has been featured in Essence Magazine. More info here.

Ken Pilates | Hoboken

ken pilates

Ken Pilates is owned by Kennyth, who is a private Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Locals can train with him at his private studio in Hoboken with a program designed for individual needs including, starting fitness, overall toning, high impacts workouts, and post-rehabilitation.

Larsen’s Diner | 508 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City

Larsen’s Diner is recognized for its outstanding steak and cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff. Larsen’s is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on using the highest quality, fresh ingredients. Support Larsen’s by ordering online here.

Last Place Winners Co | 225 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City

black owned business jersey city last place winner co

Last Place Winners Co is a clothing company in Jersey City. Customers can shop for sweaters, t-shirts, and more.  Learn more about their line here.

Life of Pie | 437 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

life of pie jersey city

Life of Pie is a full-service pizza spot with some authentic dishes.  Visitors can dine in for lunch or dinner, or host a child’s pizza birthday party.

Light Rail Cafe | 237 Randolph Avenue, Jersey City

light rail cafe

The Light Rail Cafe serves up delicious fare. We highly recommend the JC Cheesesteak sandwich and the wings. More info here.

Louisiana Fried Chicken | 549 West Side Avenue, Jersey City

Louisiana Fried Chicken offers a wide variety of authentic southern comfort food. Popular items on the menu include the buffalo wings 20-piece and the Fish Bucket Pack. Try this delicious food by ordering online.

Martha’s Restaurant Jersey City | 308 Pacific Avenue, Jersey City

marthas jersey city

Martha’s Restaurant boasts signature wraps, sandwiches, omelets, and so much more. Support Martha’s by ordering online for takeout or delivery here.

Max Challenge of Hoboken | Hoboken

cassandra wilson

The Max Challenge is a workout studio in Hoboken at 6th and Washington owned by Cassandra Wilson that focuses on is a 10-week body and mind renewal system. This system is designed to make fast and lasting changes to your appearance and overall well-being, and the Max does this by combining nutrition counseling, fitness classes, and motivation. More info here.

Maximizing Tiny | Jersey City

maximizing tiny shamika


Shamika Lynch is the owner of Maximizing Tiny, which offers interior design and organization consulting. Shamika helps city residents to make small spaces work for them and their families. She and her company’s work have turned apartments into homes all over the community. Check out her work here.

Moores Lounge | 189 Monticello Avenue

Established in 1969, Bill and Ruth’s has been a staple in the community for over 40 Years. Locals went there for live music including jazz performances and singers.

More Life Vegan Cafe | 191 Mallory Avenue, Jersey City

more life cafe

More Life Vegan Cafe is a vegan cafe located in Jersey City serving up plant-based eats including impossible burgers and other meat-free comfort foods {aka vegan tacos!}. More info from a past article here.

Molkoi | Hoboken

At MOLKOÏ, learning is a community activity. Through guided discussions about life, different aspects of culture, hobbies, passions, memories, and aspirations, you can get practice speaking and listening to French, learn new vocabulary words and grammar.

Myrtle and Flossie | Jersey City

nia reid allen


Nia Reid-Allen is the owner of Myrtle and Flossie, which is an online fashion, and lifestyle brand for both new and veteran moms. On her website, she sells clothing and apparel for new moms, as well as offering support and resources for mental health, and so much more. Learn more here.

Nicole’s Caribbean Restaurant | 521 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

Nicole's Caribbean Restaurant

The menu offers jerk chicken, curries, and other Caribbean staples, — plus vegetarian options. Nicole’s has been a family-owned business for multiple generations, and it continues to be a staple in the Jersey City community for Caribbean dishes. Order takeout or delivery here.

Pholk Beauty | Jersey City

niambi cacchioli pholk beauty jersey city

Pholk Beauty is the brainchild of Niambi Cacchioli, an academic turned beauty activist, who works her magic in creating all-natural products that suited her combination skin.  While whipping up her own beauty products, she began to think of skincare as a Diaspora Folk Beauty Culture where African-derived beauty wisdom is adapted with local ingredients. Infusing these two principles, Pholk Beauty was born. Learn more here.

Rewax and Unwine | Jersey City

rewax and unwine jersey city

{Photo credit: @rewaxandunwine}

ReWAX and Unwine is a family-owned business that creates and sells handmade organic coconut wax candles and hosts candle-making classes for guests to try their hand at creating them. The candles can also be personalized: both labels and dust covers for the candles are available for guests to make their own.

Satya + Sage | Jersey City

son-ja satya + sage

Satya + Sage’s owner, Son-ja, believes in creating sacred space and taking time for yourself as an act of self-care. The idea for Satya + Sage was born when Son-ja realized her weekly self-care routine helped her focus on what mattered and paved the way to discovering her own truth. Her business’s mission is to encourage self-care through each product it produces. In addition to creating beautiful aromas designed to inspire self-care, Satya + Sage is committed to giving back to the community — a percentage of all profits will be donated to a non-profit that benefits the underserved youth. Shop here.

SECÜR | 291 Grove Street, Jersey City



SECUR is a women’s boutique on Grove Street in Jersey City so passionate about styling the community. SECUR specializes in providing styling services to women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. More info here.

Shawn’s Table | 271 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City

shawn's table jc

Shawn Mathis is the chef behind this neighborhood gem. You’ll most likely find him working on the grills and courteously consenting to visitors’ requests to take photos. A Jersey City native, Shawn loves to trace the restaurant’s “origin story” to his grandparents’ kitchen. “One day my grandma told me, ‘either you go out to play basketball and have some fun, or stay in and watch me cook rice,’” he told Hoboken Girl. “I chose to watch her cook rice. And I fell in love with cooking that day.” 

Sloane Square | 150 Bay Street, Jersey City

Sloane Square is a lifestyle boutique that specializes in home furniture, furnishings, gifts, interior design, and decor. Owner, Courtney Sloane is a leading interior designer that not only sells unique pieces but also offers design consultations.

Steak N Take | 197 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City

steak n take

Owner Malinda Melvin serves up popular steak sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and beef sausage sandwiches, as well as fried seafood plates and sides like macaroni salad, wings, and fries.

Stop Crying Studios | Hoboken

{Photo credit: @stop_crying_nutrition}

Stop Crying Studios is run by International Master Coach, Jon P, a master level personal trainer and certified nutritionist. Classes feature boxing, kickboxing, personal training, and yoga. Students can attend class in the studio or join via Zoom.

Suite Tee | 172 Newark Avenue 3rd Floor, Jersey City

suite tee jersey city black owned business

With a passion for the beach, an obsession with the Caribbean, and a dream of one day living on her own island of pink sand, Tee Handley opened up Suite Tee as her haven for all beauty needs. She is also a celebrity manicurist and wax technician with a book of loyal clients at her New York City location as well as VIP clients for “En Suite” service in Jersey City. Her specialties are brows, waxing, and spray tans — as well as, of course, manicures! More info here.

Sun Island Bar-Bq and Jerk | 14A Rose Avenue, Jersey City

sun island barbq


Sun Island Bar-B-Q & Jerk is owned and operated by Jamaican owners. Sun Island’s mission is to use each item on the menu to present the flavors and warmth of Jamaica to the Jersey City Community. Check out the menu here and call 201-743-3644 to order.

Sw3at Sauna | 172 Newark Ave Third Floor, Jersey City + 79 Hudson Street, Suite 104, Hoboken

sw3at sauna 1

The space offers infrared sauna memberships and more — founded with the ideology that infrared heat therapy has the capability to help every single client. Sw3at is also a veteran and LGBTQ-owned business. More info here.

Sweets 4 Miles | Jersey City

sweets 4 miles bakery

Monique, the Chef at Sweets 4 Miles has recently opened a new location in Jersey City. Offering a numerous of baked goods like pies, cookies, cakes, and her signature red velvet cupcakes.  Sweets 4 Miles will also be offering baking courses for adults as well as a children’s summer camp.

The Cake Pound | Jersey City

crystal jones cake pound

Crystal Jones, the owner of The Cake Pound has been in business since 2016, producing some delicious cakes — specifically some of the tastiest pound cake you can find locally. Crystal also sells her pound cakes at the Hamilton Park and Riverview Farmers Markets, the Newark Downtown District’s Farmers Market at PSE&G Plaza, and online. All of The Cake Pound’s creations are made with only the best available ingredients, like premium chocolates, pure natural extracts, and local seasonal fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices. Order your cake online here.

The Hudson Kitchen | Jersey City

The Hudson Kitchen

Hudson Kitchen is a 24/7 commercial kitchen and storage facility, offering services such as food truck commissary and food business education. Founder and CEO of Hudson Kitchen, Djenaba Johnson-Jones, offers the Hudson County community the resources and support necessary to start and scale a profitable food business. Click here to learn more, and click here for a feature on Djenaba.

TheKWGroup | Weehawken


TheKWGroup provides vendor services for the State of New York. In doing so, the company teaches QuickBooks as well as business and program startups and directional advice on advancing, successfully growing, and taking the business to the next level. Karen White, the founder is also an accountant and a QuickBooks Solution Provider.

Tia Planta | Jersey City

tia planta hoboken jersey city

Owner Shayla Cabrera has been a resident of Jersey City for over 10 years and is sharing her love for plants with the world and Hudson County locals — starting with several pop-up shops in the area. Because Tia Planta grew out of Shayla’s love for plants, Tía Planta is a one-stop Instagram shop for all things plant knowledge and supplies. For those looking to grow a plant collection, She sells a variety of options both big and small including air plants, succulents, monstera, and more.

Tousled Hair Salon | 500 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

rita sanders tousled salon


Tousled Hair Salon is an Aveda concept salon, owned and operated by Rita Sanders. Rita is an amazing stylist and colorist herself, and her salon works wonders for the Jersey City community. The salon will be reopening on June 22, and you can book in advance here.

Vanessa Rissetto RD | Hoboken

vanessa rissettord

Vanessa and her team of dietitians work tirelessly to help locals {and celebs!} get on track with their eating habits and lifestyle. She also shares the latest from the science of nutrition and some delicious tips and recipes on her Instagram. Read more here.

Vibez Juice Bar + Cafe | 82 Hutton Street, Jersey City

Vibez Juice Bar + Cafe

Vibez Juice Bar is a vegan eatery and cafe in Jersey City Heights at 82 Hutton Street. Opened by Medjine Altino and her husband John “Jube” Altino, it’s known for its delectable juices and savory vegan options, it will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Oh — and Wyclef Jean is known to stop by there sometimes, too. More info in our article here.

VIP Restaurant | 175 Sip Avenue, Jersey City

vip diner

VIP Restaurant is an American diner offering classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates. Major bonus: VIP is open 24-hours a day, so you can get delicious eats anytime {once everything reopens}. Click here to place an order for delivery.

Vision of Hair | 333 Adams Street, Hoboken

Vision of hair offers a variety of services. The full-service salon offers coloring, cuts, styling, and eyelash extensions — making it a great local one-stop-shop for nearly all your beauty needs. More info here.

Walker’s Apothecary | Jersey City


Walker’s is an apothecary in downtown Jersey City owned by licensed esthetician and makeup artist Shaela Walker. Walker’s cutting-edge and traditional treatments will soothe the mind, body, and soul, and she brings each client personalized care. Having worked with celebrities and luminaries from the entertainment world, her diverse talent is uniquely suited to handle any and all beauty and skincare needs — including facials, simple makeup lessons, bridal packages, or her much sought-after eyebrow design, as we as her custom-blended line of beauty and skincare products. More info here.

Wingin’ It | 122 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City

Just as the name implies, Wingin’ It is a go-to wing spot in Jersey City.

Zening Wholistic | 1 Newark Street, Suite 23A, Hoboken

Zening Wholistic is a practice offering massages and dietary supplements. Shaka, the owner, specializes in medical, prenatal, & standard massage therapy, as well as workplace stress solutions, natural wellness guidance, and clinical-grade dietary supplements.

Looking for more businesses to support? Here are more throughout NJ and NY, as well as this list of NJ resources here.

We also have a list of ways you can support racial justice locally here.


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