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Where to Get Juices and Smoothies in Hoboken and JC

by Claire Tomasi
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Summer is the season of smoothies and juices. There’s just something so restoring about an ice-cold smoothie on a hot summer day. Whether you prefer a strawberry banana shake or ginger turmeric juice, we rounded up the hottest smoothie spots around Hudson County to quell your cravings. From smoothies and acai bowls to juices and snacks, read on for some of Hoboken and Jersey City’s juice + smoothie shops for that sweet, refreshing summer tang. 

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Acai Ya Later | 203 Washington Street, Hoboken

acai ya later

(Photo Credits: Acai Ya Later)

If you’re looking for health food catering, Acai Ya Later in Hoboken offers catering for Acai Bowls and smoothies around the North Jersey area for your summer smoothie events. Signature smoothies like “Last Night Was Mad Real” and “Coco Loco” are must-trys. And if you’re running it solo, stop by for your choice of juice-based or power greens smoothies. You can also create your own smoothie + pick from bases such as almond milk, coconut water, pineapple juice, and orange juice — so it’s all totally dairy-free and vegan.

Berri Berri Smoothie & Juice | 755 West Side Avenue

This Jersey City spot serves up smoothies, freshly-squeezed juices, oatmeal, veggie wraps, and protein shakes. The protein shakes are made with almond or coconut milk, making them vegan-friendly. Whether you opt for a Berri Hulk, Berri Twist, or Berri Sweet smoothie, you’ll be sure to leave feeling refreshed and satisfied. The menu is large and full of many choices, so the toughest thing you’ll have to do here is figure out what you’re craving.

Cali Shakes | 490 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Specializing in green and fruit smoothies as well as milkshakes, Cali Shakes in Jersey City strives to provide healthy fast food alternatives to a not so healthy world. With holistic ingredients on a colorful menu featuring juices such as “Orange Ya Glad” and “Cupid’s Crush,” Cali Shakes Juices and Smoothies are awesome for a cleansing detox. Milkshakes are made with your choice of custard or frozen yogurt if you’re craving some dairy, and many of the Cali Shakes are made with coconut milk if you’re looking for a dairy-free route.

Fruiti Fi | 404 14th Street, Hoboken

Fruiti Fi is Hoboken’s newest juice shop, serving colorful, healthy, and delicious juices and smoothies. The complete menu features juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and a kids menu with vegetarian and vegan options. Fruiti Fi also serves up 100% cold pressed juices without any additives so you can feel like a kid again — but without all the added sugar. “The Smooth Energy,” “Protein Oats,” and “Co-Mango” are all great smoothie options. This is a great spot for cool juices and cool vibes. 

Frutta Bowls | 100 Town Square Place, Jersey City

frutta bowls

(Photo Credits: Frutta Bowls)

Frutta Bowls has you craving colorful smoothies in Jersey City. With smoothies like “Pink Flamingo” and “Green Machine,” get a taste of summer on the go. The smoothies are all made with almond, coconut milk, or water, making them all dairy-free. Using only natural fruit juices and sugars, Frutta Bowls keep the health in health food with a wide array of sweet smoothies. It also features some delicious acai and pitaya bowls as well, ideal for an energizing summer breakfast.

Juice Basin | 336 2nd Street, Jersey City

Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Jersey City’s premier cold pressed juicery calledJuice Basin serves up cool juices with style. While Juice Basin focuses on providing cleanses to suit your dietary demands,16 oz grab-and go-juices are always available. If you just can’t get enough, Juice Basin also offers a selection of subscriptions delivered to your door. The smoothies are all made with milk alternatives — and Juice Basin even allows you to create your own masterpiece, as the website calls it. 

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Juice Joint | 1180 Summit Avenue, Jersey City

juice joint jersey city

The Juice Joint is brand new to Jersey City and aims to be a healthy, communal spots for locals. The menu includes smoothies, cold-pressed juices, salads, and acai bowls — as well as lots of vegetarian and vegan options. With smoothie names like ‘Beet It,’ ‘So Matcha Better,’ and ‘On a Date,’ the drinks will bring a smile to your face just as much as they will cool you down + help you detox.

Jungle Juice | 1016 Washington Street + 417 Washington Street, Hoboken

Jungle Juice has two locations in Hoboken on 10th street and 4th street for wherever your juice craving hits you. With a focus on all natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle, Jungle Juice is a family-owned business that will cater to any juicy request. Acai bowls, Pitaya bowls, veggie juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and add-ons are available. This is the spot for those who prefer their dairy smoothies — smoothies come with non-fat yogurt or sherbet. There are vegan green smoothies and vegetable juices as well, on top of acai and pitaya bowl options. 

Nature’s House | 159-61 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Nature’s House is a one-stop shop for healthy living. With vitamins and healthy products as well as a fully-functioning juice + smoothie bar, there are so many options for good-for-you purchases. There’s a Golden Mylk smoothie with turmeric, ginger,  mango, banana, honey, cinnamon, and almond milk, as well as an apple pie smoothie with apple, oats, walnuts, ginger, banana, honey, cinnamon, and almond milk — among many other smoothie choices. There are lots of add-ons, like flax, chia, magnesium, and even CBD. Plus, all of the juices are targeted at different health functions, like boosting immunity, improving blood circulation, and decreasing inflammation.

Playa Bowls | 100 Hudson Street, Hoboken

playa bowls

(Photo Credits: Playa Bowls)

From smoothies and cold pressed juices to coffees and poke bowls, Playa Bowls Hoboken brings you a slice of summer whatever time of year. Summer specials featuring the Mango Pina Colada Smoothie and the Watermelon Refresh juice are sure to cool you down. The smoothies are all made with non-dairy milks like almond, coconut, and cashew milk. Don’t forget your Glow Bowl or Coconut Protein bites if you’re in the mood for food.  

Purely Juiced | 262 1st Street, Hoboken

Purely Juiced in Hoboken’s first cold pressed juicery featuring a selection of vegan, raw, cold-pressed juices; smoothies; juice cleanses; meal cleanses; desserts; and snacks. Its menu is grab and go and is made in batches daily. If you’re on the run, Purely Juiced is the way to go. 

Shaka Kitchen | 110 Washington Street + 720 Monroe Street e103, Hoboken

Shaka Kitchen by Food Network’s “Chopped” champion Kiersten Gormeley brings Hawaiian bowls, smoothies, and juices to Hoboken. Featuring a wide variety of seasonal smoothies, juices, and bowls on their expansive menu, Shaka Kitchen has something for everyone — and then some. What’s more, all the smoothies are gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan, plus they have lovely names like “Coconut Island” and “Clean Complexion.” On experience, taste, and starpower alone, Shaka Kitchen is not one to be missed. 

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VegBar Plant-Based Kitchen | 464 Newark Street, Hoboken

veg bar

(Photo Credits: Veg Bar)

VegBar Plant-Based Kitchen in Hoboken is the spot for not only smoothies and juices but also so much more. VegBar’s eclectic menu features plant-based smoothies, shakes, bowls, vegetarian and vegan burgers, as well as wraps. If your smoothie leaves you wanting more, go for a cone of vegan-soft serve. Event catering is also available. 

Vibez Juice & Vegan Cafe | 82 Hutton Street, Jersey City

Vibez aims to serves up completely vegan, healthy, and delicious options. Some of the juices on the menu are ‘Green Vibez,’ with green apple, celery, cucumber, and spinach; ‘Strong Vibez,’ with celery, ginger, green apple, kale, and spinach; and ‘Immune Booster,’ with carrot, ginger, and pineapple, to name a few. You can even choose up to 4 fruits and vegetables and make your own juice or smoothie.

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