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Organic Meal Delivery in Jersey City + Hoboken: Busy Bee Organics

by Jennifer Tripucka
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With the holidays approaching it can be hard to stay on track with your workouts, let alone your meals. That’s why when we discovered Busy Bee Organics, it was love at first sight {or should we say bite}. This Jersey City-based organic meal delivery service has come in seriously clutch in the last few months, delivering organic, gluten-free and customizable meals to Hoboken and Jersey City on a weekly basis, so we wanted to share the wealth with our readers about all that this local company offers. For those who frequent the Grove Street farmers market OR if you came to our Hoboken Wellness Crawl in June, you’re no stranger to Busy Bee Organics — but here’s a peek inside this local company that revolves around meal delivery in Hoboken and Jersey City.

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The Start of Busy Bee Organics

Busy Bee started at Grove Street Farmer’s Market in 2014 by Michelle Berckes, a Montclair State Grad and Jersey City resident. At the time, Michelle had a dream of using her Bachelor of Science in Dietetic Nutrition + Culinary Cert from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, and creating a delicious menu where she could sell her baked goods and meals at a farmer’s market once per week. She had a background as a private chef, but wanted to be able to reach more local families and offer them nutritional, healing foods that were both organic and tasty. The dream of one day a week at the farmer’s market quickly turned into a full-time gig when the farmer’s market ended — and her customers didn’t. So she started delivering, cooking out of a kitchen in Bernardsville, while simultaneously working at a cafe — the entrepreneurial hustle many of us know so well.

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Now, Michelle and her Busy Bee team have a commercial kitchen space in Jersey City, where they also curate a nutritionally balanced, organic, and locally-sourced food program for a private pre-school in Jersey City, catering to all types of food allergies and requests.

busy bee organics vegan delivery

Organic, Local Meals

All of the food is organic or local, in-season, and made with love {Editor’s note: as corny as that sounds — it’s true! Everything is SO yummy and feels homemade, yet macros are listed out on the site so you know what you’re getting yourself into protein/carbs/fat-wise}.

If you head to their website, you can see that food options that change weekly, as Michelle and her team are devoted to finding the freshest local, farm-to-table organic fruits, vegetables {and meats should you desire to include} so the menu isn’t ever exactly the same. That point, the options are always very health focused. Busy Bee offers dairy free, meat free, gluten-free, and vegan options as well as meet add in such as Bone-In Food. Co. chicken and other delectable proteins.

In fact, on the website, Busy Bee calls them “protein packs” — which you can add into your order a la carte for an extra boost throughout the week with your meals {lentils, chicken, etc are on the menu for these protein boosts}. Her meat is sourced from Bone-In Food Co. who actually works with all local farms, traveling there directly to make sure the farmers are treating the animals well and that they are ethically raised.

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Some of the protein pack add-ons — chicken and lentils, and then of course, Buffins and protein pancakes!


The Menu

A few recent menu favorites {as we shared, it changes weekly so you should hop on their mailing list to keep up!}:

Mushroom Sliders with homemade barbecue sauce, veggie sautée, and lentil soup are just a FEW of the many scrumptious-yet-healthy options on the menu from time to time. Last week it was butternut squash risotto {O.M.G. delicious} that had us writing home, this week, it’s avocado chocolate mousse {yassss plz}.

avocado pudding busy bee organics jersey city

Another menu item that was noteworthy as of late was the quinoa carrot cake bars that were so good that we had to stop ordering because it was eaten too quickly {and defeated the purpose of having a small “dessert “each night after a healthy dinner}. But if looking for some other protein-rich carb-focused foods {perfect for breakfast or a snack}, you *MUST* try Busy Bee’s “Buffins”.

busy bee organics vegan delivery

These are high protein muffins {‘Buff’ — get it?}. Michelle explained that for breakfast, the idea of muffins sounds healthy, but it’s really not; muffins are filled with sugar. To combat this but still get the fruits of carb-loving heaven, she created Buffins. These bad boys, she’s happy to report, sustain her clients for 2-3 hours, are grain-free, contain nutrient dense almonds, and of course hemp protein, rich in potassium. She also makes noteworthy protein pancakes that are organic, dairy-free, and grain-free.

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Once a month, Busy Bee offers a Beetox, which is a week of food that is designed to help you shed a few pounds quickly, flatten out your tummy, and feel cleanse and detox overall. Tried and true, this is the best way to clear your skin after a few weeks of indulgence and eating poorly.

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To order, hop on to their site here, and each week Friday through Sunday night you can order — for Monday delivery to Hoboken and Jersey City {or pick-up in Jersey City on Monday after 430PM}. The best part about Busy Bee compared to other meal delivery services is that you can CUSTOMIZE your orders {each dish is anywhere between $7-$17, fish versus vegetarian, and sizing will all determine [and they have the cutest meal size options — hungry or hangry; we’ll let you guess which is the bigger size ]}.

There is no subscription or minimum, so enjoy the food at your own pace. If you want 3-meals-per-day for five days one week or simply want to try one meal at a time, you can enjoy it as you please. Michelle also works with clients individually to help with any additional food allergies, and you can always build and add on to your order.

For those in the culinary world who are looking for a gig, Busy Bee is hiring experienced chefs with passion for health and nutrition — so make sure to email Michelle if you are interested {Michelle@BusyBeeOrganics.com}.

In the future, they’ll also be adding a kids’ food section, and they’ll continue to be at the Grove Street Farmer’s market through the end of the season. It’s clear that Busy Bee Organics is making its way to the forefront of healthy eating mixed with comfort food, and we can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next!

To order Busy Bee Organics, click here to head to their website — and use code HOBOKENGIRL for 10% off your order! PLUS, head to our Instagram {12/13/17} for a giveaway of $150 gift card for organic meal delivery [must live in Hoboken or Jersey City].

Have you tried Busy Bee? What did you think?


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