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SW3AT Sauna Studio: Jersey City’s Infrared Sauna Studio

by Tersey Regan
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If you’ve been looking to up your health and wellness game, we have three words for you: SW3AT Sauna Studio. Located in downtown Jersey City, SW3AT is a holistic sanctuary for those seeking to heal the mind and body with infrared heat therapy. We recently checked it out and may or may not have become mildly obsessed; not only with the saunas themselves but with the calming environment and friendly staff. Here’s what you need to know about SW3AT Sauna Studio in Jersey City:

Sw3eat Sauna Sign

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First Impressions

SW3AT can be found on the third floor of an old, quaint brick building on Newark Avenue. From guests enter the studio, it’s easy to immediately feel as though you have just walked into your best friend’s home. The space is intimate and cozy, with dimmed lighting throughout. There is also a cheerful waiting area with various fruit-infused water to enjoy before and after a sauna session. Yes, please.

Sw3at Sauna Inside

Sw3at Sauna inside 2

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Why Infrared Saunas?

Owner, Alyza {who is also an active duty Navy Veteran — and one of our Hudson County Women to Watch in 2019!}, founded SW3AT with the ideology that infrared heat therapy has the capability to help every single client. And boy, was she right.

Sw3eat Sauna 1

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Infrared saunas penetrate the skin, raising the body’s core temperature, providing a deeper, more effective detox than regular saunas. Research has shown infrared heat therapy provides health benefits such as detoxification of heavy metals, enhanced metabolic functions, muscle recovery, and pain relief, immune system support, and skin purification. Infrared sauna use is also a great tool to aid in losing weight as you burn over 600 calories in just one session. Mic drop.

During your session, you’ll also enjoy benefits from a complimentary added service called chromotherapy {also known as color therapy} which helps to regulate any emotional and mental imbalances. Alyza’s favorite color to use during her sessions is green because “everything that’s good in this world is green — it’s the color used to represent new beginnings, the color of nature for health and the color of money for prosperity.”

Sw3at sauna 2

For those suffering from respiratory issues, be sure to request the halotherapy add-on to your session. Halotherapy {also known as salt therapy} is the inhalation of micronized dry salt in abundance within an enclosed area. The salt aids in opening the nasal passages and is believed to help treat respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and sinus congestion we’re looking at you, flu season}.

The Sauna Suites

SW3AT has five individual infrared sauna suites. Each suite is comfortably spacious with plenty of towels, complimentary Wi-Fi, reading materials and a towel cooler filled with lavender-infused towels {yes please!} and water bottles. Every sauna is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth systems should you want to listen to music during your session.

Sw3eat sauna towels

Bonus feature: If you are looking to enjoy a session with someone else, one suite has a larger infrared sauna that fits two people comfortably. Ideal date night.

The Studio

Sw3at Sauna girls

In addition to SW3AT’s reasonable pricing and package options, it’s necessary to note how much Alyza and her staff give back to the community. SW3AT utilizes MBE/VBE/WBE for all of its contracting and equipment needs and offers a 10% discount for all active military, veterans and emergency service professionals with valid I.D. SW3AT also shows its JC home some love. The theme of every piece of wall art and photography throughout the studio is not only locally focused but are also by local Jersey City artists.

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