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LED Light Therapy Mask Facials at EC Beauty in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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At the change of weather/seasons, it’s *extra* important to make sure you’re taking care of your skin. And if you follow our IG stories, you know that EC Beauty Studio & Spa is one of our go-to spas for facials and skin treatments in Hoboken {they offer oxygen facials, chemical peels, and other anti-aging treatments}. Recently we discovered something untested and very intriguing: LED Photon Lighting Facials {yes — the creepy-looking mask that leaves your skin feeling GORG so totally worth it}. Here’s a bit more about LED facials at EC Beauty in Hoboken:


First — what is an LED Mask?

LED facial masks are also known as Color Light Therapy, and they use UV-free wavelengths to boost collagen production, kill bacteria, encourage circulation, and help with skin recovery. It’s also known to minimize pores, improve skin elasticity, as well as reduce and prevent wrinkles.

There are several different lights that will offer different results depending on the color used during the treatment:

Blue: Acne control

Red: Stimulating collagen production

Green: Balances color pigments

Yellow: Improves oxygen in skin cells

Purple: Dual red and blue

Clear Blue: Helps cell metabolism

White: Improves appearance of fine lines and sagging skin

Will I look creepy?

Yes. The good news is only your esthetician will see you, and no one cares. And then you’ll have glowing skin, so you win.

Who can use it?

According to Erica of EC Beauty, “The LED light can be used by anyone, including expectant and nursing mothers, and it treats a wide array of skin concerns — from acne and hyper pigmentation to dull or aging skin.” The lights can even be combined so that you can deal with more than one issue in a single session.

How it works:

The facial will start as a regular one, where you get exfoliated, steamed, extracted {getting those whiteheads and blackheads out}. It’s best to come makeup-free, but if you happen to come off the PATH from work or have makeup on, your esthetician will take it off gently and get your skin ready and prepped for facial land.

Once the rest of your treatment is done, your esthetician will decide which color is correct and most appropriate for you to use. In this case, we opted for blue since breakouts were happening — but each person’s facial is customizable. The LED mask sits over your favorite serum or gel mask for 10-15 minutes and works like a charm. Truth be told, it was a nice little nap and feels warm while you’re waiting for the skin magic to happen. The treatment is painless; you can barely feel any heat from the lights, and you can close your eyes and relax in the process. the process.

Your skin will instantly look healthier, but as with most facial treatments, the best results come from repeated use.

How often you should get an LED mask:

According to the ladies at EC Beauty, you can do it every month during your facial if you want — and FYI it’s a $40 add-on, but a #worthit one at that. At the end of the treatment you’ll feel glowy, plumped, and flawless, darling.

If you haven’t been to EC Beauty Studio yet, your skin is *seriously* missing out — they do everything from chemical peels to oxygen facials to botox to monthly maintenance  for brides leading up to the big day. It’s a one-stop-shop for looking glam and flawless.

Have you ever tried EC Beauty or an LED facial? What did you think? Leave a comment below!


This post is NOT sponsored, but the LED facial was offered complimentary to the writer.

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