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Independent Beauty Supply: Serving the JC Community Since 1974

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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The true beauty lovers in Hudson County already know and love this store. Those who do not, get ready to find your new favorite. Independent Beauty Supply, located at 93 Monticello Avenue, is not your average beauty shop in Jersey City. We connected with owners Tyrone Rose and his wife Lisa Rose to learn more about the business, their shift during the pandemic, the top products every woman wants, and the new business venture they are taking on in 2022. Read on to learn more about the shop and how to get professional-grade products in your bathroom cabinet.

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(Photo credit: @independentbeauty_ibs)

About the Store

Independent Beauty Supply

(Photo credit: @independentbeauty_ibs)

Independent Beauty Supply (IBS) is a full-service professional distributor of salon products. The store has been in continuous business since 1974 after Tyrone’s father was released from his employment at another product manufacturer on Christmas Eve 1973. 

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At the core of the business is a model to serve as a liaison between salons and manufacturers to educate salon owners on running a business and products to use. About 90% of IBS’s customer base is salons and cosmetologists. 

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In recent years, more retail customers have begun to frequent the store to score the best hair care products, including Independent Beauty Supply’s own line of products.“Hair is the main focus; we are focused on you growing healthy hair,” shares Tyrone. 

Independent Beauty Supply

(Photo credit: @independentbeauty_ibs)

The passion for educating visitors is seen most in the customer service provided by Independent Beauty Supply. “Our staff is very knowledgeable. In fact, a lot of times we get calls from salons if they run into issues asking, ‘what should I do?’” Tyrone gives accolades to his sister Denise Rose who is ‘the face of the store’ and ready to help any customer that comes in looking for new products or has questions. 

After years of high-end customer service, selling professional products, and overall great business, the pandemic hit, and the store’s direction had to shift.

A New Approach

When asked what the pandemic was like for the business, Tyrone explained “COVID was rough at first, it forced us to think of a smarter, better way to do business.” With an overwhelming majority of IBS’ customer base being shut down, the Rose family was unsure what would happen. 

Salons soon realized people still wanted professional-grade products to use at home. At-home hair care packages were quickly assembled after salon owners started calling to ask how they could help their clients. This allowed for the IBS private brand to expand as Tyrone would ship packages directly to the salon’s clients. As the pandemic moved forward, IBS shifted to curbside pickup and ultimately in-store shopping. 

“We were able to re-direct business in this direction. Now that we have in-store, we do still have the partition up and ask folks to wear their masks, but we are back,” said Tyrone.

Tyrone gave advice to any business owner looking to have the success IBS has had, “Keep looking for different ways. There is always another way to do business. Nine times out of 10 when searching for a new way, you end up finding an easier, smarter way.” 

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In the spirit of new avenues, Tyrone and Lisa are expanding their business under the name The Common Earth Company in early 2022 down the street from IBS. The Common Earth Company focuses on community, wellness, and previsions. It will be a yoga studio and holistic home goods retail space to provide healthier services for the community. Continuing with a holistic lifestyle, Tyrone mentioned Poor Man Vegan, a vegan eatery down the street from IBS. 

Working to continue to help the community find beauty in a new and holistic way. The Rose family credits their success on Monticello with IBS to the growth of their business and growth of the area overall. 

The roots of the Rose family run deep in Jersey City with mother Lousie being a resident for over 60 years now. They enjoy educating new customers on the importance of healthy hair care, as well as being a constant source of information for their long-time customers. They credit their success to the community they serve and look forward to 45 more years of service.

To learn more about IBS, visit the site here or follow on social media @independentbeautysupply_ibs

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