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Sushi Speakeasy ‘Sushi by Bou’ Coming to Jersey City’s Ani Ramen

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Get ready, Jersey City! A new speakeasy called Sushi by Bou is coming to town and as the name suggests, it’s a “secret” location. We can finally release, however, that the official location of this speakeasy, will be inside well-known Jersey City restaurant, Ani Ramen. The speakeasy will be a spot where guests can get their fill of Omakase sushi.

Coming to Downtown Jersey City,  Hoboken Girl contributor and local realtor Tatiana Ilnicki has confirmed that Sushi by Bou is settling in at its upcoming JC home. Ilnicki worked with the company, finalizing details and the space, and trust us, there’s a lot to get excited about. Keep reading to learn more about Sushi by Bou coming to Jersey City. 

sushi by bou jersey city

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About Sushi by Bou

According to the Sushi by Bou website, the speakeasy chain has at least nine other locations in New York and Miami. In New York, you’ll find a Sushi by Bou in Times Square, Flat Iron, East 32nd Street, Nomad Hotel, two in Union Square, and one in Brooklyn in Sheepshead Bay. In Miami, Sushi by Bou locations include two in the former Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. This new speakeasy location marks the chain’s first foray into New Jersey.

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What to Expect at Sushi by Bou

sushi by bou inside

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Sushi by Bou seems to be characterized by, of course, its signature sushi dishes, but also by a very specific vibe and ambiance. {At least from the look of their Instagram pics!} Lots of neon signs and bright, vibrant graffiti. Each location is different, however, so it remains to be seen how they’ll do this interior.

But that’s not all that sets Sushi by Bou apart from other speakeasies and even other sushi places. The Jersey City location will have limited spots and timed eating that goes by time slots. There are 30-minute and 60-minute time slot options. So, say you sit down at 7:00PM for the 30-minute sitting, then you have 30 minutes to indulge in Omakase sushi goodness.

Which brings us to the serving situation: There are no servers! It’s a unique experience in that each sitting is only about eight to 10 people per timed eating slot, but it’s also unique in that patrons get one-on-one time with the chef. No servers. Just you, your date, and the chef. And the sushi — of course.

sushi by bou sushi

{Photo credit: @sushibybou_}

Now, let’s talk menu. In the way of sushi, you have hamachi {yellow tail}, akami {lean tuna}, chu-toro {med fatty tuna}, botan ebi {spotted prawn}, ikura {salmon roe}, bincho {albacore}, hotate {scallop}, uni {sea urchin}, o-toro {fatty tuna}, sake {salmon}, wagyuni {surf + turf}, and unagi {BBQ eel}.

The Sushi by Bou menu has no shortage of cocktails, either. There’s the Old Fashioned Pearl — made with bourbon, angostura bitters, and roasted barley syrup — a Roku Martini — made with Suntory  Roku gin, Kabuto sake, and olives — the Citrus Highball — made with Suntory Toki whisky, seltzer, Yuzu simple syrup, Shiso leaves, and bitters. And more.

According to the Sushi by Bou website, their goal is to keep “changing the sushi scene across America.”

“With an ever-growing list of locations, Sushi by Bou brings a high end Omakase experience to the people in an intimate and speakeasy environment. Our timed Omakase {30 minute and 60 minute options} is served at either a 4 seat or 8 seat counter and features the freshest of fish, both locally sourced, as well as brought in from all over the world. Our season Sushi Chefs serve you directly, guiding you through the meal, and providing a truly exclusive experience. The high-end cuisine is greatly complimented by our craft selection of handmade cocktails, imported sake, and rare Japanese Whiskeys,” the website reads.

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Simple Venue is the hospitality group behind the Sushi by Bou speakeasy chain. The company specializes in micro restaurants and “bringing incredible concepts to underutilized spaces.” With 15 years of experience in the biz, Sushi by Bou is looking to expand throughout the US.

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