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All About Saku’s Sushi-Making Class

by Danielle Lynch
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Saku {located at 936 Park Avenue in Hoboken} has quickly become a popular spot for dinner and drinks with some of the most unique dishes and drinks in the area.  They opened in December 2018 in the spot that was previously Turtle Club. Saku’s Japanese menu is made up of classic dishes with a twist and features an eclectic drink menu. Owner Dan Grey has successfully turned Saku into an uptown hotspot. Many Hobokenites have made this their official date night spot but more than that, Saku also hosts a bi-monthly sushi-making class for anyone who wants to learn to make {and eat} some of their favorite rolls. Read on to learn all about this fun and exciting dining experience.

sushi making saku

About the Class

Twice a month, this uptown restaurant offers sushi-making classes that are perfect for a special occasion, date night, or just a change of pace for your weeknight dinner. The open nature of the classes are sure to bring people together, as food naturally does, and teaches both basic and more advanced skills, including cutting, rolling, and pairing ingredients.

team hg saku

^ Team HG at Saku’s sushi-making class!

Saku hosted a fabulous night for the members of Team HG and it truly was a night to remember, filled with tons of laughter and smiles {not to mention great food and drinks} and we are sharing all about it right here.

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What to Expect During the Class 

sushi making instructor

^ Chef Eddie! 

The class began with Eddie, head chef at Saku, introducing the ingredients {and himself}. California rolls, salmon, tuna, and even a hand-roll were on the menu. These classic rolls are an easy place to start in sushi making and are always well-loved menu items.

sushi making class saku

saku table

Eddie started with the cucumbers and avocados and taught the group how to slice both veggies. And when we inevitably cut the vegetables wrong, he was a hands-on coach, teaching each person how to hold the knife and slice properly. After the avocados and cucumbers came the jalepeños, for an extra kick of flavor {like the Death By Hamachi Roll, filled with spicy yellowtail and cucumbers topped in yellowtail, jalapeño, scallions, fish eggs, and a sweet chili mayo}. 

Then came the fish — and only the freshest fish imaginable. Eddie orders from a Japanese distributor in New Jersey daily and personally tests every single piece of fish that comes in to ensure it is up to his quality standards. {Let us know if you need help with taste testing, Eddie. We are more than happy to help.} Both raw and cooked fish were offered, including salmon, tuna, and crab meat. Then, Eddie instructed the class on how to spread the rice onto the nori {seaweed}. 

“Not too much and spread it downwards,” Eddie told the group as he giggled and watched our {failing} attempts. In all fairness, this is the hardest part, besides the rolling. 

sushi making

Once all of the ingredients were placed perfectly on the top quarter of the nori {the edible seaweed}, Eddie carefully taught the group how to roll sushi, which is by no means an easy task, though it was very fun. With only 10 to 12 “students” per class, the chef is able to really get one-on-one with each guest, teaching the techniques in more detail. Some “students” rolled perfectly while others created more of a sushi salad, but nonetheless, they were all delicious and topped with each person’s choice of spicy mayo or sesame seeds — the perfect combination of spicy and savory. 

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team hg saku sushi making

The instructional part of the class is about an hour and is followed by eating the fruits of your labor in the private dining room by the sushi bar. The classes are always held on Flight Night, which is great for trying different types of sake {or one of the specialty cocktails, which are outrageous tasty}. For $45 a person, this class + dinner is a unique way to get a group of people together to make and enjoy delicious food. To stay up-to-date on events and classes, follow Saku on IG @Saku_Hoboken

Have you been to a sushi-making class at Saku? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below! 

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