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The Best Sushi in Hoboken and Jersey City — According to Your Mood

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Whether you prefer to have your sushi during a night out on the town, all dolled up and paired perfectly with a cocktail, or on your couch in sweatpants while binging on Netflix, sushi lovers have endless options in this neck of the woods. With tons of sushi restaurants scattered throughout Hoboken and Jersey City, it’s hard to choose — so we’ve rounded them up for you. Here are the best sushi spots in Hoboken and Jersey City, according to your sushi ambiance preferences.

Sushi Lounge — For a Fun Night Out {Hoboken}

sushi lounge hoboken

As one of three locations in North Jersey, Sushi Lounge in Hoboken is nestled in a cozy corner spot on Hudson Street, offering traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi, and Japanese-fusion style entrees. Popular house specialty rolls include the angry dragon {fresh king crab, asparagus and mango, topped with eel and avocado, served with jalapeno mango sauce} and the coconut shrimp roll {coconut shrimp tempura and mango, topped with spicy tuna, cooked shrimp, and coconut flakes with eel sauce and coconut wasabi sauce} that are perfectly paired with some steamed edamame. This is definitely a sushi spot to “dine-in,” as there’s have a fully loaded bar and delicious craft cocktails that perfectly complement your sushi order.

Robongi — For Delish Delivery or a BYO-“Club” Sitch {Hoboken}

Right on Washington Street, Robongi is a go-to sushi spot with a unique and energizing interior, themed after the streets of Tokyo. Its funky, fun vibe inside is matched with equally delicious takeout or dine-in options. Robongi has house specialties ranging from steaks to tartars — but is also well known for its incredible sushi offerings {you may remember THIS post}. The most popular rolls include the iso roll {spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, panko flakes all wrapped in white seaweed} and the Godzilla roll {spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, white tuna and salmon topped with avocado and black roe} — and the American dream roll + avocado salad is nothing to scoff at, either.

Ayame — Hibachi for Big Groups {Hoboken}

ayame hoboken

Aside from being Hoboken’s only Hibachi restaurant, Ayame has a wide-ranging sushi menu to please any sushi lover’s palate. From standard vegetable rolls to unique flavors such as the alligator roll {shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with eel, avocado, and BBQ eel sauce}, this sushi joint even serves something called “sushi cake” which is spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, and eel over rice which is definitely worth trying. With prompt delivery and easily ordered for takeout or delivery on a variety of apps – Ayame is another convenient and tasty option.

Okinawa — Takeout/Delivery {Hoboken}


Quick, fresh delivery and great prices are the two main draws to this downtown Hoboken sushi joint, but what will keep you coming back for more is the delicious sushi, soups, and appetizers. With fantastic {bargain} lunch specials and endless options of rolls and hand rolls, you can try something new with every visit or takeout order. Some of our favorite Okinawa rolls are the rainbow roll — assorted raw fish on top of a traditional California roll — that’s just as pretty as it tastes, and the Tokyo roll which has lobster tempura, avocado, cucumber, mango, and masago wrapped in soybean paper and topped with mango sauce.

Saku Innovative sushi {Hoboken}

saku sushi hoboken

{Photo credit: @saku_hoboken}

This newer sushi gem boasts Japanese cuisine with an Asian fusion. Think: innovative sushi, eclectic cocktails, and a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for date night. The cocktail bar is stocked with wine, sake, beer, and Japanese whiskey, and from sushi apps to specialty rolls to sushi bowls, there’s something for everyone.

Honshu — Business Lunch or Sushi Date Spot {Jersey City}

honshu sushi jc

{Photo credit: @honshu_jc}

This Paulus Hook establishment is a takeout-lovers dream, with delivery and takeout orders available via a ton of apps. For dine-in, you also won’t be disappointed as you indulge in Honshu’s delicious sushi offerings amongst the chic and modern décor and fun environment {fun fact: voted as one of the 50 Best Sushi Bars in America by The Daily Meal!}. It’s a great spot to take a date or business lunch, with its new space being a mix of modern and rustic. The signature Honshu roll is hand stuffed with yellowtail, avocado, tuna, and salmon wrapped in a special marbleized white and green seaweed, and is just as much a work of art as it is a delicious treat.

Komegashi — Skyline Sushi + Traditional Cuisine {Jersey City}

komegashi jersey city

{Photo credit: @komegashijc}

Two locations of Komegashi = double the fun, double the sushi. The Montgomery Street location offers traditional Japanese cuisine including a full sushi bar with traditional favorites, while the Newport locale {Komegashitoo} boasts skyline views and a more modern feel. Regardless of which establishment you visit, you’ll enjoy high quality, fresh fare, and virtually any sushi and roll combination you could wish for. Some of our favorites include the lobster tempura roll {Newport location} and the green dragon roll at Montgomery.

Teppan Bar + Grill  Two-Level Hibachi + Sushi Fun {Jersey City}

teppan bar grill jc

{Photo credit: @teppanjc}

This Warren Street staple is two levels of sushi bar and lounge fun, with a slightly commercialized feel — entertaining hibachi chefs at the dine-in grills and a stocked sushi bar to boot. Within this large, industrial-style space, rolls and hand rolls range from the simple cucumber roll to the signature “JC” roll with shrimp tempura underneath eel, avocado, wasabi tobiko, and eel sauce. Begin with one of the hot starters such as the delectable and spicy wasabi pork shumai, and end with green tea ice cream for a perfect meal.

OZU FOODS Seasonal Sushi + Poke Bowls {Jersey City}


An adorable little spot on Hutton Street in the Heights, this Japanese eatery is perfect for takeout with its freshly-made sushi and poke bowls. It boasts “seasonal cuisine,” offering raw poke bowls and various soba noodle bowls based on the freshest ingredients available that day/week. A few must-haves on the menu: the chicken bento box and the Ozu ramen bowl — including a poached egg.

Ichiban To-Go Catering — When You’re Feeling Adventurous {Jersey City}

ichiban to go sushi

Nestled on the corner of one of the busiest streets in Jersey City, Ichiban is serving up one of the most inventive, unique sushi presentations the area has to offer. A family-owned and operated business since 1997, Ichiban used to solely offer catering services, but in the wake of COVID, the restaurant switched gears and now offers take-out and delivery. During the shutdown, the family revamped the menu with items like a ramen sushi taco, sushi push pops, and sushi pizza.

Monroe’s — When You’re Feeling Nostalgic {Hoboken}


{Photo credit: @monroeshoboken}

Monroe’s has all the nostalgic vibes from an epic mural of Marilyn Monroe to a speakeasy located just down the stairs called The Sinatra Room that was inspired by, you guessed it, O’l Blue Eyes. The speakeasy has vintage-inspired leather couches and cocktails. The sushi, however, is a game-changer. From specialty rolls to high-quality sashimi, this a must-try spot.

Ubu — Traditional Sushi {Hoboken}

This is an old-school, no-frills sushi place that serves up traditional, great-quality sushi. The menu is stacked with gems and a large selection of special rolls. The owner is very welcoming and the environment is cozy.


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Erin is a freelance writer and lives in Hoboken with her husband and daughter. A proud Jersey Girl, she grew up in Central New Jersey but always had a love for Hudson County, with her father having grown up in Jersey City, and her grandfather proudly worked at Maxwell House for decades. Her words have been featured across many outlets including BRIDES, Allure, TeenVogue, The Today Show, Byrdie, and more. Erin also owns local Etsy shop GrandeGifts, and in her spare time can be found binging on all things Bravo.

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