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Speakeasy Called ‘The Sinatra Room’ Officially Open in Hoboken

by Nicole Gittleman
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Monroe’s is a new restaurant in Hoboken that considers its culinary style new American Fusion, serving traditional American cuisine with worldwide influence. The team opened its doors in February 2020, not knowing what a wild first few months they would encounter, as the world shut down due to COVID-19. Now, after a successful opening amidst a global pandemic, the team is elated to introduce its latest project to the world – a speakeasy-style cocktail bar called The Sinatra Room that opened February 11th.

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The Inspiration 

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Marilyn Monroe, The Rat Pack, Marlon Brando, and Frank Sinatra have more in common than just their celebrity status during the mid to late 1900s – they all spent time living, eating, partying, and performing in Hoboken. 

The location of Monroe’s {36-42 Newark Street in Hoboken} where The Sinatra Room lives, is where the infamous Clam Broth House first opened in 1899. As it turns out, Sinatra allegedly frequently played at the Clam Broth House, making the namesake of the speakeasy-style bar a suitable homage.

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Not-so-fun fact: for nearly 70 years, women were not allowed into the restaurant. While men were drinking inside, women were protesting outside. Given this rich and historic history behind the location, Melanie Carugan, Cocktail Curator for both Monroe’s and The Sinatra Room, tells us she feels “especially honored to be leading this program from behind the bar as its curator.”

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In the 1970s, the restaurant and space below it transitioned away from the Clam Broth House and women were allowed in. Over the years the space has most notably been home to Biggie’s Clam Bar. Monroe’s has taken over the iconic space and is proud to represent Hoboken’s rich history and Frank Sinatra with their new concept, opening soon. 

Melanie explains that the decor is inspired by the opulence of the 1920s. “The exposed brick and industrial design of the space, coupled with vintage glassware, dim lighting and additional, ornate detail really set the mood and instantly transport you to the early twentieth century, when bootleggers ruled the street,” she shared exclusively with Hoboken Girl.

The Menu 

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The cocktail menu is an homage to not only Frank’s favorites but also the era they’re emulating with the speakeasy. The options are a blend of classic, modern, and seasonal {top-shelf} cocktails. Melanie’s excited to introduce some unique spirits and liquors that you may not typically see behind the bar around Hudson County. There’s a small selection of wine and beer, as well. 

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To fill your belly, The Sinatra Room offers a menu of small plates to enjoy, following the same fusion inspiration as Monroe’s. The team presents weekly food and cocktail specials, in addition to daily, small, special service details that are inspired by the swooner. There are always specials for both food and drinks, giving you something new to look forward to each week.

The Opening

{Photo credit: @thesinatraroom}

The speakeasy is open every day except Monday and Tuesday, by reservation only, each reservation receiving its own exclusive password to enter. Hours will be determined based on the COVID-19 restrictions at that time. Email [email protected].


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