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Ubu Sushi in Hoboken: The Oldest Sushi Place In Town

by Diana Cooper
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Ubu, located at 205 Hudson Street, has been part of the community for over two decades. Ubu is a traditional Korean and Japanese restaurant and is described as the “oldest place in town”. Ubu’s menu primarily consists of sushi rolls, but there are other lunch and dinner options that make it a great spot for locals craving the popular sushi and then some. Read on for more information about Ubu and why it’s a hidden gem.

ubu sushi hoboken outside

^ Ubu is located at 205 Hudson Street in Hoboken

Hidden Gem

Ubu is situated between 2nd and 3rd Street on Hudson. Records indicate that it’s been in business since 1996. Although the storefront is easily viewable, the name is somewhat hidden because the exterior display is all black and “ubu” is written in small font on the window to the side of the entrance. Its “sushi” neon sign is easier to view and a real attention grabber.

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There is a sidewalk sign placed close by that reads: sushi, rice bowl, ramen, tofu soup. The entryway is dim-lit and there are 10 tables set up inside the small place. Being that it’s a small business, the vibe inside makes it cozier for visitors.

ramen noodles ubu

Next to the register, visitors can watch sushi being made in front of their eyes. And, visitors can even sit at the high tops to enjoy the dining experience more, or bring a bottle of wine and enjoy with an alcoholic beverage since it’s BYOB.

About the Menu

Jay, the owner and manager, is upfront about the current state of the business. Inside, visitors will notice there are paper signs throughout that state: “Due to the increase in material cost, the price of all items may increase without notice.” Fair warning, if something is one price on the menu, it might increase when rung up because of “food-related costs” increasing since the pandemic.

ubu sushi hoboken inside

The note continues: “These impressions help ensure our commitment to delivering the best products and services to our customers.”

Food can be ordered in person or via many delivery apps including Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash. The majority of orders are for pick-up as there is a table in front of the register filled with pick-up orders at any given time.

Ubu serves lunch specials from 12PM to 3PM Monday through Friday, on top of the reasonably priced everyday menu. These include a variety of Maki combos, their specialty Sushi Hoboken (5 pieces of sushi and California roll), a sashimi combo, rice bowl, and Udon (available in vegetable, chicken, beef, or shrimp).

In addition, there are bowl specials, and a variety of ramen, soups, and salads to choose from. The appetizers consist of tofu, gyoza, shrimp tempura, spicy dadaki, seared salmon sushi, and harumaki, among other items.

ubu sushi hoboken

Then there are cooked rolls (like dragon, rock and roll, and Hoboken Yaki) and special rolls (fivestar, fire fighter, dream). For dessert, there is green tea ice cream, mochi ice cream, and tempura ice cream.

Ubu caters for parties. There is a party platter selection to choose from with prices starting at $65 for three to four people.

Check it Out

Ubu is open Monday through Saturday from 12PM to 9PM and closed 3PM to 4:30PM for a preparation break. In case you’re looking, Ubu does not have any social media presence and does not have a website.

The reviews speak for themselves. One person wrote on Google: “Hands down, the best Asian food in the area…I’ve been having the Hoboken Yaki for almost 10 years and I can’t get tired of it. It’s delicious! On top of great food, Jay offers amazing service! He’s so welcoming that you feel like you’re having a meal at a friend’s house.”

ubu sushi interior

Another person commented: “Me and my wife love this place. Food is awesome. Definitely one of the best Japanese food places in town. The behavior of the staffs are very nice all the time. They always welcome everyone with smile and professionalism. Price is also reasonable.”

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And another person added: “I have been a regular at Ubu for a while now, and I can say that all of their food is incredible. The staff is friendly, informative, and very helpful when it comes to finding the right dish for you. I have never had a bad experience there and I’m always happy to go, especially for a nice bowl of ramen on a cold day.”

Click here to check out the menu.

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