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Meet the Hoboken Resident Behind SHISHI, a Baked Goods Delivery Service

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet Tal Winter — a Hoboken resident and the chef behind SHISHI Weekend Goodies, a baked goods delivery service. Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Tal and his wife Kim moved to the Mile Square a few years ago and found themselves craving the baked goods and other things they would buy on weekends, specifically Fridays, in Tel Aviv. Enter SHISHI — which serves up specialty challahs, dips, and vegan treats to Hoboken and Jersey City locals. The Hoboken Girl had the chance to chat with Tal and learn about his growing business. Read on for more about SHISHI Goodies and the man behind it.

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Photo Credit: SHISHI Weekend Goodies

The Hoboken Girl: Tell us about yourself, what you do for work, + where you live.

Tal Winter: My name is Tal Winter, I am the chef and owner of SHISHI Goodies; an uptown Hoboken resident and fellow foodie.

Photo Credit: SHISHI Weekend Goodies

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HG: What inspires you in your line of work? If you could inspire people in one way based on the work you do, what would that mean to you?

TW: I believe food inspires people; and food brings out the passion and joy in people. I love hosting friends and family for good food – and I want to inspire more people to do that; to get their loved ones and friends around the table to share a good meal, drinks, laugh.

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Photo Credit: SHISHI Weekend Goodies

HG: What are your goals with your business + work in the community?

TW: Our mission is to bring the Mediterranean weekends to everyone’s doorsteps, creating the perfect weekend goodies so you can have the perfect weekend get togethers with your loved ones – family and friends. If we can inspire more people to host and get together with those they love over good food – we’ve done our part. We have some ideas on how to create these get-togethers in the community as well; and get people to meet over great food.



HG: What is your favorite thing about living in the North Jersey area?

TW: The amazing people and passion everyone has to do more to get to know more people – and to celebrate life. There’s no shortage of exciting places to visit, travel, and eat great food and we love exploring new places and meeting new people.

Photo Credit: SHISHI Weekend Goodies

HG: What are your favorite local spots?

TW: So many; we love our friends over at The Hive and are frequent visitors with our four-legged child Diego – their Cinni Rolls are to die for and so is the coffee. When we want to spoil ourselves with a breakfast sandwich it’s always either at Scram Bakery or Vito’s. Date nights at Corto, BBQ (we are Mediterranean after all) at Hamilton Pork. We love an afternoon wine and appetizers at Anthony David’s and when we are craving sushi – DOMODOMO is our place to go.

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HG: Who are some local business owners you look up to?

TW: There are so many incredible business owners in our area – both food establishments as well as partners – and what’s beautiful is that since starting everyone has been such a partner – wanting to meet collaborate and help fellow new business, that’s unique. We really look up to what the folks over a The Hive are doing, Bwe Kafe, and many more.

Customers can place orders by 2PM on Wednesdays to get their treats delivered by Thursday or Friday in Hoboken and Jersey City. Stay updated with SHISHI Goodies on the website and Instagram.

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