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This Jersey City Business Has Monthly Sandwich Pop-Ups

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Sandwiches can be a work of art, and one Jersey City resident is taking this artistry to a new level. Chris Gennone, perhaps better known as @betweentwoslicesjc on Instagram, has taken sandwich-making by storm with his monthly pop-up sales. The Hoboken Girl had a chance to connect with Chris to learn more about how his love for sandwiches turned into a business venture and what to expect from his culinary creations. Read on to learn more about Chris and the Between Two Slices Monthly Sandwich Club in Jersey City.

between two slices Jersey City

Photo Credit: Chris Gennone

Getting Started

The formula of two pieces of bread filled with various meats, cheeses, toppings, and condiments has been developed into hundreds of different creations by many chefs and home cooks alike. Jersey City’s Chris Genoone is putting his spin on the classic lunch food. Chris has been making sandwiches for most of his life. 

“There’s this deep nostalgic feeling I get when it comes to making sandwiches. I have a lot of great memories of making them with my grandfather after working in his garden and packing sandwiches with my dad for a long drive. They were bonding experiences for me,” Chris told HG.

between two slices Jersey City

Photo Credit: Chris Gennone

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Fast forward to 2020, and NJ Monthly hired Chris to write its food blog’s monthly sandwich column. “It was a dream gig – being able to experience so many great delis and shops around NJ and giving these businesses the exposure they deserved,” Chris shared. With so many incredible sandwiches throughout the state, there was no way Chris could fit them all into his column, so he decided to do reviews on his own.

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In addition to writing the NJ Monthly column, Chris started taking to social media to review sandwiches from local food establishments. He ran different video series on Instagram surrounding the sandwiches he tasted, and his audience loved the reviews. “I started posting photos of sandwiches I liked or ones that people would send me. And it kind of just escalated from there,” Chris shared. Toward the end of 2022, Chris found himself unhappy in his day job, and with the encouragement of his girlfriend, Sammy, he decided to start doing more of what he loves. “Starting a sandwich pop-up has been on my mind for a long time,” he shared. By January 2023, this dream became a reality.

Pop-Up Sandwich Shop

Chris and Sammy started working on sandwich creations from their home kitchen for close friends, and slowly, the word began to get out. “Sammy and I started doing it out of the tiny kitchen in my apartment just for friends. I’d make the sandwiches, and Sammy would wrap them and give them to the customer. And then we slowly started getting more and more orders and new customers that we didn’t personally know. We started selling out each month, and with the positive feedback, we realized that this could be a legitimate business one day,” Chris shared. Thus, Between Two Slices was born.

between two slices Jersey City

Photo Credit: Chris Gennone

The monthly pop-up is different from the average sandwich shop. Developing the menu to be unique and uncharted was very important to Chris, given how much he knew about the great sandwiches New Jerseyians already had access to. “When building our menu, it was really important to me to make sandwiches that were different since there’s an abundance of Italian and Jewish delis in New Jersey,” he explained.

Chris has achieved this goal using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, like the tomatoes in the BLT with roasted tomato aioli. Additionally, he finds inspiration wherever he goes and from others in the business. “As for inspiration, Sammy and I are always chatting about and experimenting with flavors based on dishes we love and trying to adapt them into a sandwich. I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram as well, seeing what other shops are up to,” he shared.



How It Works

Between Two Slices Sandwich Pop-Up is hosted on the last Saturday of each month, with that month’s menu posted on Instagram the Monday prior. The sandwiches are prepared in a commercial kitchen with pop-up locations for distribution throughout New Jersey. The menu changes each month, and only a limited number of the creations are available.


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Previous sandwiches have included “The Goat,” which had roasted butternut squash, grilled endive, fried goat cheese, caramelized onion, and pear jam served on focaccia, and “Sammy’s Sammie,” which boasted hot soppressata, lemon ricotta, arugula, and balsamic fig jam on sourdough focaccia. Customers can pre-order on the Google Form linked on the Between Two Slices Instagram page. The suggested sandwich donation is $15 for most or a little more, depending on the ingredients used that month. The pick-up is located in Jersey City Heights, with the specific address released to customers upon placing an order. Currently, the team is making about 15-30 sandwiches per pop-up.

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Looking to the Future


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Between Two Slices currently operates on a pre-order and donation model but has plans to grow soon. “We’re looking forward to doing local farmers’ markets, pop-up events, and collaborations with local businesses,” Chris said. Eventually, the goal is to open a food truck or even have a storefront, but Chris wants to make sure the business scales correctly. “Our goal is to open a food truck or storefront someday, but it’s important to us that we continue to grow organically. I remember reading somewhere that a popular pizza pop-up, Chrissy’s Pizza, said something like, “You create the line.” That really resonated with me, and that’s what we plan to do,” he said.

To stay updated on upcoming pop-ups, be sure to follow Between Two Slices on Instagram @betweentwoslicesjc.

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