Best Ramen Spots in Hoboken and Jersey City

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Ramen season is quickly approaching {but if we’re being honest, any day or season is good for ramen}. We just can’t get enough of all the broth-y, slurpy goodness that ramen has to offer, and the options are limitless {vegetarians and vegans, there are many options for you, too}. If you need some guidance on where to slurp some ramen noodles {since there’s quite a few}, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of spots to grab a big bowl of yumz this fall + winter {and everyday, because #ramen}:


South Street Fish & Ramen Co. {219 Washington Street}

south street ramen hoboken

With poke bowls and sushi burritos on the menu, this newly opened joint on Washington street features delicious ramen with fresh ingredients in chicken, pork or vegetarian stock.

Yeung II {1120 Washington Street}

This place has a little something for everybody, from sushi to pad thai to udon. The ramen menu consists of an assortment of fish, meat and veggie options, including wonton ramen, jumbo shrimp ramen, and roast duck ramen. The beauty of so many cuisines is that you don’t have to choose, so go ahead and order that sushi roll with ramen on the side {we won’t judge}.

Vivi Bubble Tea {117 Washington Street}

vivi bubble tea hoboken ramen

Featuring ramen made in a variety of flavors from mild to spicy, all dishes {with the exception of the veggie ramen} are made with a triple broth that includes chicken bone, pork bone and kombu vegetable. You also have your choice of Tonkotsu Ramen, which is made in a meatier, pork-based broth, or the Vivi Ramen which is made with a lighter broth, so eat up and snag a bubble tea while you are at it.

Brass Rail {135 Washington Street}

brass rail hoboken

Not your typical ramen spot, we know, but the Brass Rail has just launched some new menu items, one of which is this delish vegetarian ramen. This dish includes mushroom soy broth with tofu, snap peas, mushrooms, scallions and radishes.

Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}

tony baloneys hoboken ramen

Okay, so not technically a ramen place, but we’re pretty sure this is the only place around where you can get ramen pizza {yes, you heard that right}. Tony Boloney’s ramen pizza is made with a ramen noodle crust out of ACTUAL ramen, Shoyu broth, pickled egg, Japanese mozzarella and hot sauce.

Jersey City

Pinwheel Garden Dumpling & Noodle Bar {318 Communipaw Avenue}

pinwheel garden dumpling ramen jersey city

It might be easy to miss this tiny shop, but it’s well worth the visit for the trinity ramen dish — a combination of beef, chicken and pork broth with jasmine tea egg, garlic pea shoots, and enoki mushrooms.

Teppan {319 Warren Street}

teppan ramen jersey city

We already know that Teppan has nom-worthy sushi that is also gluten-free, and the good news is that their extensive menu also includes ramen dishes. Options include curry ramen with veggie, chicken, shrimp, or beef, and tonkatsu ramen with roast pork.

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Miso Ramen {189 Newark Avenue}

miso ramen jersey city

Located on Newark Avenue, Miso Ramen offers an array of ramen dishes with a range of broths, including tonkotsu, miso, salt and shoyu. Check out the vegetable ramen {it’s vegan, too!} with mushrooms, bamboo, egg and scallions — or the broth-less ramen with pork or beef.

Menya Sandaime {570 Washington Boulevard}

With locations in Fort Lee and Jersey City, Menya Sandaime has an extensive ramen list that includes house-made noodle dishes and pan-fried noodles in tonkotsu, shoyu or rich Sapporo style miso broth {think a thick, belly-warming broth} and tsukemen, cold ramen noodles that are dipped in a smoky seafood broth.

Ani Ramen {218 Newark Avenue}

ani ramen jersey city

With a new location opening in Hoboken soon, Ani Ramen serves fresh noodle dishes with the broth of your choice and the option to add pork, chicken or pork belly as well as roasted seaweed, mushroom, or an umami bomb {umami is known as the “fifth taste” in Korean cuisine and includes miso, chili & spices} to your dish.

Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai {420 Grand Street}

Located inside 99 Ranch Market and based on the original Kitakata location in California, this spot is known for its homemade Kitakata ramen noodles — wide, curly noodles that are perfect for the chewy, broth-soaked goodness that ramen demands. Check out the Chashu ramen {braised in soy sauce, sake and sugar}, green chili shio ramen, or the mixed vegetable ramen.

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Ahri’s Kitchen {227 7th Street}

ahris kitchen jersey city ramen

At Ahri’s, you can get either the Korean ramen with fresh veggies or the seafood ramen with shrimp, squid, mussels and baby shrimp — both served in vegetable broth.

+ Beyond

Wasabi Thai {897 Broadway, Bayonne}

Known for offering a wide range of Asian cuisine, Wasabi Thai also has ramen on the menu — check out the Japanese pork ramen with either tonkotsu or spicy miso broth.

Santouka Ramen {595 River Road, Edgewater}

santouka ramen

Photo: @ramensantoukausmawa on Instagram

Mitsuwa Marketplace is the ultimate spot for Japenese grocery goods, located right in Edgewater. Along with all of the authentic products is fresh ramen served daily — the perfect meal to enjoy pre or post-grocery shopping. Ramen is the specialty at Santouk {within Misuwa}—choose from a large number of ramen broths, all unique in flavor and ranging from shio ramen {mild salt flavor} to spicy miso, all made with tender roasted pork.

Blackbeard Ramen {607 Gorge Road, Cliffside Park}

blackbeard ramen

Photo: @blackbeardramen on Instagram

If you happen to be in the Cliffside Park area, Blackbeard Ramen is a must {although, it’s also totally worth the 25-minute drive from Hoboken + Jersey City, too}. It is important to note though, that the offerings are quite limited and there aren’t vegetarian/vegan options as far as ramen goes. Ramen offerings include Tonkotsu, Tonkotsu Gyokai, Miso, and Green Curry.

Where’s your favorite spot to grab some ramen? Share with us in the comments!

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