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Taco Pizza from Tony Boloney’s is The New Foodie Obsession

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Humpday, Fri-yay, Sunday Funday. We food-lovers are loving these mini weekly holidays since our fav restaurants run themed specials and add secret menu items as a way to celebrate {can you say Wine Wednesday?}. But there is one restaurant that has turned one of these mini holidays into a world-wide phenomenon in less than a month. As if we couldn’t love Taco Tuesday anymore, our minds {and tastebuds} have been completely blown by the now world famous TACO PIZZA from Hoboken’s very own Tony Boloney’s.  

Yes, you read that correctly, but we’ll say it again — Taco Pizza. And when we say “world famous,” we mean it. This taco pizza has gotten so much international attention that Tony Boloney’s has actually had to ship this pizza to places like London, Italy, the Bahamas, and even as far as Singapore. And for good reason. If you love tacos {yes} and if you love pizza {also yes}, then you will agree that this culinary creation is legit.

We headed down to Tony Boloney’s to marvel at this new wonder of the world and we got to chat with owner Mike Hauke {pictured above!} who told us all about how his taco pizza craze came to be. It all started just under a month ago #OnATuesday with a group of guys who came into the renowned pizza and sub shop asking for — you guessed it — tacos. “We don’t do tacos,” Mike told them, but they persisted, and since Tony B’s is no stranger to making interesting and unconventional foods {hello pretzel mozzarella sticks and Jewish Cowboy Passover pizza}, Mike’s kitchen threw together some tacos, placed them on a pizza, and served it up to the patrons. They were floored. Word spread like wild fire even though taco pizza was hush-hush, until Thrillist came into Tony Boloney’s to do a special on this ridiculously large and decadent 30 pound pizza. And just like that a taco pizza star was born.


Ever since that Thrillist post, Tony B’s has been blowing up the international taco scene. They only serve this pizza on Taco Tuesday {or Taco Thursday if you’re at the AC location}, so the line this past week was out the door, around the corner, and all the way down the block. Mike actually had to call in some of his buddies to help out with crowd control. They’ve shipped taco pizzas to celebrities, to airports, and all around the world. They’ve been contacted by all kinds of news channels and TV shows including The Chew, Telemundo, The Today Show, and Live with Kelly. They’ve had customers who’ve flown in from places like New Mexico or have driven down from New Hampshire — just for the day — for the sole purpose of trying the taco pizza. There’s even been buzz about people camping out Monday night to reserve their spot on line this upcoming Taco Tuesday.

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You’re probably wondering — is this pizza really THAT good? In a word, YES!  

Starting with a nice crispy crust {no flimsy base here — it’s got to support what’s coming next}, then topped with house made queso Oaxaca, carne asada chipotle mole, and another hearty helping of cheese, rimmed with about 25 tacos of assorted varieties, and finished with a heap of guacamole and sour cream. {FYI – they went through 288 avocados this past Taco Tuesday.  NBD.} You’re going to need to call in the reinforcements to tackle this bad boy, but you won’t have to twist their arms — we all know Tony’s has good pizza, but their new taco game is on point. With fresh house made tortillas and a delicious variety of taco options, these tacos rival any tacos we’ve had in the Mile Square {no, this post is not sponsored, and yes, we’re serious that these tacos are that good. They’re not getting delivery calls from Singapore for nothing, ya know.}.

This pizza is a monster, so you better come with a game plan. On our slice, we ate the two outside tacos first, then smeared the other taco over the rest of the pizza and went to town. Taco pizza mission: accomplished.

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Side note: Mike also happens to be pretty much the nicest guy ever — sitting with his customers, making sure everyone is taken care of and comfortable, and doing it all with a super chill attitude and a smile. To his new international notoriety, we say it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. So wake up early this Tuesday, camp out, get in line, support our local pizza place, and treat yo’self to this a-maz-ing taco pizza. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we asked if they’d do taco pizzas for a wedding. He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no either… {here’s hoping}.

Have you gotten your hands on Tony Boloney’s Taco Pizza? Did you love it? Let us know and tag us in your #TacoPizza pics on Insta @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!

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