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6 Reasons We’ve Been Making Pizza All WRONG {According to Tony Boloney’s}

by Marley
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I marched into Hoboken’s creative pizza joint, Tony Boloney’s, with every intention of purchasing ONE lil’ piece of fresh mozzarella. I left with 3+ pounds of specialty mutz, 2 balls of pizza dough, and most importantly…6 amazing tips on how to make the best pizza at home. Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong for years.

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Why do they give these secrets? Because they’re NICE PEOPLE at Tony Boloney’s, that’s why. Here’s what owner, Mike, told me:

Boloney Tip 1: First, Enjoy Their Mutz Raw.

You’ll find their house-made mozzarella in a little fridge by the drinks. It’s soft. It’s fresh. It comes in crazy compelling flavors. After sampling Truffle {shaved truffles/truffle oil], Sea Salt {classic}, and Smoked {think BBQ smoke}, I decided a mix of salt & smoke was best for my pizza. At this point, continue eating cheese…or move onto pizza making.

tony boloneys mozzarella mutz hoboken

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Boloney Tip 2: What Dough Are You Using?

After mentioning I use grocery store bought dough, I thought Mike would have a heart attack. He immediately hooked me up with REAL pizzeria dough {sans preservatives & oh-so-fresh}. This is what you want for your homemade pizza.

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tony boloneys mozzarella mutz hoboken

Boloney Tip 3: Heat The Pizza Stone First.

This tip is HUGE. Heat your pizza stone as much as possible before cooking your pizza. For me…I can only heat the stone for 1/2 hour {fire alarm problemzz} but if you can heat it for up to 2 hours at 500 degrees F, do it.

Boloney Tip 4: Flour. Flour. Do You Have Enough Flour?

Transferring pizza from a pan or parchment paper to the hot {very hot} pizza stone takes flour to slide it off carefully. I didn’t add enough flour to the bottom and my pizza was sort of crazy shaped. But still best crust ever.

Boloney Tip 5: Don’t Cook {Or DO COOK} The Mutz.

This tip is tricky! If you like your fresh mutz sort of soft & stringy on pizza, shred it on top AFTER you take the pizza out of the oven…without cooking it on. If you like your mutz more chewy on pizza {like I do}, add it before you put the pie in the oven.

tony boloneys mozzarella mutz hoboken

Boloney Tip 6: 7-10 Minutes Tops.

At 500 to 550 degrees, your pizza should take no longer than 7 to 10 minutes to cook. Much longer? Something is off.

tony boloneys mozzarella mutz hoboken

Marley Bonus Tip: Wine & {This Much} Cheese Is No Joke. 

Don’t try to be the American hero who drinks a bottle of water or iced tea with 3+ pounds of fresh mozzarella. Know how water & oil separated in science class? THAT’S what happens in your stomach. Choose wine instead, and you’ll digest with ease.

tony boloneys mozzarella mutz hoboken


Remember to cheer on Tony Boloney’s and the rest of Hoboken’s mozzarella obsessed establishments at the annual Hoboken Mutzfest! Until then…spill your pizza makin’ secrets in the comments below.

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