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What’s {Good} Here: Mexican Fusion Pizza at Tony Boloney’s

by Marley
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When it comes to pizza…we Hobokenites have been around the block. We’ve got famous brick oven (hello Grimaldi’s), huge grab n’ go (hi Benny Tudino’s) and the best delivery around (hollaback Mario’s). But one new pizzeria from Atlantic City is blazing new doughy trails.…Tony Boloney’s. My favorite slices hands down? Their Mexican fusion, like the “Pancho Franco” and the “Pablo Bastardo”. Check out the Pablo in the pic below.

tony boloneys

Now, Tony’s has a whole menu of creative pizzas from every corner of the globe. Like an Indian-style “Tikka” slice and a pastrami pizza called the “Yenta”. Here’s a pic of the sweet, sticky General Tso’s slice called the “Shanghai Shuffle” —mmm.

tony boloney's

But when it’s all said and eaten…their Mexican-style slices have it figured out. The “Pancho Franco” delights the tastebuds with grilled chicken, cilantro, avocado, pickled avocado crema and potato chips. The “Pablo Bastardo” is just as exciting with fried chicken, black beans, queso blanco and chipotle sauce. They’re both like an Italian fiesta in your mouth.

tony boloneys

Whichever slice you choose, the Tony Boloney’s selection changes every day and they’re down to deliver. But if you want to order it right the first time…Mexican fusion is what’s good at Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Have you been to Tony Boloney’s yet?

What’s your favorite wacky slice? We wanna know!

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