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South Street Fish & Ramen Co. in Hoboken

by Briana
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The trek to Jersey City for good ramen is now over — Hoboken has a brand new ramen shop just in time to help warm us up and fight the winter blues. South Street Fish & Ramen Co. {located at 219 Washington Street — formerly Planet Mac} is serving up huge, comforting ramen bowls filled with fresh ingredients, but the menu definitely doesn’t stop there. This new spot also serves poke bowls, salads, and sushi burritos {yes, you heard that correctly}. Keep reading to see what we thought about this new spot {spoiler alert — we’re kinda obsessed and already can’t wait to go back}.

south street fish and ramen

When it comes to the ambiance, South Street is definitely a casual place to dine {read: it’s OK to come in here in sweats, ready to dig in to a big bowl of soup}. Customers order food at the register, grab a booth, and wait for a server to bring food to the table.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, this restaurant was the place to be. There were people dining in, taking out, and delivery orders en route, but the atmosphere was still inviting and warm.

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South Street Fish & Ramen Co. is exactly that — fish and ramen. While most might only be drawn in by the “ramen” part of the name, don’t be fooled. The ramen bowls are pretty on point, but the restaurant offers so much more. Here are some other choices:

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Sushi burritos — the “South Street Special” is a must-order, filled with ahi tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, crab salad, masago, seaweed salad, sesame seeds, tempura crunch, spicy mayo, and teriyaki. Choose one of their specialties or design your very own.

Poke bowls + salads — create your own with fillings like ahi tuna, scallops, grilled chicken, braised pork, shrimp tempura, tofu, salmon, and a wide variety of veggies and sauces.

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And now, *drumroll please*, the ramen:

south street ramen hoboken

Tokyo Soy Ramen

Oh hello, gorgeous; this Tokyo Soy Ramen bowl was delish, satisfying, and so filling. The ramen bowls are gigantic and while the prices may seem high for soup {ranging from about $13 to $17} this is an entire meal {or two} in itself. And that whole egg in there?! — yup, South Street isn’t cheap when it comes to their ingredients: you get an entire, hearty bowl of yumminess to enjoy.

So, how to decide? The ramen part of the menu is divided by chicken stock, pork stock, and specialties. Once you’ve decided which stock you want, the rest is pretty easy {depending on your preference for ingredients}.

south street ramen hoboken

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Pictured above is the Hot and Spicy Ramen {in chicken broth} with braised pork, egg, sesame, onion, nori seaweed, bamboo, kale, and of course, ramen noodles. If you like a little bit of spice, but not too much, this is a perfect option. FYI: By the register you will find Sriracha, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, and some spices to add to your ramen for some extra flavor.

south street ramen hoboken

The Fire Chili Miso Ton Men is a great pick if you’re looking to step up your ramen game. This unique bowl {in pork broth} is filled with fire-pulled pork, egg, onion, bean sprouts, nori seaweed, kikurage, and ramen noodles. For the fish lovers, the South Street Ramen filled with seafood, and the restaurant has many vegetarian options, like the Vegetarian Miso Ramen.

Hopefully by now you’re convinced to ditch the packaged stuff and head on over to South Street Fish & Ramen Co. to satisfy that craving {or have it delivered because they have graced us with the convenience of being on Seamless}. You just cant beat a huge bowl of ramen made with ingredients you know are fresh and most importantly, tastes good — and that’s exactly what South Street has to offer. 

Have you been to South Street Fish & Ramen Co. yet?

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