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    It’s chilly out again… and not just the cool breeze kind of cold, but the “I don’t even want to leave my apartment” kind of cold. While flu-like illnesses are going around {close quarters on the PATH *not* probably aren’t helping}, it’s important to take care of ourselves during these cold winter months and as the weather fluctuates. To help keep us healthy and recovering quickly, we’ve compiled a list of the BEST soups in Hoboken. Read on for warm, hearty, delicious, and comfort-food-filling soups, all around town.  

    Pho Soup @ Pho Nomenon Noodle & Grill {516 Washington Street, Hoboken}



    For anyone unfamiliar with Pho, it’s basically a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, a few herbs, and meat, usually chicken or beef. So if you’re looking for a spot that has options, these guys have every type of Pho imaginable! Along with traditional Vietnamese style foods, Pho Nomenon offers a variety of mixed veggies, steamed chicken, beef meatball, shrimp, steak, tripe, grilled pork, brisket or even just plain rice noodle Pho… literally I’ll take one of each please. My recommendation? Pho Bo Vien… because well, beef meatballs, of course.  

    Tomato Soup @ Schnackenberg’s {1110 Washington Street, Hoboken}



    While tomato soup may be a dime a dozen in the Mile Square, there’s nothing like a bowl of tomato soup from Schackenberg’s — with a side of grilled cheese. This spot is best known for its sweet doughnuts + sugary treats, but their tomato soup is *NOT* to be missed. Order it with their cheesy, toasted grilled cheese and you won’t be sorry, promise.


    White Bean and Tomato Cream Soup @ Cucharamama {233 Clinton Street, Hoboken}


    Chicken noodle soup is great, but have you tried Cucharamama’s traditional South American style soups?! With flavor on FLEEK, these soups are sure to keep you coming back on the regular. Between their incredible empanadas, pizzas and traditional dinner items, it’s easy for the soups section to get lost. Their Crema de Frijoles Blancos y Tomate soup is a white bean and tomato cream soup with cheese and onion empanadas while their Sango de Choclo y Camarones con Aji de Choclo soup is a creamy corn, plantain, and shrimp soup with cheese and onion empanadas – please don’t ask me to pick a fav!

    Italian Wedding Soup @ Frankie and Ava’s Italian Eatery {208 Washington Street, Hoboken}  

    When you go to Frankie and Ava’s, the go-to order is typically one of their DELISH wrap, sandwich or panini options. However to get through the rest of these chilly winter months, take a closer look at their homemade soup options. With daily specials, their soup selection includes all of the Italian favorites – tortellini and spinach, Italian wedding, lentil, split pea and then chili on the weekends. Uhh, we’ll take one of each please!

    French Onion Soup @ Elysian Cafe {Washington Street, Hoboken}


    This Hoboken staple is known for ALWAYS delivering locals the best of the best. With a French style menu that has a little bit of everything, you’re guaranteed to leave satisfied. One of the menus hidden gems is their French Onion Soup Gratinée. Why? Because it’s everything warm, cheesy and delicious — all mixed in one bowl. Regardless of the season, this soup is a signature dish that everyone needs to try… promise!

    All Organic and Vegan Soups @ Simply Juiced {262A First Street, Hoboken}



    Don’t let “juiced” in the name scare you away… while their juices are amazing, their soups are even more on point. These guys offer a full menu of organic and locally-farmed juices and food and just so happen to be the ONLY spot in Hoboken serving all-organic soups. With raw, vegan, gluten free options, everything is made on the premises with local, by locals, for locals (doesn’t get much better than that!). Not only are their soups vegan and organic, they are delicious and during the cold months of winter, they’re exactly what the doctor ordered!

    Hale and Hearty Soups @ Rejuice-a-Nation {Hoboken}



    If you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out! More than just a smoothie bar, Rejuice-A-Nation always has anywhere from two to six types of soups each day, and can guarantee that there will always be vegetarian, low-fat, gluten-free, and dairy-free soups available no matter what. Their soups are manufactured by New York’s very own Hale and Hearty, which means they are always fresh and never frozen… and yes they still come with the oyster crackers or multi-grain bread {YES!}.

    Broccoli Cheddar @ Panera Bread {310 Washington Street, Hoboken}  

    While Panera Bread might not be indigenous to Hoboken, it would be morally wrong to leave them out of any soup roundups. While everything you order from Panera is bomb.com, their soups really can do no wrong. From classic fav’s to low-fat options, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a soup to cure a cold or keep you warm! My usual go-to is the low-fat vegetarian garden vegetable soup with pesto, but when I’m looking to indulge a little I go for the broccoli cheddar soup {because who doesn’t like a cheese based soup?!}.

    Chicken Avgolemono Soup @ Greek Town {86 Garden Street}

    greek town soup

    If you’re craving a good, hearty soup — run, don’t walk over to Greek Town {or call for delivery} for their chicken avgolemono soup. Think of mom’s chicken soup with a Greek twist {unless you’re already Greek… #winning}. This creamy, lemony soup is the definition of comfort food and not to mention their portion sizes are HUGE.

    Chicken Soup @ Ali Baba {912 Washington Street}

    Filled with noodles, chicken, and a variety of veggies, this huge bowl of soup is exactly what you need if you’re feeling under the weather {or any time you need to warm up, really}. They also have spit pea soup with spinach and fresh vegetable soup on their menu, and all three of these soups are available every day.

    Just a few of our favorite soup options in the area. Where is your favorite spot to grab a bowl of warm, hearty deliciousness?


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    Daria moved to Hoboken with two of her best friends and considers it to be the best decision she’s ever made. As a total foodie, Daria has made it her mission to try every restaurant in Hoboken, and beyond. Having a Dad as a chef, (imagine three-course meals every night) she says that her love for food is basically in her DNA. At this point, anyone who knows her already understands that they automatically have to offer her a bite (or two) of whatever they’re eating. When she’s not eating or researching the menus of new restaurants, you can find her either running along the waterfront, taking a stroll along Washington St. or working in the city as a publicist.


    • Love the aveglomeno (lemony chicken orzo soup) at Greektown in Hoboken. It’s thick and perfect for winter. Plus the lemon counts as my Vitamin C for the day. 🙂

      Vivi Tea Shop’s pork ramen features noodles from Sun Noodles, one of the best ramen manufacturers in the country and also served at NYC restaurant Ramen Lab. So much closer than NYC and soooo comforting.


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