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Where to Get Cheesy Calzones in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Chris Goodlof
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Hudson Country, and more broadly, New Jersey, is bursting with pizza places. After all, New Jersey sits firmly in pizza country, otherwise known as the New York Metropolitan Area. But pizza, for all its wonderful characteristics, isn’t the only specialty worth seeking out. Rather, a calzone is a delectable delicacy not to be trifled with. Between its hard-outer crust and doughy interior stuffed with magic, calzones are one of the most delicious treats available – and calzones are in no short supply in Hudson County. Read on for a comprehensive list of some of the best calzones in Hoboken and Jersey City.

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Alessio’s {539 Park Avenue}

alessios hoboken

{Photo credit: @alessios_hoboken}

This pizzeria and cafe boasts endless delicious treats from gelato imported from Italy to fresh-baked treats and of course, calzones. Alessio’s offers several types of calzones that are inspired by traditional recipes from Napoli, all of which are delicious. Patrons can also request their preferred filling.

Blue Eyes {525 Sinatra Drive}

Unlike the previous restaurants, Blue Eyes sits off of Washington Street down by the water on Sinatra Drive. Blue Eyes, whose name is a nod to the Chairman of the Board himself, Frank Sinatra, is a lovely dining experience with a ly stunning view of the Hudson River. Blue Eyes reaches the perfect balance of pizzeria and traditional trattoria, offering classic dishes and baked delights, one of which being its calzone.

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Delfino’s {500 Jefferson Street}

Delfino’s hoboken

{Photo credit: @delfinoshoboken}

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Everything about Delfino’s in Hoboken screams classic pizzeria. It’s the kind of place where you don’t need to see the menu to know what’s on it. If you want a slice or sub,  get ready to eat up, and if  you’re craving a calzone, you can get that, too! All of Delfino’s dishes are prepared with love and finesse, but their deep-fried calzone  takes the cake (or pizza) for authentic Italian comfort food. The spot also offers a whole host of additions to make the calzone your own.

Giovanni’s Restaurant {603 Washington Street}

Giovanni’s in Hoboken boasts a large and diverse menu of classic Italian foods and dishes off the beaten path. But you really can’t go wrong with their calzone. This spot offers the traditional cheese calzone with several customization options to suit your craving. The locale also offers a number of baked rolls, such as pepperoni and chicken, as well as some delicious pies.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria {411 Washington Street}

Grimaldi’s hoboken

{Photo credit: @grimaldis_hoboken}

Grimaldi’s in Hoboken is your classic pizza joint, and its calzones are masterpieces. Utilizing a coal-fired brick oven, Grimaldi’s serves up some of the best and most giant calzones in the area. Whether you’re craving a personal calzone or a large one to share, Grimaldi’s turns out classic Italian dishes with great skill. Grimaldi’s Signature Mile Square Calzone is especially delightful, which features ham, mushrooms, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella.

Hot House Pizza {602 2nd Street}

Hot House Pizza

{Photo credit: @hothousepizza}

Hot House Pizza in Hoboken proudly serves up everything you’d want from a pizza joint. But what really sets Hot House Pizzaapart from the other pizza places nearby is that it offers “create your own pizza” kits, which can be a fun dinner for the entire family. The spot also serves up a hearty “create your own” calzone, into which you can add a whole host of delightful toppings and additions.

Imposto’s {102 Washington Street}

Looping back to Washington Street, Imposto’s in Hoboken has a robust selection of dishes and fun takes on time-tested delicacies. Imposto’s offers whatever it is you’ve got a hankering for, whether that’s chicken parmesan, mussels, a salad, or a Stromboli. Sure, it has the classic cheese calzone, but especially noteworthy are its broccoli and cheese, and its buffalo chicken calzones.

Napoli’s {1118 Washington Street}

Napoli’s hoboken

{Photo credit: @napolishoboken}

As you’ve likely gathered, it’s hard to throw a stone on Washington Street without hitting a pizzeria, hence Pizza Country. Napoli’s in Hoboken is the quintessential pizza place. It offers a wide array of truly delicious salads, pastas, entrees, pizzas, and sandwiches, but the calzone is the star here. Try the calzone as is, or add in eggplant for an extra kick.

Pizza Republic {406 Washington Street}

A little further down Washington Street lies the glorious Pizza Republic. Don’t be fooled; this isn’t your average pizza place. The variety of food offered here takes something traditional, like a pizza or calzone, and turns it completely on its head {in the best way.} If you’re craving a calzone with something more than just the classic cheese filling, you can add bacon, onion rings, BBQ pork, or pineapple, to name only a few of the more novel additions.

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Torna’s {254 9th Street}

Torna’s hoboken

{Photo credit: @tornaspizzahoboken}

Yet another spot upholding the longstanding Jersey pizza legacy, is Torna’s in Hoboken. It’s the kind of place where you walk in and the kitchen is full of energy, people are pulling pizzas out of the oven at lightening-speed, and putting new ones in before you can blink. Whether you want a slice, a pie, a dish, or a calzone, Torna’s really delivers the goods. The cheese calzone can be customized to your fancy, whether you want traditional cheese, spinach, and mushrooms, pineapple, or anything in between, Torna’s is the real deal

Jersey City

Carmine’s Pizza Factory {366 8th Street}

Carmine’s Pizza Factory in Jersey City is a pizza promise land. Owned by Carmine and his sister Mary, with their father Angelo making his famous sauce. Carmine’s is an interesting establishment, well-known for its dough-tossing exploits. The pizza is delectable, of that, there can be no doubt, and their calzone is crafted to perfection.

Delenio {357 7th Street}

delenio jc

{Photo credit: @delenio.italian.eatery}

Those looking for quality Italian food in Jersey City need look no further than Delenio. This spot prides itself on that warm and fuzzy style of Italian cooking that only the littlest of Italian grandmothers can offer. The entrees are fantastic, the pizza is crisp and delicious, and the calzones are sizeable and indulgent. Good luck finishing a calzone on your own in one sitting.

Gino’s Pizzeria {380 Central Avenue}

Shifting our gaze from Hoboken to Jersey City, we find ourselves at Gino’s Pizzeria. A family-owned business founded in 1976, Gino’s has been serving up quality Italian food for decades, and continues to do so well into the 21st century. Whether you’re looking for a quick, fresh slice or a full entrée, Gino’s does it all. Oh, and the calzones have been perfected over the years, so don’t miss them.

John’s Pizzeria {87 Sussex Street}

Founded in 1997 by Madeline Castellotti in Times Square, John’s Pizzeria is an absolutely unmissable locale. A little over a decade later, the Castellotti family brought their renowned pizza to Jersey City where it’s served up quality Italian food since 2008. With a team of skilled pizza artists, John’s offers some of the best casual Italian dining in the area. The calzones are hearty, and if you order a large, you better bring backup.

Krispy Pizza {33 Hudson Street}

Krispy Pizza

{Photo credit: @krispypizzajc}

Award-winning pizzeria, Krispy Pizza, began to branch out and established a locale in Jersey City. Krispy Pizza is well-known in the New York metropolitan area for its unbeatable delicious pizza and Italian food. It comes as no surprise that the Jersey City location offers up that same quality food to Hudson county. The pizza is fantastic, but the calzones are substantial and hard to pass up.

Larry and Joe’s Pizza {533 Newark Avenue}

There’s something charming about Larry and Joe’s Pizza in Jersey City. Perhaps it’s the name, it just sounds like two guys who love pizza! Larry and Joe’s is the classic Jersey pizza place, offering up whatever Italian food hankering you may have. The simple menu gives you exactly what you want, and the calzones are well-priced and yummy.

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Lievito Pizza {584 Summit Avenue}

Lievito Pizza

{Photo credit: @lievitopizzajc}

Lievito in Jersey City is quite unassuming, but don’t let that fool you, the food is top-notch. While it appears to be a simple countertop pizza joint, it’s so much more than that. Offering up quality sandwiches, wings, pizza, and other Italian delights, Lievito is one of the most authentic pizzerias in the area. Lievito Pizza serves up crispy classic cheese calzone with a number of additions available – true comfort food.

Porta {135 Newark Avenue}

porta jc

{Photo credit: @portajerseycity}

This gem is known for epic views of Jersey City, top-notch pizza, great vibes, and in case you weren’t aware, cheesy vegan calzones. Pictured is the Billy Zane that’s made with vegan ‘Nduja, cashew ricotta, caramelized onions, spinach, San Marzano tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil folded in their house-made pizza dough.

Renato’s Pizza Masters {278 Central Avenue}

Opened in 1959 and operated by the same family since 1963, Renato’s is a legacy pizzeria. It’s become a stalwart monument to Jersey City’s culinary history, one of the last remaining bastions of the past. The food has maintained its excellence through the generations. Serving up traditional Italian cuisine, Renato’s is not to be missed. After all, a locale that’s been around this long is not to be missed. Try the calzone, it will absolutely change your life.


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