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Where to Find the Best Cheese Fries in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Danielle Lynch
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National French fry Day falls just one day before National Mac + Cheese day — and there’s no better way to celebrate both than with a blend of the two. That’s right — cheese fries. Ooey, gooey, savory cheese mixed with salty, crispy fries make for an amazing duo and the ultimate comfort food. We’ve rounded up, thanks to some local Hoboken and Jersey City insiders from our Facebook group, the top spots to find these heavenly, cheese-covered fries. Read on to find out the best spots to grab an order of cheese fries.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any spillage on favorite shirts that occurs from eating these delicious fries.

cheese fries hoboken jersey city

Dark Side of the Moo | 52 Bowers Street, Jersey City

This exotic meat spot has a couple options for your cheesy fries. You can get truffles fries with parmesan + pecorino Romano cheese, classic cheese fries, or Chili-cheese fries with 4oz of chili and 4 oz of cheese sauce. That’ll keep you full for a while.

Diesel + Duke | 383 Monmouth Street, Jersey City

Diesel and Duke

(Photo credit: @eatdiesel)

This burger joint in Jersey City is known for its burgers but also for its cheese fries. With a variety of choices, there isn’t an option patrons won’t absolutely devour. Kristi Saporito loves the Ranger Fries, which are hand-cut fries tossed in a BBQ sauce, bacon bits, and a cheese sauce: the perfect combination for a delectable side. Also available are regular cheese fries and poutine cheese fries, which seem to be all the rage in the area lately. 

Corkscrew Bar | 61 Congress Street, Jersey City

This local staple has been going strong for over 40 years. Corkscrew features a unique take on cheese fries with its buffalo cheese fries — fries topped with buffalo sauce, pepper jack cheese, and blue cheese dressing.

Elysian Cafe | 1001 Washington Street, Hoboken

Elysian Cafe, one of the oldest operating bars in Hoboken, is renowned for its cheese fries, and really everything on the menu. Hoboken Girl Insider, Alyssa Newman loves the “cheese fries” at Elysian, although they are anything but ordinary. This version of cheese fries involves truffle fries, duck confit, cheese curd (also known as poutine), and a foie gras gravy. Too decadent? Nah.

Finnegan’s Pub | 734 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

finnegans pub cheese fries

This Irish-style pub with a pool table is a cool + casual spot — and awesome for comfort food. Finnegan’s hand-cut fries are crispy, salty, and delicious — and all you have to do to turn them into cheese fries is ask for a side of the cheese sauce for $2 more.

Just BeClaws | 280 1st Street, Jersey City

Just BeClaws

(Photo credit: @justbeclawsjc)

With a fresh-from-the-sea twist, Just Beclaws has a unique order of cheese fries that has locals coming back for more. Colleen Christi Willett, a local gal, loves the JB Cheese Fries because they are covered in crab meat, Old Bay, and cheese sauce, which she describes as a “luxe treat” for her Philly girl self. Just BeClaws also has regular cheese fries if you’re not looking for the seafood twist.

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Luca Brasi’s | 100 Park Avenue, Hoboken

Hoboken Girl writer and local food blogger swears by the cheese fries at Luca Brasi’s, which are just one small choice off its incredibly locked and loaded menu. The fries are fresh and hot and absolutely covered in cheese. Give this Italian deli a shot and try the cheese fries. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh mozzarella, too.

Marty’s | 488 Central Avenue, Jersey City

This newer Jersey City spot specializes in hamburgers — so you know it must also have great fries by association. Marty’s has cheese fries as well as truffle parmesan fries, if you’re feeling a little fancier.

Midtown Philly Steaks | 523 Washington Street

For any Philly cheesesteak lovers out there: surprise, surprise — Midtown Philly Steaks serves up its cheese fries with Cheez Whiz. It also features chili cheese fries with Texas chili and Cheese Whiz.

Moran’s | 501 Garden Street, Hoboken

Any dish that is oozing with short rib gravy is perfectly fine in our book. The cheese fries at Moran’s as described by Hoboken Girl reader Nora Martinez DeBenedetto are mouth-watering. The Irish Poutine is made up of hand-cut fries with are served with short rib, curry sauce, and topped with sharp Irish cheddar are enough to have us running to this midtown hidden gem. 

Mr. Wraps | 741 Garden Street, Hoboken

mr.wraps fries

On the menu at this long-standing restaurant is a unique cheesy, delicious dish. Mr. Wraps has a delicious waffle fry dish with mutz and gravy, two Hoboken staple ingredients. Briana Straten, a lifelong Hoboken resident, loves how crispy the top of the fries are and how juicy the fries are underneath, which sop up all of the delicious gravy.

Napoli’s | 1118 Washington Street + 113 Clinton Street, Hoboken

With two locations in Hoboken, Napoli’s has the best of the best in Italian food and locals flock to this city staple for their fix. On the menu are a variety of cheese fries, including fries with American, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. These little strips of heaven are crispy, fresh, and hot. The diner’s choice of melted cheese makes this dish truly personalized. 

Northern Soul | 700 1st Street, Hoboken

northern soul cheese fries

Vegans aren’t left out of the fun; so look no further than Northern Soul. Both Hoboken Girl Insiders Ricki Fluhr and Alycia Kunkle agree that the Vegan Poutine is one of the best on the menu. With an option to make vegan or regular, these hand-cut fries are drenched in gravy and cheese, making it the perfect snack or side to any meal. 

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The Stewed Cow | 400 Adams Street, Hoboken

Two words: loaded fries. That’s right, The Stewed Cow serves up fries with smoked bacon, cheddar sauce, scallions, and sour cream for a truly indulgent side. If tots are more your thing, you can order the tots loaded as well.

Tony Boloney’s | 263 1st Street, Hoboken + 363 Grove Street, Jersey City

tony boloneys

(Photo credit: @tonyboloneys)

Okay, listen up very carefully, cheese lovers. Tony Boloney’s has French onion soup cheese fries. We repeat: FRENCH ONION SOUP CHEESE FRIES and they are as delicious as they sound. This snack was backed by a number of our Hoboken Girl Insiders including Lauren Lengo Finkelstein, Nora Martinez DeBenedetto, and Brittany Bisset. Just imagine the possibilities with this unique meal. Holy moly!

Würstbar | 516 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

wurstbar fries

(Photo credit: @wurstbarjc)

Okay hear us out, poutine is the Canadian version of cheese fries. The dish basically defies the laws of gravity, and Wurstbar has a ridiculous number of options. The Haus Poutine, which includes fries, cheese curds, and gravy, which can be substituted for a veggie gravy, is the locale’s house plate. The Brotherly Love poutine is basically cheesesteak on fries and includes cheese curds, cheese sauce, Philly steak onions, sweet peppers. Other options include Sally Mae fries with buttermilk fried chicken, has mac and cheese, and chili lime mayo, as well as buffalo chicken, loaded fries with blue cheese sauce and crumbles. 


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