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Outdoor Dining in the Rain: A Guide to Hoboken + Jersey City

by Danielle Lynch
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Outdoor dining in all types of weather has become de rigeur. Restaurants and bars have accommodated this shift with cleverly decorated streateries, cozy igloos, even portable fans and heaters for hot or cold days. Living on the East Coast means the weather can be fickle and unpredictable: that dreary morning could turn into a gloriously sunny afternoon, and a rainstorm can come out of seemingly nowhere. There are several places in Hoboken and Jersey City that have kept the rain in mind when designing outdoor dining spaces. The next time it pours, check out this list of Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants and bars that you can still visit outdoors, even when it’s raining.


Apulia | 1319 Washington Street

Apulia is a Southern Italian restaurant, that that is best known for its wood-fired pizza. This gem has a casual and contemporary vibe, perfect for a family dinner or a date night. Aside from pizza, the menu has pasta and seafood dishes.

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Bin 14 | 1314 Washington Street

The backyard patio at Bin 14 is perfect for still enjoying the night and staying dry should it rain. The ceilings are covered and shield guests from any rain while dining. The restaurant also has umbrellas over the parklet to keep every diner dry. Bin 14 is open for lunch, brunch, and dinner.

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Blue Eyes | 525 Sinatra Drive

Waterfront, al fresco dining, and great Italian food are just three of the things diners can expect from this Mile Square gem. This semi-outdoor restaurant is protected from rain and wind thanks to the tent-like shields around the restaurant. Brick-oven pizza served with *that* view sounds like a great plan.

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The Brass Rail | 135 Washington Street

The awning is up and ready to go for any rain the city might be facing. But, thanks to that aforementioned awning, there are no rain delays here. Guests can dine on the front patio under the protection of the awning. And don’t forget to grab a few drinks while you’re at it. We highly recommend the Blue Collins.

Carpe Diem | 1405 Grand Street

Thanks to the perfectly-placed awnings and umbrellas, guests will be safe from any rain that hits in Hoboken at Carpe Diem. Don’t miss out on the succulent American-Irish menu and grab a few drinks while you’re at it.

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City Bistro | 56 14th Street

The front patio at City Bistro is well-covered by an awning, making it an ideal spot for dining outdoors in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The rooftop also has some umbrellas but would be better suited for a gorgeous, sunny day. 

The Cuban | 333 Washington Street

This gorgeous Cuban restaurant has a large area with seating under a large awning. Guests can still enjoy eating and drinking even when the weather is less than perfect. And, a mojito really does make any night better, even a rainy one. 

Grimaldi’s | 411 Washington Street

There’s nothing quite as good as coal, brick oven pizza, except coal brick oven pizza outside even when it is raining. Grimaldi’s is a staple in Hoboken and is making accommodations for outdoor dining even when it’s wet and gross outside. 

Karma Kafe | 505 Washington Street

If you’re craving Indian food, then Karma Kafe is the way to go. This bistro has a beautiful outdoor patio covered by an awning out front. Enjoying some chicken tikka masala with the pitter-patter of rain overhead sounds great.

La Bouche Cafe | 207 Washington Street

This French bistro has a small area close to the restaurant covered by awnings and umbrellas, making it an ideal spot to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner in any weather. Be sure to indulge in one of La Bouche’s awakening hot drinks as well — trust us, you’ll perk up instantly.

Napoli’s | 1118 Washington Street + 133 Clinton Street

Both locations have some sort of protection from the rain, making it a great spot for Pizza Fridays. No one wants to cook at home when it’s raining anyway, especially when pizza is on the menu.

La Casa  | 54 Newark Street

For great Cuban food, head to La Casa, as this outdoor eatery is shielded from bad weather by means of the awning that covers the tables. 

The Madison Bar + Grill | 1316 Washington Street

We’d make a convincing argument that the entire parklet at The Madison is covered by gigantic blue umbrellas, making it a safe choice for dining outdoors in inclement weather. Dinner and drinks at The Madison are always a great idea. 

McSwiggan’s Pub | 110 1st Street

Lucky for this bar and restaurant, McSwiggan’s has an awning covering the outdoor side patio, allowing guests to eat and drink outdoors safely. Happy hour daily and Wednesday bite nights can continue even if it’s a little wet out. 

Northern Soul | 700 1st Street

Covered from above, Northern Soul sits in the Southwest end of Hoboken and is a great spot for food and drinks. Northern Soul is a hidden gem in a quaint and quiet part of the Mile Square — perfect for a cozy night out.

Pilsner Haus + Biergarten | 1422 Grand Street

The grounds at the biergarten are pretty well tented and make for a safe spot to dine even in the rain. Between the drinks, the pretzels, and the brats, there really is no wrong way to order here. 

Texas Arizona | 76 River Street

This local hotspot is always a favorite amongst Hobokenites. The outdoor patio area is covered, which means guests can enjoy food and drinks even when the weather isn’t favorable. 

Union Hall | 306 Sinatra Drive

Let’s just say that the waterfront doesn’t always have to be soaking wet. Union Hall has tons of umbrellas to protect patrons from any impending storms that may arise. Food and drinks are always on the menu, even in a rainstorm. 

Jersey City

Corto | 507 Palisade Avenue

This is the perfect spot to dine out no matter the weather. The entire backyard area has been tented and looks gorgeous with all of the hanging lights and decor. Fresh pasta is only a bite away at Corto.

DOMODOMO | 200 Greene Street

This brand new sushi spot is open for alfresco dining and has some great coverage in case of rain. Enjoy some unique Japanese dishes no matter the weather.

Dullboy | 364 Grove Street

A unique spot nestled into Grove Street, Dullboy features an elevated food and drink menu with tons of coverage if the weather is not cooperating. The backyard patio is gorgeous and filled with umbrellas.

Fire + Oak | 479 Washington Boulevard

This gorgeous Newport restaurant has an absolutely stunning food and drink menu, worthy of a trip even in the rain. With umbrellas and awnings covering guests from the elements, this is the perfect date night spot or place to gather with friends. Don’t sleep on Fire + Oak brunch —  it’s truly out of this world.

Frankie Eats | 264 Grove Street

If you’re craving Australian food, Frankie has you covered. Frankie has such a unique menu, filled with delectable dishes. The drinks are one better than the next. With an awning covering a lot of the outdoor space as well as pop-up tents, guests can feel safe eating outside if it rains.

Hamilton Pork | 247 10th Street

BBQ is always on the menu at this Jersey City eatery. The backyard area is covered in umbrellas and makes it easy to dine in any weather.

Harry’s Daughter | 339 Communipaw Avenue

Caribbean food in the middle of Jersey City is the perfect way to pretend you’re on vacation. This local eatery has a tent set up so dining out any day is possible. There’s nothing we love more than the food and vibes at Harry’s Daughter.

Hudson Hall | 264 Marin Boulevard

We would be remiss not to mention this Jersey City staple, which features a collection of picnic tables under large umbrellas. Drinks and dinner can still be served, even in the rain!

Laico’s | 67 Terhune Avenue

This family-owned Italian restaurant set back in a quaint little area of Jersey City is the perfect spot to socially distance, even in the rain. Tents are set up out back and the food is always delicious. 

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Luna | 279 Grove Street

We are over la luna that dinner can still happen even if the skies open up. With tons of coverage and umbrellas, the restaurant is still up and running despite the weather. But — remember that Luna is closed on Sundays.

Orale | 341 Grove Street + 1426 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

Both locations offer some coverage if the weather is not ideal, so dining out at Orale is possible even if the weather is trying to rain on your parade — or dinner.

Porta | 135 Newark Avenue

Everyone knows and loves the Porta rooftop and lucky for us, it is open for dining and drinking. Half of the rooftop is enclosed, making it a perfect spot for going out even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Seating is limited to five tables and eight seats at the bar under the enclosure.

Are there any Hoboken or Jersey City spots that are good for outdoor dining in any weather that was not included on this list? Let us know in the comments below!



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