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Italia Comes to Sinatra Drive: Singing Blue Eyes Cafe’s Praises {and Eating, Too}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Since the weather has been so beautiful, you’ve probably walked along the waterfront near Pier A and C and taken in the city views {because please, even after living here for a while, they’re still breathtaking}.

blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

Da view.

If you haven’t, I highly suggest you heading to the waterfront STAT, as there is a new restaurant that has opened up at 525 Sinatra Drive. It’s called Blue Eyes — yes, after you-know-who; but don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s a tourist trap. It’s an Italian eatery run by Italians {who get fresh mozzarella from Italy daily!} boasting yummy Italian dishes, a raw bar, and a mini-gelateria.

blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

When you get to Blue Eyes, you can see there is a bunch of outdoor seating which is great for a beautiful day. The restaurant often has live music {usually — you guessed it — Frank Sinatra inspired} playing with a Frank Sinatra impersonator or someone who knows his tunes. It’s quite lovely, and it’s a great ambiance for a lunch or dinner. Plus, you also have a view of the Sinatra soccer fields which is great {for those of you dating/married/stalking an intramural Zog Sports player, mwahahah}.

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blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

The inside of the restaurant is a fun, electic mix of blues and silvers with an “eatery” feel. It feels casual and inviting, which is a nice treat for a dinner with friends or even somewhere you can take your parents that doesn’t feel too stuffy! There is a small bar of wines, beer, and prosecco, so no need to bring your own. One of the specialty drinks is called Blue Eyes, and it is a yummy mix of prosecco and mango juice. Very sweet but delicious!

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blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

The price points were pretty average for Hoboken — with antipasti dishes and pasta dishes ranging from $12-$24~ each. The menu was simple, but ideal for an Italian eatery – salad, antipasti, pastas, pizzas, and of course — dessert. We loved the bread basket, which had a savory dip to complement the freshly baked bread. Blue Eyes has a wood-burning oven for its pizza-making, so of course we had to try:

blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

This pizza was their Metro Pizza — a delicious mix of arugula & proscuitto, quattro formaggi, and margherita pizzas. There were four in our dinner party and four slices of each type of pizza — so it was a PERFECT dish to share. So delicious too! Alessandro, one of the owners, said that they get their dough and cheeses directly from Italy pretty much daily. How’s that for fresh?

For dessert, we opted for the Nutella Pizza — I mean, who can say no? It was, obviously, so good. When you add Nutella to any equation, it basically speaks for itself.

blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

That being said, the absolute best part of the meal was definitely our Nutella Cappucinis  – which were out. of. this. world. Each cup’s sides were slathered {I say that lovingly} with nutella, and then cappucino was poured in, topped with some powdered sugar. Future thoughts: how can you live with a regular cappucino, knowing that a Nutella Cappucino is so close by from now on?

blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

We also heard that their affogato w/nocciola gelato {basically coffee + ice cream in a cup} and their cassata cake {which is a delicious Sicilian fruit cake} is worth a taste test for next time. Overall, Blue Eyes was a wonderful Italian restaurant, and we are so excited that they have come to the waterfront! The wait staff was extremely friendly, and it truly is a great place to go with friends, family, or on a date night — plus, you seriously cannot beat the views.

Have you been to Blue Eyes? What did you think?

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