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7 Foodie Items in Hoboken + Jersey City That We’re Obsessing Over

by Danielle Farina
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Food is fuel, but here at The Hoboken Girl HQ, food is also an experience: a little treat, a night out, a respite from the monotony of working a 9-5. We aren’t alone in this philosophy — all over Hoboken + Jersey City, chefs, bakers, and makers continue pushing gastronomic boundaries, creating foods and desserts beyond our most indulgent imaginations. Some of these delicacies are fusions of already iconic desserts (cannoli cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookie croissants), and others are elevated classics (loaded breakfast sandwiches, homemade Pop-Tarts). Some are even allergy-friendly options. Sweet-toothed, savory-toothed, somewhere-in-the-middle-toothed, there is truly something for every foodie to try. Keep reading for six foodie items in Hoboken + Jersey City that we’re currently obsessing over.

Cookie Croissant From Shortbread Society | Jersey City 

cookie croissant jersey city

Chef Francis Leggee and his wife Christine are well-acquainted with decadence. Their secret Jersey City bakery, Shortbread Society, serves up over 300 variations of shortbread — one of which is topped with a layer of edible gold. The duo tried their hands at the viral cookie croissant but took a reverse approach: rather than bake the cookie into the croissant, they made croissant dough into cookie-shaped pieces and baked layers into the cookie dough. The dessert presents itself as an unassuming chocolate chip cookie, but inside are layers of ever-so-crucial buttery and flaky croissant goodness. A marriage between two already iconic pastries; and a happy marriage at that. You can read all about Shortbread Society, and how to order from the secret bake shop, here.

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‘The Hoboken Girl’ Breakfast Sandwich From Alessio’s | 539 Park Avenue, Hoboken + 99 Franklin Street, Jersey City

Photo Credit: Hannah Taub

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Half the joy of waking up in the morning is knowing you’ll get a good breakfast — the other is knowing you’ll get a good coffee. Alessio’s has been a local staple for both since opening in 2020, and this March, HG teamed up with the cafe to launch a breakfast sandwich loaded with all the goods: eggs, cheese, avocado, jalapeno aioli, crispy hashbrowns, all on your choice of bread. After selling over 1,900 sandwiches (and donating all of HG‘s portions to York Street Project), the breakfast sandwich has been added to the menu indefinitely, at both Alessio’s locations. Read more about it here.

Homemade Pop-Tarts From MOJO Coffee Company | 801 Bloomfield Street + 230 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

mojo hoboken nj poptart

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Nostalgia can be a cruel mistress, but it can also be a delicious addition to your morning coffee run at this Hoboken cafe. On select Fridays, MOJO serves homemade Pop-Tarts, recreating the childhood fave entirely from scratch. All of the necessary components are there — the thin pastry crust, the shiny icing, the sprinkles — with an extra layer of homemade love. HG has tried the Nutella and Strawberry options, both of which were well worth the few extra dollars and calories. You can find the Pop-Tarts at both MOJO locations, sold on a first-come first-served basis.



Gluten-Free Doughnuts From Hayley’s Donut | Hoboken

hayleys donut hoboken nj

The flavors and quality of Hayley’s Donut are truly what sets it apart from many gluten-free doughnut options (and trust us, we’ve tried a lot). Owned and operated by resident Liz Sperman, these artisanal doughnuts are the product of a lot of research, and even more trial and error. It’s hard to trust these doughnuts are gluten-free — that’s how good they are. Liz isn’t shy with the toppings, either: there are traditional flavors (chocolate, glazed, etc.) and seasonal options like Not Quite Cheesecake. A uniting treat for the gluten-free and gluten-full, you can learn more about Hayley’s Donut here.

Cannoli Cinnamon Rolls From The Hive | 1000 Park Avenue, Hoboken 

the hive cannoli cinnamon roll hoboken

Another iconic dessert crossover, The Hive’s latest batch of famed cinnamon rolls is paying homage to the coffee shop’s NJ roots. In collaboration with Carrello di Cannoli (a.k.a. The Cannoli Guy), the cannoli rolls are topped with a layer of Italy-imported ricotta frosting and miniature chocolate chips. As always, the rolls are sold exclusively from Friday to Sunday starting at 8AM, with a limited amount available and for a limited time only. Yes, there will be a line and yes, it will be worth it. This is the holiest of cannolis if we dare say.

Gluten-Free Chicken Caesar Wrap From GTK | 1014 Washington Street, Hoboken + 356 Varick Street, Jersey City

gtk hoboken nj

^ This is the traditional chicken Caesar wrap from GTK

If you follow HG on Instagram (if you don’t, WYD?), you know that we’ve been on a Tour de Chicken Caesar wrap this past year. In pursuit of our Hoboken + Jersey City favorite, GTK’s is a top contender: it’s got croutons, shaved parm, creamy dressing, all the works. The local eatery just upped its Caesar game, introducing a buffalo CCW that’s also available gluten-free. The traditional Caesar wrap is available gluten-free, too, but we’re always down to add a little spice. PS: you can follow our chicken Caesar chronicles here.

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W’Affogato From Kikilu Gelato | 900 Garden Street, Hoboken


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Here at HG, we’ll try anything that combines frozen treats and coffee — and a local spot has done just that with its newest creation. Kikilu Gelato, an artisanal ice cream and espresso bar, recently debuted its W’Affogato — a wafer cone filled with house-made dark chocolate, fior di latte gelato, and an espresso shot and topped with “Italian magic dust”. It’s the perfect treat to try as the weather warms up.

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