The Best Doughnuts in Hoboken, Jersey City + Bayonne

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Ahhhh, the doughnut. In no other delicious treat will you find the perfect combination of sweet, cakey, frosted goodness — in a variety of sprinkles, toppings, and fillings. Fear not, doughnut lovers, as we are here to tell you about the best places in the area to stock up on these delicious treats, no matter what variety you’re craving. Here is a list of the best doughnuts in Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne, and beyond.

Disclaimer: We’ve added takeout + delivery links for all the shops that are still open for businesses, but some of these shops have had to close down temporarily due to Covid-19 — so check them out when they reopen.



Alfalfa {1110 Washington Street}

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Calling what was once Schnackenberg’s home, this Washington Street salad shop pays homage to the restaurant before it in its desserts selection. That’s right, Alfalfa sells the Schnackenberg’s delicious doughnuts, so there’s not doughnut-shaped void in your heart. Opt for the lavender one, for equal parts tasty + relaxing treat. Order takeout and delivery here.

Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street}

We’d be remiss not to mention Hoboken’s famous bakery that, of course, is not lacking in its doughnut selection, featuring everything from Carlo’s Signature filled with French cream and topped with powdered sugar to strawberry or chocolate frosted to jelly filled {a doughnut for every #mood, obvs}. Order takeout and delivery here.

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Bwè Kafe {1002 Washington Street}

Delivering high-quality coffee made from beans sourced all over the world {and don’t be surprised if the barista gets a little artistic with your foam}, Bwè Kafe also features a host of delicious sweets including scones, muffins, and doughnuts in tempting flavors like pumpkin spice and chocolate glaze that are gluten-free AND vegan {from Om Sweet Home}. Order takeout and delivery here.

Jersey City

Krispy Kreme {95 Christopher Columbus Drive}

krispy kreme doughnuts

When you think doughnuts, it’s hard not to have Krispy Kreme come to mind. This iconic, fried-dough staple is essential for filling literally any doughnut craving — from glazed raspberry filled to sea salt caramel filled {you heard that right} — and the perfection of getting a dozen means we don’t have to choose. Click here to order takeout.

The Grind Shop {360 Communipaw Avenue}

This is the only place in Jersey City where you can get your hands on the always delectable Doughnut Plant doughnuts, straight outta NY. Featuring flavors like Matcha green tea, Valhrona chocolate {oooh la la}, red velvet {with cream cheese frosting ya’ll} and peanut butter + blackberry jam, there’s a lot more where that came from and they are all worth a bite! Order takeout and delivery here.

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Judicke’s {763 Broadway}

judickes doughnuts

No one can deny the power of a Judicke’s doughnut {dare you to eat just one} and they are juuuust small enough that you can {maybe} have more than one without really feeling guilty. A sweet combo of fried goodness and chocolate frosting, Judicke’s features season-appropriate sprinkles for all holidays {so your doughnuts are always festive} so go pick up a dozen and thank us later. Call (201) 339-4664 to order takeout.

Cliffside Park

Om Sweet Home {708 Anderson Avenue}

Another great place for vegan and gluten-free delicacies, Om Sweet Home features a variety of savory coffee and baked goods, all made in-house with organic ingredients. Check out their seasonal doughnuts and year-round treats, including powdered chocolate doughnuts and delicious glazed doughnuts {a must for glazed doughnut [or any] day}. Order takeout here.

Do you have a favorite doughnut spot that we should mention?! Let us know! The list can never be TOO long…

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Lauren originally hails from Nutley, NJ but is happy and proud to have called Bayonne her hometown for the past 5 years, where she can always find a beautiful park to walk or run in and a great place to eat. Lauren has a deep appreciation for a good bar, a great glass of red wine, and good food, and often frequents Jersey City for dining, where she worked for 4 years. Now working in NYC, Lauren still gets her Jersey City fix on the weekends or after work, and then goes back to her apartment where she lives with her husband, a Bayonne native, and her awesome kitty, Lola. You can also find her at yoga class in Jersey City or Hoboken, writing, or reading {and continually running out of space for all of her books} in her spare time.