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DoGood Donuts: A Self-Taught One-Woman Doughnut Business Serving Hoboken + Jersey City

by Stephanie Brown
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Doughnuts are one of the essential food groups – at least in our minds – and there’s nothing better than a batch of fresh doughnuts being delivered straight to your front door. DoGood Donuts offers Friday doughnut deliveries to Hoboken + Jersey City and we fully support making this a part of your weekly routine. The Hoboken Girl recently tried DoGood Donuts and we love everything about this business – from the home baker who trained herself to become a doughnut extraordinaire to the absolutely incredible pastries that arrive via bike on Fridays. Keep reading to learn all about DoGood Donuts and how to get your hands on these tasty treats that sell out week after week.

dogood donuts emily

What is DoGood Donuts?

DoGood Donuts is a local one-woman doughnut business based in Hoboken that’s all about sustainability, giving back to the community, and making really good doughnuts. 

Emily first had the idea to start DoGood Donuts back in 2018 when she was craving doughnuts but couldn’t find a local spot in Hoboken.

“Yelp said you can go to Dunkin or you can go to the city. So I said, you know what, I’m going to teach myself and I just kind of had this little thought in my head that I will legitimately be the person to open a doughnut shop in Hoboken one day,” Emily told The Hoboken Girl.

dogood donuts doughnuts

Emily got to work teaching herself to make doughnuts. After watching every doughnut video online and a bunch of trial-and-error she perfected her recipe and started sharing her doughnuts with friends and co-workers. 

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During the pandemic when everyone else was making sourdough, Emily kept working on her doughnuts. She started giving the doughnuts away, masked up and 6 feet apart, to locals as a way to brighten people’s day during the early months of COVID.

Each doughnut giveaway was attached to a charity so people could donate to a local cause while also enjoying the pastries, which helped inspire the name DoGood.

“DoGood was born out of that idea of giving back,” Emily said. “Eating good doughnuts and doing good things.”

Meet Emily

Emily is originally from the Bay Area in California and grew up with small mom-and-pop doughnut shops everywhere. She recommends The Donut King documentary on Hulu for some context on doughnut culture in California and the relationship between doughnut shops on the West Coast and refugees from Asia.

dogood donuts emily

When she moved to the East Coast she wanted to find the classic, doughnut shops she was used to. Anytime she visits a new doughnut shop she samples the glazed doughnut because, not only does she love glazed doughnuts, but she believes this is the best way to really see how the doughnut itself tastes. Hoboken Girl got to try one of DoGood Donuts’ glazed doughnuts and we can confirm that these doughnuts are phenomenal. 

Emily never went to pastry school and is a completely self-taught baker. She left her job with the NBA in March 2022 to focus full-time on doughnuts. 

DoGood Donuts Menu

DoGood Donut flavors change monthly and are always posted on Instagram. 

Emily said, “The favorite that I make is my cinnamon sugar twist. It is unique, it’s cute, it’s tasty, and it’s my signature.”

dogood donuts doughnuts

Here’s a sampling of the recent DoGood Donuts flavors:

April 2023

  • Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles
  • Honey Buns
  • Brown Butter Glazed
  • Cinnamon Sugar Twists
  • Boston Cream

March 2023

  • Boston Cream
  • Maple Bars
  • Brown Butter Glazed
  • Cinnamon Sugar Twists

February 2023

  • Thin Mint
  • Peanut Butter + Jelly
  • Brown Butter Glazed
  • Cinnamon Sugar Twist

Where to Find DoGood Donuts + How to Place a Pre-Order Online 

DoGood Donuts is currently available Fridays – Sundays in Hoboken + Jersey City. There isn’t a storefront so here’s everything you need to know to get your hands on these doughnuts:


“People get to be home on a Friday and they get a doughnut delivery and people love it. I sell out my doughnuts within 10 minutes almost every week, it’s pretty cool,” Emily told HG.

dogood donuts

To get a Friday doughnut delivery, be sure to sign up for pre-order notifications in advance. Preorders go live on Thursdays at 10AM. Once you are signed up you will get a text on Thursdays just before the preorders drop. Trust us, these really do sell out fast. Deliveries are available in Hoboken + Jersey City on Fridays and Emily bikes around delivering the doughnuts herself.

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On Saturdays, DoGood Donuts currently pop up at Into The Void Antiques starting at 9AM.

On Sundays, DoGood Donuts offers pickup in Hoboken. Preorders go live for this on Saturdays and if you are signed up for the pre-order notifications you’ll know when you can place your order.

Focused on Sustainability

DoGood Donuts places a big emphasis on sustainability. When making your pre-order for delivery or pickup, you can select the Eco Option which means you’ll use your own container for the doughnuts instead of the single-use doughnut box. You can simply set out your container for delivery and Emily will place the doughnuts in this at your door.

dogood donuts doughnuts

DoGood also sources ingredients locally from Bone In Food because Emily wants to make her supply chain as local and sustainable as possible. She also composts all of the waste – including the fry oil.

And since Emily makes deliveries on her bike these are zero emissions. Yes, she does this in the rain and 100-degree summer heat.

Our Thoughts

Team HG has tried DoGood Donuts multiple times now (for research purposes, of course). Emily is kind and talented and the doughnuts are proof of the hard work and passion she puts into DoGood. It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor but the classic glazed and cinnamon sugar twists are definitely worth the hype. We can’t wait to keep trying DoGood Donuts (again, for research) and see where they grow from here.

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