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How Priyanka of Knead Some Love is Spreading Love Through Indian-Fusion Desserts

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Priyanka Poddar is a first-generation Indian-American residing in Weehawken. As a supporter of small businesses, she was thrilled to finally launch a small business of her own, Knead Some Love. Her pastries are in high-demand, including at local cafes in the area. With a passion for baking and a dream to make Indian-inspired desserts abundantly available, Priyanka’s wish came true. Read more about Knead Some Love and Priyanka Poddar. 

How Knead Some Love Came To Be

knead some love priyanka poddar

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Knead Some Love serves up Indian and American fusion baked goods such as donuts and Bundt cakes. Priyanka has bootstrapped the businesses by herself from scratch, making her a one-woman show. “Although I went to school for Architecture, I’ve been extremely fortunate to receive the support from family, friends, and the community, in general, to be able to turn my dream into a reality, a step at a time,” says Priyanka. Priyanka aims to satisfy people’s taste buds with something new, exciting, and delicious.  

knead some love priyanka poddar

{Photo credit: @kneadsomeloveny}

“I’m a self-taught baker and have taken my love for quintessential Indian desserts and married it to traditional American donuts and cakes,” Priyanka told Hoboken Girl. “It’s the perfect confluence between the East and West, and that’s my biggest differentiator from a traditional pastry.” 

“Having lived in New York for almost a decade, I often found my American friends driving specifically to an Indian neighborhood to enjoy Indian desserts. I strongly felt that there had to be an easier way for people to enjoy those delicious treats in abundance,” she explains.

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When you scroll through Knead Some Love’s page, you’ll see an explosion of color and beautifully-designed donuts and mini cakes that look irresistible and almost too perfect for eating at the same time.

knead some love priyanka poddar

{Photo credit: @kneadsomeloveny}

Customers can find authentic Indian-inspired flavors like Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai Rabdi {her my bestseller}, Rose Pistachio, Vegan Toasted Coconut Praline Laddoo with Coconut cream, Tiramisu Thandai, Malai Kulfi Tres Leches, and last but not least, Carrot Halwa with Ricotta Cardamom cream. “The Vegan Spiced Chai Latte Bundt Cake is a personal favorite,” she said.

Each batch is individually handmade and handcrafted by Priyanka. “I’m constantly challenging myself and am grateful to have turned my passion for baking into a small business.”

Sources of Inspiration

knead some love priyanka poddar

{Photo credit: @kneadsomeloveny}

Like many of us, Priyanka is inspired by her culture and upbringing. She feels that few foods delight the senses or evoke heart-warming feelings, but Indian desserts are among the rare foods she draws inspiration from. 

“I grew up in Mumbai, India, and I draw my inspiration from authentic Indian flavors and marry them to traditional American pastries. You won’t find my baked goods in a corner deli or a typical bakery. Knead Some Love’s desserts are handcrafted with real Indian flavors and spices to give you the real fusion taste. Trust me; it’s not your typical donut,” she told us.

Priyanka strongly believes that everyone has a purpose in life. She explains, “For me, my purpose is to provide people of our community with unique and the best-tasting desserts and pastries. Something so unique that with every bite, people will be craving for more. I know I’m made to do this, and I’m forever grateful to have found my purpose.”

Future Goals

knead some love priyanka poddar

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“Donuts and bundt cakes are desired globally. We live in a society where we can enjoy them 12 months out of the year. Therefore, my goal is to expand this business to the greatest heights and continue to bring a piece of my culture to people,” Priyanka shares.

“My vision is to open a storefront where I can reach and meet with as many people as possible from different cultures,’ she said.

Currently, Knead Some Love is in the process of shipping goods nationwide {priority shipping} while mindful of the delicacy and shelf life of the goods.

A Day In The Life

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Priyanka starts her days bright and early, around 4 AM, and begins sanitizing her kitchen area to start the day with a clean baking environment. 

Then, the magic happens. “Every single donut and cake mold is hand-filled with batter made from scratch to ensure the best quality. Post baking, I individually glaze all the cakes and finish them with toppings depending on the flavors.” 

Since all the goods are baked and not fried, {providing healthier pastries} there’s a lot more manual labor and long hours involved. 

“I cook up a storm in my little apartment kitchen and on average bake as many as 1,200 donuts and cakes a week! Knead Some Love takes immense pride in the consistency of the goods,” Priyanka said.

Local Collaborations

knead some love priyanka poddar

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Priyanka’s treats are not only in high-demand with everyday consumers. Local cafes have sought out her Indian-fusion desserts to serve in-house. 

“I’m most proud of the collaborations with local cafes. This has triggered a two-way effect, my support to the local cafes and their support to my business, Priyanka told us.

“My journey with these cafes started by me literally going door-to-door talking to the cafe owners, educating them about my baked goods, and providing them with a variety of samples to taste. The rest is history! Some of these cafes refer to me as ‘The Hustler’,” explains Priyanka.

knead some love priyanka poddar

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Some cafes sell out as many as 300 individual donuts within two days. She’s had customers tell that her donuts took them back to India while others say they are ‘the best they’ve ever eaten.’ 

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“I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built with these cafe owners and look forward to working with many more. I’ve worked tooth and nail to collaborate with such wonderful cafes where we support each other, while each supporting our own businesses,” she says. 

Business In The Area She Admires

bagels on park

{Photo credit: @bagelsonpark}

“There are so many businesses in the neighborhood I’m inspired by, but my current favorite is Bagels on Park in Weehawken, says Priyanka. “Bagels on Park is a women-owned, family-run local small business with a collection of hand-rolled bagels. They host a variety of delicious artisan cream-cheese flavors, scallion being my personal favorite. I truly admire the fact that their bagels are made with the love of home cooking while focusing on providing the best bagels and coffee to the local community.”

Local Fun

Favorite restaurants in Hoboken:

Amanda’s and Barbès 

Favorite Boutique in Hoboken:

Dor L’ Dor

Favorite Thing About Weehawken:

I love the fact that I’m so close to the water.

Favorite Outdoor Space:

Liberty State Park

Something The Area Needs: 

Knead Some Love’s Storefront!

Contact Info:

knead some love priyanka poddar

{Photo credit: @kneadsomeloveny}

To place orders, DM Priyanka on Instagram @kneadsomeloveny, email her at kneadsomeloveny@gmail.com, or call her at 718-844-2153.


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