Where to Find S’mores in Hoboken + Jersey City

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There’s something nostalgic about eating a s’more. The campfire vibes and perfect mix of gooey goodness and crispy crackers are just messy enough to bring back childhood memories but just tasty enough to eat at every possible opportunity. Thankfully, restaurants have started to introduce variations onto the dessert menus, and you don’t even have to leave New Jersey {or have a bonfire} to enjoy the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker combination. Here are the best places to enjoy s’mores in Hoboken and Jersey City: 

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Carlo’s Bakery {95 Newark Street} 

Hoboken’s most famous bakery offers trays of s’mores as a catering option and sometimes offers them stocked on its shelves. Order them to bring home and toast over a fire or sit inside the original location on Newark Street to enjoy a s’more. 

Battlecat Espresso at Stingray Lounge {1210 Washington Street} 

The espresso bar located in Stingray Lounge carries homemade s’mores cupcakes by Bean’s Bake Shop. They perfectly complement the specialty coffees and teas at Battlecat, and can also be personally ordered through Bean’s Instagram page. 

Northern Soul Kitchen {700 1st Street} 

Northern Soul

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The Make Your Own S’mores at Northern Soul pay homage to the gooey treat in its purest form. Add as much chocolate as you want, slap on a marshmallow, and enjoy the original treat as a post-brunch treat. 

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Jersey City

Amelia’s Bistro {187 Warren Street} 

The S’mores Flatbread from Amelia’s has captured hearts {and tastebuds} all over New Jersey and New York City. Served with Nutella, graham crackers, marshmallows, and mascarpone cheese, this shareable dish is sure to leave you satisfied.

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream {312 Central Avenue}

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream

{Photo credit: @angelsrecipeicecream}

Nothing can go wrong when you take two beloved desserts and put them together, and Angel’s did just that with the s’mores crepe. Made with graham crackers, melted chocolate chips, melted marshmallows, hot fudge, whipped cream, and powdered sugar, this sweet treat can definitely satisfy a craving. They also added a brownie s’mores crepe for added chocolatey goodness.

Baonanas {210 Hudson Street}


{Photo credit: @baonanas}

Jersey City locals Trisha and Lloyd update banana pudding with their s’mores version. It’s got a decadent chocolate mousse with swirls of homemade Ube marshmallow fluff and layers of softened graham crackers and freshly sliced bananas. It’s probably the most unique version of s’mores you’ll ever try. 

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Milk + Cream Cereal Bar {175 Newark Avenue} 

Milk + Cream Cereal Bar

{Photo credit: @milkandcreambar}

This dessert bar has a signature combination that’s sure to be a s’mores lovers delight: they blend the s’mores and Krave flavors then top it with chocolate Teddy Grahams, chocolate drizzle, and chocolate chips. Delicious. 

The Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}

Kitchen Step 

Chef Ryan DePersio rounds out his locally-driven menu with smores, alongside a diverse and delicious dessert menu. The often-changing menu is jam-packed with seasonal favorites {like s’mores} and treats for every kind of foodie. The unique miniature bonfire experience where patrons can toast their marshmallows over a small flame and drop them into the spiked hot cocoa is a must-try.


City Bonfires 

city bonfires

{Photo credit: @citybonfires}

Two Dads from Maryland, like many, had their jobs affected by the pandemic, but they turned their time spent with their families into an adorable small business. City Bonfires offers a bonfire and s’mores kit that can be used outdoors to create a unique experience with family and friends while allowing for social distancing. 

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