Hot Chocolate in Hoboken + Jersey City: A List of The Best Spots

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Ah, winter — it’s almost here, and time for a cup of hot chocolate in Hoboken. The Mile Square will eventually turn into Snowboken and freeeeezing temps are all around. There’s no arguing that a nice cup of hot chocolate always does the trick to warm you up — that’s why we’ve rounded up the BEST places to get a cup of hot chocolate in Hoboken and Jersey City. Keep reading if you want more than a typical cup of Swiss Miss and more of the traditional hot chocolate.

Disclaimer: Be sure to call each place directly to confirm if each drink is still being sold this season.


For When You Want Booze in Your Hot Cocoa: Carpe Diem {1405 Grand Street}

carpe diem hot chocolate

Seeking an adult version of your fave childhood drink? Carpe Diem has you covered with their spiked hot chocolate made with Kahlúa {and it’s delish}.

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For When You Want Something Sweet After Your Avocado Toast: Bluestone Lane {409 Washington Street}

hoboken hot chocolate

Bluestone Lane has delish coffee, juices, and award-winning avocado toast, but don’t let this trendy/healthy coffee shop fool you — they have super yummy hot chocolate, too. Try their traditional hot chocolate with steamed, silky milk, cocoa mix, micro-foam + a cocoa dusting or the “Milo” with malted chocolate + steamed whole milk.

For a Sweet Treat on a Chilly Day: La Bouche {207 Washington Street}

la bouche

La Bouche is known for its French-Mediterranean fare, but it is also known for something else — hot chocolate. Topped with powdered cocoa, this hot beverage is a great treat on a chilly Mile Square day.

For When You Want Some After a Hearty Cuban Meal: La Isla {104 Washington Street + 25 12th Street}

hoboken hot chocolate

Wash down that churrasco, rice, and beans with some flan and warm hot chocolate for dessert at La Isla where everything {at both locations} is delish.

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For When You Want It With Nutella: Blue Eyes {525 Sinatra Drive}

hoboken hot chocolate

Ok, so this isn’t technically hot chocolate but Blue Eyes’ Nutella Cappuccino is too good not to mention. Just think of this as a little added bonus if you want a bit more pizzaz on your list because, NUTELLA.

Jersey City

For A Delicious Vegan-Take: Busy Bee Organics {451 Palisade Avenue}

Busy Bee Organics

This S’mores hot chocolate option contains is house-made ginger cookie rim with either grass-fed milk or vegan coconut milk with a toasted marshmallow on top.

For a Touch of Vanilla: Milk Sugar Love {19 McWilliams Place}

Milk Sugar Love

For a fun dash of extra sweetness, Milk Sugar Love makes their hot coca with a giant homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallow.

For When You Want Added Texture: Froth on Franklin {85 Franklin Street}

hot chocolate jersey city

This hot chocolate is no joke. The large mug of chocolate deliciousness is topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate chips {if desired} for an added touch of texture.

For When You Want A Cute Post For Insta: Vogue Cafe {177 York Street}

Vogue Cafe

This hot chocolate is what Instagram dreams are made of. From the toasted top layer of chocolate and a picture-perfect milk design, this one is sure to get you all of the likes!

For When You Want a New Hot Chocolate to the Scene: The Cottage JC {136 Monticello Avenue}


While this is an eggnog latte from the newly-opened The Cottage JC, the selection of curated drinks from this JC spot is quickly becoming a go-to in the hot chocolate rotation. See more about The Cottage here.

Do you have a go-to place for hot chocolate in Hoboken? Share with us in the comments!

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