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Bluestone Lane Coffee’s First NJ Spot is Open {and it’s in Hoboken!}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Well g’day to you too, Bluestone Lane Coffee, and welcome to the Mile Square! We’ve heard about their coffee shops just over the Hudson in NYC, but now Bluestone Lane Coffee’s first NJ spot is open — and it’s in Hoboken. Influenced by the coffee culture of Melbourne, Australia, with coffee roasted in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and bean sourcing certified by the Rainforest Alliance, the HG team could not wait to step foot in this new coffee shop at 409 Washington St. Here’s a little bit about our trip.

Coastal blue tiles, tall large leafed plants, dangling succulents — it’s no coincidence that the warm weather swooped in just as this place landed on Washington {and it’s no coincidence that this will be our go-to place on a dreary day for a quick pick-me-up}. Looking over their menu of beverages, juices, and yummy food options, it’s obvious that this place is passionate about local coffee, specialty drinks, and healthy grub. Their macchiato is described as having “a ‘stain’ of milk and microfoam,” while their *flat white has microfoam — but “just enough to seal in the surface with a velvety first sip.” Anyplace that describes their beverages with such poetics has won our hearts {and you should read how they describe their roaster!}.

{*HG insider tip: we added a little sweetener to the flat white and totally should’ve gotten it iced, since it’s finally warm out, but it was delish.}

HG Tips on What to Order

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Chai Tea Latte with Almond: A classic for sure, but everyone does it differently. Bluestone Lane’s is smooth, mild, and not overly spicy, leaving room on your taste buds for that dash of cinnamon on top.

Avocado Smash: Avocados on everything, amiright? But this avocado smash comes on hearty Balthazar multigrain bread, mixed with fresh lemon, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and olive oil, and served on a little wood board. Oh, and it’s no little shmear of avocado either.

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Golden Latte: A unique blend of herbs and turmeric with steamed almond milk. And good morning to you too! This is a great jump-start to your morning without the IV drip of caffeine some of us need in the AM. In fact, one of Bluestone Lane’s missions is to change that reliance. As they put it, “It’s about making the coffee experience relevant and less about addressing a need for caffeine.” They’re shaking up our morning coffee routine, one adorable little blue cup at a time. And while the Golden Latte may not be coffee, morning routine = shaken!

We’ll definitely be going back to order the Turmeric Sweet Potato Toast {their new wellness blend of house made turmeric roasted sweet potato hummus, seasoned with sea salt, olive oil + chili flakes on toasted multi-grain bread}, the Breakfast Bowl {poached egg, red quinoa, warm kale, heirloom tomatoes, feta cheese + avocado}, and the Fitroy Fresh Juice {pineapple, grapefruit, lime + ginger}. Oh, and FYI — this place is cash free and takes cards only. They also are not currently hooked up with wifi, so if you’re trying to get some blog writing done, you may need to take your tasty treats elsewhere {ask us how we know}.

Have you been to Bluestone Lane Coffee yet? Let us know what you ordered and tag us in what will definitely be an adorable Insta-worthy pic @HobokenGirlBlog!

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