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Organic Ice Cream + {Unique} Treats: Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When Cherry Hill native Emma Taylor decided that she was going to quit her job as an art director in the city and become a pastry chef, Jersey City didn’t know how lucky it was. Emma grew up going to the shore and took frequent trips to Ocean City for Kohr’s custard and other ice cream treats, so it was only natural in her adult life to become the founder and creator of one of Jersey City’s favorite ice cream parlors: Milk Sugar Love Creamery and Bakeshop located at 19 McWilliams Place.

If you haven’t heard of Milk Sugar Love, we have news for you: you’re missing out. This Hamilton Park staple has been in the mix since 2013 — and with its organic repertoire of fresh, locally-sourced ice cream flavors that change on the regular as well as outside-the-box ice cream sandwich and cake creations, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. We recently visited Milk Sugar Love’s brick and mortar, and of course had to share all the details — including the infamous Mac Daddy Ice Cream Sandwich creation that has the locals and out-of-towners Instagramming up a storm.

^The Mac Daddy ice cream sandwich size

When you walk into Milk Sugar Love, you’ll get the coveted childhood “ice cream shop” feel — it’s a small, fresh-looking interior with a variety of ice cream flavors made fresh daily in 1-gallon batches. The ice cream is made on premises, and then turned into magical creations including ice cream sandwiches and cakes.

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^The Chilltown Ice Cream Cake in all its glory. And it’s organic. You’re welcome.

Zap Fitness

If you’re lactose intolerant and can’t do regular organic ice cream, have no fear. Milk Sugar Love’s chocolate coconut dairy-free ice cream is out-of-this-worlddddd {and has a coconut base — all that’s in it is coconut milk, cocoa powder, sugar, cornstarch, and sea salt}. Topped with all-natural sprinkles with vegetable colorants {no red dye and other bad dyes to be found}, it’s quite the creation and comes by the pint. They have a few other dairy-free flavors that rotate in and out, so you never know what you’re going to get.

Other dairy flavors also come by the pint and are available for retail purchase, so you can enjoy some MSL at home as well.

Flavor-wise, it’s really hard to choose the best. The menu changes daily and weekly {depending on time of year}, but sone of the standout flavors are Matcha Brownie, Red Velvet Dream, Lem on and Olive Oil {we know – sounds random, but sooo refreshing}, Earl Grey Fudge, and their number one seller, Salted Caramel. Of course, everyone’s flavor taste buds are different, so you should definitely swing by to see what is on the menu when you are in the mood for some ice cream.

Now for the woman that could make any flavor ice cream at a moment’s notice, what could Emma’s favorite flavor possibly be? “Malt chip,” she quickly replied to us. “Besides being brown sugar multi-flavor paired with a very dark chocolate and totally delicious, it’s also the first flavor we ever made,” she explained. Fair enough. We’ll have to try it next time.

^All-natural cones — including red velvet, birthday cake, and the green one — matcha.

Along with her favorite, Emma noted that she loves to bring a corn flavor into the mix every summer as well. Last year it was corn ice cream with salted caramel ribbon — this year TBD. But flavors are just the tip of the ice{cream}berg. Milk Sugar Love is well-known for its inventive ice cream sandwich cakes including the regionally famous Mac Daddy ice cream sandwich — as well as the Chilltown chocolate chip ice cream sandwich cake {also available in 6-inch ice cream cake size}.

^Oh hello, gorgeous. The Mac Daddy.

A Tour

Since we are always suuuper nosy and want to see everything, we got a tour of the back room where all the {mac daddy} magic happens. Emma showed us her vat — a literal vat — of fruity pebbles cereal that {non-organic, we’re afraid} that she uses to top the Mac Daddies.

^Emma, Founder of Milk Sugar Love

There was also the baking station for the top and bottom macarons of the ice cream cakes — quite the sight to see.

Her team was also busy churning various flavors and cooking up some freshly-made strawberry jam to make their latest Strawberry flavor.

^Lemon Olive Oil being created in front of our very eyes.

Since Emma seems to have corned the organic ice cream sandwich and ice cream cake market, what’s next for her? “Carrot cake ice cream cake, with cream cheese ice cream.” Mic drop — say no more.

Ice Cream Cravings

Have an ice cream craving and want it STAT, but can’t leave your office? Milk Sugar Love can be delivered by Uber Eats with a 2-hour window — including their ice cream cakes {perfect for that office friend whose birthday you’ve forgotten. #CLUTCH}. Milk Sugar Love also has a mobile truck available for events, weddings, and parties. Besides being an all-around adorable ice cream shop, this little slice of dairy heaven is truly committed to locally-sourced products and their carefully curated ice cream that is more delicious with every bite.


Have you been to Milk Sugar Love? What did you think?

PS: Their store hours are 11AM-9PM, 7 days a week. And, they’re open throughout Memorial Day Weekend — including Monday. Yippee!!

This post is sponsored, but every single bite was ours. And it was delicious!

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