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The Best Spots for Avocado Toast in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s the toasted craze that has swept the world (and Instagram) for good reason. Avocado Toast – smashed avocado, toast, and anything else your heart desires — is an excellent and healthy breakfast to start the day. Avocados are filled with iron, potassium, vitamin K, and so many other nutrients, and it’s a fruit that’s filled with good fats. When paired with a poached egg or tomato or anything else you fancy on toast, this breakfast is a real winner. Read on to learn where to grab some avocado toast in Hoboken.

Alessio’s Cafe | 539 Park Avenue


(Photo credit: @alessios_hoboken)

This Italian cafe and pizzeria serves up delicious eats – and gelato, so don’t sleep on the avocado toast! It’s made with sourdough bread, cherry tomatoes, tons of avocado, and a choice of a poached or scrambled egg.

Anthony David’s | 953 Bloomfield Street


As if there could be something that wins our heart over, this avocado toast is topped with our second favorite thing on this earth – cheese. Creamy ricotta, to be exact. It’s also garnished with shaved brussels and red onion, which make a winning combination in our opinion. If you want some classy toast, your search is over – thank you, Anthony David’s.

Black Rail Coffee | 9th and Jackson

avocado toast black rail coffee

This off-the-beaten-path spot has delicious avocado toast concoctions that are sure to satisfy any avo-lover. Patrons can opt for plain avocado toast (above) which really is anything but — it has olive oil, red pepper flakes, and of course, avocado. Add-ons that create a different flavor include smoked salmon and feta (try them together or separate).

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Bluestone Lane | 409 Washington Street

Get it simple or get ‘The Lot’ – Bluestone has a variety of add-ons to make your avocado toast as delectable as you please. Along with the toast and other offerings, this place is an overall GEM of an experience. The coffee culture is inspired by Melbourne, Australia, and their coffee comes roasted from Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Cafe Vista | 527 Monroe Street

Cafe Vista

(Photo credit: @cafevistahoboken)

One of the most IG-worthy spots in town with its beautiful vintage aesthetic, Cafe Vista serves up a vibrant avocado toast with peppers, seeds, arugula to top it off.

Choc O Pain | 157 1st Street

Choc o pain avocado toast

For an even healthier take on the already super healthy avocado toast, Choc O Pain has your top option. Made with the owner’s special recipe, this early morn or afternoon dish will 100% fill you up and keep you full and happy for the rest of the day.

City Bistro | 56 14th Street

City Bistro

(Photo credit: @citybistrohoboken)

City Bistro’s avo toast is loaded up with a thick layer of avocado and toppings. The perfect small dish to enjoy on the rooftop during brunch!

Hidden Grounds | 700 Garden Street

Hidden Grounds

(Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee)

This coffee shop has endless great vibes and IG-worthy everything – the avocado toast is no different. It’s basically a party on a plate. There’s a generous amount of avocado spread topped with cheese and sauce to give it some added flavor.

La Bouche | 207 Washington Street


If you think you’re a spice-lover, get ready to meet your match at La Bouche. Aside from the traditional poached eggs and avocado, this hot little thing comes with an extra kick thanks to its jalapeño salsa. Do you dare try it? We think yes. Pro tip: if you’re not feelin’ the heat, you can sub for hollandaise.

Pico Taco | 70 Hudson Street


Known for its tasty authentic Mexican eats, Pico Taco also has a great avocado toast dish on the menu that features an egg sunny side up, sliced radish, and spice.

Shaka Bowl | 720 Monroe Street + 110 Washington Street

Shaka Bowl

(Photo credit: @shakabowl)

Shaka Bowl’s innovative take on avocado toast is served on 100% organic sprouted grain bread and is topped with housemade avocado mash, pickled onions, and sesame seeds.

The Little Grocery | 1212 Washington + 214 Jefferson Street

This isn’t avocado toast per se, but it may just take it to the next level. The Little Grocery’s Brie Sandwich features brie, avocado, cucumber, roasted peppers, and basil pesto… a combo you can’t deny wouldn’t be the same without avocado. Plus, if you are into egg sandwiches, Little Grocery has one of the best in town.

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The Brass Rail | 135 Washington

One of our go-to’s for brunch is now offering the coveted avo toast, and it’s TDF. Topped with smoked salmon, red onions, tomatoes, basil pesto, and sesame seeds, this is clearly a masterpiece.

Tosti | 1024 Washington Street

This cute cafe serves up avocado toast on 7 grain bread, guacamole, and a sunny side egg. You also have an option to add lox as well. It’s a simpler choice, but a flavorful one — and you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Turning Point | 1440 Sinatra Drive

Turning Point

(Photo credit: @turningpointrestaurants)

Turning Point in Hoboken delivers a delicious traditional avocado toast. The Lobsta-cado Toast is a must-try for seafood lovers. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little different. But if seafood isn’t your beat, there’s regular avocado toast that’s just as delicious. The spot also has a gorg uptown view of Manhattan.

Uncle Milton’s Cafe | 1119 Jefferson Street

Uncle Milton’s Cafe serves up avocado toast in a more unique way. Milton Canales, owner of Uncle Milton’s Cafe, prides himself on his guacamole. In fact, he calls it the ‘best guacamole in the world.’ It’s no wonder that he opted for guacamole toast rather than the traditional avocado toast. This flavorful item is an excellent way to kick off the day.

Zack’s Oak Bar + Restaurant | 232 Willow Avenue

Zack’s has an amazing avocado toast called the Open-Faced Egg. Complete with two eggs over easy, country bread, parmesan, avocado, bacon, and herb aioli –and it also comes with home fries.


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