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21 Spots for Iced Tea Refreshers in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Erin Lanahan
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Summertime, sunshine, and iced tea go together like peanut butter and jelly. Not the Long Island variety, but a cool, freshly brewed, iced drink to sip on while reading a book at Pier A Park. (Or pretending to read while people-watching along the Hudson River). Not only is it a great way to cool off during the hot summer months, but it’s also a fun way to explore the many coffee shops in your neighborhood or try a new one.  Here are a few spots to pick up your next specialty fresh brewed iced tea in Hoboken + Jersey City.

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Why Iced Tea?

Other than being a refreshing beverage to sip on while the sun is shining bright, there are health benefits to choosing tea. Recent research shows iced tea could help boost the immune system, protect the skin, reduce stress, support a healthy gut, and more. Different teas offer different benefits, such as green tea influencing your metabolism. Of course, keep allergies and other food insensitivities in mind when ordering a new drink.

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Alessio’s Cafe | 539 Park Avenue, Hoboken + 99 Franklin Street, Jersey City

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The Station Hoboken

This Italian cafe has locations in both the Hoboken + Jersey City area, so you have options for your brunch order. The unsweetened iced tea goes for $4.75-5.75 depending on what size you get. HG Tip: Pair it with the yummy breakfast sandwich, The Hoboken Girl, for an awesome start to the day.

Black Rail Coffee | 800 Jackson Street


Golden Door Dispensary
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Black Rail Coffee has been caffeinating Hoboken since 2014. On the menu is an iced green tea infused with lemongrass and spearmint, orn stick with the classic unsweetened black tea for $2.75 to $4.50 depending on size. For an extra kick, add a CBD shot to your drink for an extra $4.

bwè kafe | 1002 Washington Street + 1401 Adams Street, Hoboken + 140 River Drive South, Jersey City

This family-owned coffee shop has been hydrating Hoboken since 2013. The unsweetened iced teas are brewed with loose-leaf tea leaves. A small goes for $3.25 and a large is $3.75 — choose from Sencha, Oolong, or Berry Berry tea.

Gotan | 770 Jackson Street, Hoboken + 198 Van Vorst Street, Jersey City

gotan hoboken

While mainly passionate about coffee and all the drinks involving coffee, Gotan also has iced tea at both the Jersey City and Hoboken locations. The Jersey City location has a slightly smaller menu, but both locations sell iced tea for $5.



Gregory’s Coffee | 111 River Street


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Gregory’s has a ton of iced drinks to choose from this summer. From sweet refreshers to simple black tea, there’s something for everyone. The two staples are green tea and black tea, but you can add lemonade to it for a sweet twist. Depending on the size, it will cost $3.50 to $4.50.

The Hive | 1000 Park Ave, Hoboken + 615 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City


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The Hive serves several types of tea, such as Earl Gray, Chamomile, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Red Nectar, and Peppermint tea. You can get any of these served over ice for $4. Sip on one while you wait for your cinny roll order.

Hidden Grounds | 79 Hudson Street + 700 Garden Street, Hoboken + 276 1st Street + 148 1st Street, Jersey City


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Hidden Grounds has several locations across Hoboken + Jersey City. The iced tea is a bit fruity, making it a sweet boost in the morning. Pair it with one of the doughnuts, like the blueberry cake doughnut or tiramisu doughnut. HG Tip: Order your iced tea with a splash of lavender for a floral finishing touch.

Jeffersons Coffee | 1001 Madison Street + 534 Washington Street


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Jeffersons Coffee has two spots in Hoboken to pick up a cold drink on a hot summer day. The menu has a Green Mango Tango tea, a refreshing fruity iced tea. There are a variety of other iced teas on the menu, including Earl Grey, Lavender, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Moroccan, Mint, Jasmine, and Green tea. A regular size is $4 and a 20-ounce iced tea goes for $4.25.

Mojo Coffee | 801 Bloomfield Street


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This Hoboken coffee shop sells a variety of cold drinks, including three different iced teas. Enjoy a hibiscus, black, or green peach iced tea while munching on one of the treats served here. The drink will cost $3.50 to $4, depending on size.

Jersey City

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street + 18 Park Avenue


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Next time you’re strolling on Grove Street looking for a cool drink, pop into Beechwood Cafe. A second location opened recently near the Marin Boulevard Light Rail Station. Both locations have homemade Passion Fruit Iced Tea on the menu. A cup will cost $4 to $4.50.

Busy Bee Organics | 451 Palisade Avenue


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Busy Bee believes food is medicine, and serves a wide range of healthy foods in the cafe. On the menu are several organic teas along with Mama’s Sun Tea. The drink is a combination of Raspberry Leaf tea, Reishi, Tulsi, and Lemon for $5.95. The cafe says the drink helps support the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, and calming.

Café Esmé | 485 Marin Boulevard


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Known for being a touch of France in Jersey City, Cafe Esme has delectable desserts, delicious sandwiches, and a variety of specialty drinks on the menu. The organic iced tea on the menu costs $4.50.

Crema | 1 Duncan Avenue

On the corner of Duncan and Bergan Avenues, Crema has a little bit of everything for guests to enjoy. The cafe sells pastries, cakes, toast, ice cream, milkshakes, and even empanadas. The iced tea on the menu costs $4 and is great to enjoy while getting some work done at the cafe.

Dame Coffee Espresso Cafe | 581 Jersey Avenue

Dame Coffee Espresso Cafe is known for serving delectable banana bread. The kind of banana bread that bananas dream of being a part of one day. There is a small selection of iced teas, including peach black, green tea, blueberry, and black tea. A small costs $4 and a large is just a dollar more at $5. HG tip: enjoy your iced bev on the shaded back patio behind Dames.

Dream Vista | 177 York Street


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When it’s not too hot out, sipping a cold drink on the patio of Dream Vista is a great setting to catch up with a friend. The woman-owned cafe has a few iced teas to choose from — black, green, lemon, and ginger — ranging between $4.50 to $5.

The Grind Shop | 360 Communipaw Avenue

Next time you explore Communipaw, head over to The Grind Shop for a cold drink this summer. The two main iced teas are black tea and green tea, and several flavors can be added to sweeten up the drink. Available this summer are peach, mango, strawberry, and lychee.

Hybrid Coffee + Kitchen | 398 Manila Avenue

hybrid iced tea

Hybrid has a fruity hibiscus tea that rotates throughout the year. As of June 2024, the raspberry hibiscus iced tea is brewed fresh for $4. It’s light and refreshing for a warm summer day, perfect to enjoy at one of the many outdoor tables with a friend or two.

lil’ dove cafe | 589 Palisade Avenue


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This lil’ cafe has a few options for iced tea to enjoy with a sweet treat (or two). You could order the original black unsweetened iced tea, a ginger plum iced tea, or a classic Arnold Palmer. Depending on the size, it will cost $3.25 to $4.

O’Kafe | 230 Pavonia Avenue

On top of having delicious baked goods, O’Kafe has a wide variety of cold drinks to enjoy. They have unsweetened iced tea, or you could add some lemonade to sweeten a drink. Depending on the size and if lemonade is added, an iced tea will cost $3.75 to $5.25.

sam a.m. | 112 Morris Street


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This cozy cafe has more than yummy breakfast sandwiches and hot coffee. Start the day with a house-brewed unsweetened black iced tea for $3 and add a lemon for a tangy twist. It’s a great spot to grab and go or stop and enjoy your drink at one of the outdoor seating spots.

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SnapDragon | 190 Monticello Avenue


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This cute coffee shop in Jersey City has been serving the community since 2018. On the menu is the Hibiscus Lavender Iced Tea and it costs $4.50. It’s a great option to sip on while reading a book in the cozy cafe.

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