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The Best Salads in Hoboken: A Definitive List

by Hoboken Girl Team
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The quest for salad has become much easier in the last few years in Hoboken, as many healthy spots have been popping up around the Mile Square, serving greens and unique toppings galore. But when you’re looking for the best salad in Hoboken, it’s a tough contest, with many contenders. But let’s not forget, we’re in Hoboken — which means that even if we’re ordering a salad, it’s most likely going to be a good one — with a plethora of delicious spots, old and new, that offer great salads. Keep reading to find out where you can get the best salads in Hoboken that will make eating greens a lot more enjoyable.

Alfalfa | 1110 Washington Street

alfalfa salad hoboken

Photo Credit: @eatalfalfa

It’s almost impossible not to think of Alfalfa when craving a salad these days. Classic options like the Italian and Greek-style salads are staples on the menu. For a flavorful salad, opt for the signature creation known as the Dear Darla, OR the now forever option of the Cobb, which was brought back to the menu for good as it was quite the fan favorite. If in the mood for something specific, building your own is always an option.

Pro-tip: all of the salads can be made into wraps upon request (sadly, not gluten-free — but the doughnuts are!).

GTK | 1014 Washington Street, Hoboken


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With various menu options, salads are definitely a part of the menu lineup at GTK. Four salad options are featured such as the Garlic Caesar, GTK Greek, Chopped “Wedge,” and the Greek Faro Bowl. Prices range from $10 to $15.

Just Salad | 114 Washington Street


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Yes, Just Salad is a chain, but — we must shout out a few of its salads because we’d be remiss if we didn’t include them in a list of best salads in Hoboken. The Keto Salad (ignore the name, it’s actually legit) — extra crispy romaine and baby spinach, pickled onion, avocado, chopped almonds, roasted chicken, jammy egg, and sharp cheddar (with an option for vegan cheese) make up this delicious pick.

Shaka Bowl | 720 Monroe Street + 110 Washington Street


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Known for its healthy, delicious, and quite colorful smoothies, Shaka Bowl’s “salads” — aka poke bowls with a twist — are not to be missed. The best part is designing your very own salad is quite simple — and can include zoodles, pictured above, protein (ahi tuna, shrimp, chicken, or tofu), and several mix-ins.

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Margherita’s | 740 Washington Street

This pizzeria + BYOB Italian spot might be known for its delectable pastas and other dishes, but do NOT sleep on the Caesar salad here. Dare we say — and this comes with a lot of weight — that it has one of the best Caesar salads in Hoboken. Order it, but make sure you add penne alla vodka to your order as well, just sayin’.

Quality Greens Kitchen | 227 Washington Street

quality greens kitchen

Photo Credit: Quality Greens Kitchen

At Quality Greens Kitchen, you can choose from one of their many signature salads or can customize your own — not to mention the hot chef’s plates are delicious. Some yummy salad options include the umami crunch, balsamic blue, tex-mex cobb, or a DIY, where the sky (well, bowl) is the limit.

Honeygrow | 120 Washington Street, Hoboken

honeygrow hoboken

While Honeygrow serves the “create your own salad” option, its suggested salads are great if you’re in a hurry and want someone else to decide. Suggested salads include the Walnut St. Noodle, White Bean Tuna, Cobb, Make it Grain, Hakusai, and there are seasonal specials as well.

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La Isla | 104 Washington Street

If heading to La Isla, chances are good ol’ churrasco with rice and beans is on deck. However, we *must* note that their salads are just as amazing. Try one as an appetizer, or enjoy it as an entree — they are super filling and packed with fresh ingredients. Choices include the Havana, espinaca y remolacha, col rizada y calabaza, and the La Isla salad. All are equally delicious.

Mr. Wraps | 714 Garden Street

mr wraps hoboken salad

Photo Credit: Mr. Wraps

While their wraps are some of the best in town, Mr. Wraps is much more than that — and are affordable + a perfect accomplice to a wrap. The alads are simple yet delish, and make a quick and healthy lunch. Chances are Mr. Wraps will have whichever type of salad that is the craving — from the house salad to the Caesar, Greek, Cobb, taco, honey chicken — and more. They also have a huge variety of dressings and toppings to add.

Salad prices range from $6.50-$13.95 and various toppings and protein are available for an additional charge.

Rosticeria Da Gigi | 916 Washington Street

gigis hoboken salad

Photo Credit: Gigi’s Hoboken

Gigi’s is a decent food spot, and they have everything from meatballs to pasta to healthy salads. When it comes to salads, Gigi’s knows what it’s doing, too. From beet and arugula to mixed grain salad, antipasto, and more — there’s a salad for any and every craving.

Luca Brasi | 100 Park Avenue

luca brasi salad hoboken

Yes, it’s an Italian deli, but hear us out — Luca’s serves up some of the most delicious and aesthetically-pleasing salads in town, especially if in the mood for meat-filled topping situation. Options range from Caesar salad, Greek salad, chef salad to — pictured above — the antipasto salad, which is THE one to order. Specialty salads include the mozzarella and roasted pepper on greens, and the spinach, cranberries, grilled chicken, and roasted peppers.

Urban Coalhouse | 116 14th Street, Hoboken

It would typically be hard to ditch the pizza and wings and order a salad, but the apple salad at Urban Coalhouse is one that will make you consider a switch-up. It’s a combination of crisp romaine, gorgonzola cheese, granny smith apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and apple cider dressing. Other salad favorites include the house, arugula, classic caesar, and buffalo chicken.

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