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MDW is officially two months away, which means it’s time to put down the pizza {ugh} and start digging into some greens {sigh}. But let’s not forget, we’re in Hoboken — which means that even if we’re ordering a salad, it’s most likely going to be a good one. Keep reading to find out where you can get the best salads in town + their pricing {!} that will make eating greens a lot more enjoyable:

Shaka Bowl {720 Monroe Street}

shaka bowl salad hoboken

Known for their healthy, delicious, and pretty smoothies, Shaka Bowl’s “salads” {aka poke bowls with a twist} are not to be missed. The best part is, you can design your very own salad by choosing your own base {like zoodles, pictured above — yum}, protein {ahi tuna, shrimp, chicken or tofu}, and several mix-ins.

Price for all bowls: $14

Frankie and Ava’s Italian Eatery {208 Washington Street, Hoboken}

frankie and avas hoboken salad

Frankie & Ava’s House might be your go-to for delish Italian fare, but don’t think you can’t be healthy here, too. The Franke & Ava’s Salad with walnuts, cranberries, goat cheese, cucumbers and a chicken cutlet is a meal in itself — and not to mention, their house made balsamic vinaigrette alone will have you coming back for more. Other salads include the caesar, arugula, endive, pear, caprese, and garden.

Salads range from $7-$9 and protein options include grilled chicken or chicken cutlet {$3} and grilled shrimp {$7}.

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Urban Coalhouse {116 14th Street, Hoboken}

urban coalhouse hoboken salad

Another pizza staple in Hoboken where it would typically be hard to ditch the pizza and wings and order a salad. However, you will not regret ordering the apple salad at Urban Coalhouse — a combination of crisp romaine, gorgonzola cheese, granny smith apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries and apple cider dressing. This sweet + savory combo will have you glad you chose greens. Other salad favorites include the house, arugula, classic caesar, and buffalo chicken.

Salads range from $9 to $11 and are available in individual and large sizes.

Quality Greens Kitchen {227 Washington Street}

quality greens kitchen

At Quality Greens Kitchen, you have the option to choose from one of their many signature salads or have the option to customize your own {not to mention their hot chef’s plates are TDF}. Some yummy options include the umami crunch, balsamic blue, tex-mex cobb, plus a lot more.

Signature salads range from $8.99-$13.50 and custom salads start at $7.

Honeygrow {120 Washington Street, Hoboken}

honey grow vegan hoboken

You just can’t go wrong at Honeygrow. While they offer the “create your own salad” option, their suggested salads are great if you’re in a hurry and want someone else to decide for you. Suggested salads include the walnut st. noodle, white bean tuna, cobb, make it grain, hakusai, and they have seasonal specials as well. Or, if you want to completely take control, create your own salad which ever way you’d like — they have a huuuge variety of add-ins and proteins.

Salads start at around $8 and the price increases depending on what you add in.

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La Isla {25 12th Street}

If you’re heading to La Isla, chances are you’re planning on getting some good ol’ churrasco with rice and beans {or something of that sort}. However, we *must* note that their salads are just as amazing. Try one as an appetizer or enjoy it as your entree — they are super filling and packed with fresh ingredients. Choices include the havana, espinaca y remolacha, col rizada y calabaza, and the La Isla salad.

Prices range from $9.50-$11 and protein is available for an additional charge — chicken {$5}, shrimp {$7}, and skirt steak {$9}.

Flatbread Grill {517 Washington Street}

flatbread grill hoboken salad

If you’re looking for a delish salad to pair with your falafel — Flatbread Grill is your one-stop destination. The entire menu is drool-worthy, and their salads do *not* disappoint. All platters come with a side salad, or you can order a full one. Try the Shepherd’s salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, red onions, parsley, and dill marinated in their special Mediterranean vinaigrette. Other salads on the menu — the Mediterranean, Greek, goat cheese, caesar, and garden.

Salads range from $7.95-$10.95 — several protein options and add-ins {hummus, falafel, chicken, and beef to name a few} are available for an extra charge.

Biggies {36-42 Newark Street}

biggies hoboken salad

This Hoboken staple is known for their seafood, but their salads are *not* to be missed. The Biggies salad, made with romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese tossed in their sweet house vinaigrette which is amazzzzze. Other salads include the house garden, caesar, and seafood.

Salads range from $6.25-$15.50 and protein can be added — grilled chicken {$4}, shrimp, tuna, or salmon {$9.50}.

Mr. Wraps {714 Garden Street}

mr wraps hoboken salad

While their wraps are some of the best in town, Mr. Wraps is much more than that. Their salads are simple yet delish, and make a quick and healthy lunch. Chances are, they’ll have whichever type of salad you’re craving — from the house salad, to the Caesar, Greek, Cobb, taco, honey chicken, and more. They also have a huge variety of dressings and toppings to add.

Salad prices range from $6.50-$13.95 and various toppings and protein are available for an additional charge.

Rosticeria Da Gigi {916 Washington Street}

gigis hoboken salad

Gigi’s is truly a Hoboken gem, and they have everything {from meatballs to pasta to healthy salads}. When it comes to salads, they know what they’re doing, too. From beet and arugula, to mixed grain salad, antipasto, and more — there’s a salad for any craving.

Salads range from $9.95-$11.95.

Rejuice A Nation {64 Newark Street}

rejuice a nation hoboken salad

Which ever kind of salad you’re craving, you can get a Rejuice A Nation. If you’re in the store, grab one of their order forms, a pencil, and create your very own salad. When it comes to toppings, the choices are pretty much endless.

The create-your-own salad starts at $2.25 and price increases depending on what you add {there are a variety of proteins, toppings, and dressings available}.

What’s your go-to salad spot in Hoboken? Share with us in the comments!

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