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7 Delicious Spots for Hummus in Hoboken and Jersey City

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Despite its humble ingredients, consisting of chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, salt, and paper, hummus is a beloved condiment that can be found on many menus throughout Hudson County. The basic recipe has become a palette for culinary creatives everywhere, with varieties like Everything Bagel hummus, roasted garlic hummus, and spicy hummus popping up. It’s high in protein and fiber, and is naturally dairy- and nut-free, making it a crowd-pleaser if there ever was one. Slathered onto a sandwich or served as a dip for veggies or chips, there’s really a lot to love about this ancient appetizer. The Hoboken Girl rounded up some of our favorite hummus haunts in Hoboken and Jersey City.


GreekTown | 86 Garden Street

greek town hummus

Although the name might not have hummus in it, don’t let it fool you. GreekTown is home to some delicious hummus in the Mile Square. Order it with pita or as a side to drizzle on top of your entrée, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Mamoun’s Falafel | 300 Washington Street


Mamoun’s boasts some of the most delicious hummus in the NYC metro area. Besides being open until the wee hours of the morning for all of your late-night delivery needs, it also has the tastiest, beautiful, and affordable platters of hummus. Order the hummus platter, which includes a mix of veggies, olives, and grape leaves + pita on the side, plus a side of four falafel. It’s truly a feast. The spices used in the hummus are a secret, but that just adds to the appeal.

Pure Pita | 324 Washington Street

pura pita hoboken

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You may have tried one of Pure Pita’s yummy rice and quinoa bowls or salads. But if you haven’t ever tried the California Hummus dip, you are seriously missing out. It is slightly green in color, but don’t let that deter you. It’s their original mix of chickpeas fused with cilantro, jalapeño, and fresh lime juice, and it seriously may be one of the best twists on hummus, ever.

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Plaka Souvlaki | 62 Newark Street

This new spot has both classic and ‘with a twist’ hummus on the menu. The classic hummus is made with chickpeas and seasonings, and the ‘with a twist’ version is a butter bean fava recipe. We think ordering both and putting them head to head in a taste test is the only way to go.  The house-made pita chips are the crispy, crunchy vehicle that only a top-tier hummus deserves.

Seven Valleys | 936 Washington Street

While most people go right for the kebabs at Seven Valleys, don’t cheat yourself by skipping the appetizers, mainly the house-made hummus. Here, the hummus is seasoned with garlic, lemon, and ‘special house seasoning,’ which we still can’t quite identify but we know it’s delicious.

Jersey City

Ibby’s Falafel | 303 Grove Street

ibbys falafel jersey city

(Photo credit: @ibbys_falafel_jc)

 The homemade hummus is made on premises — with two options: ground chickpeas, fresh vegetables, and imported spices OR mashed chickpeas, lemon, tahini, seasoned, and imported olive oil. With options like that, it’s going to be hard to choose.

Rumi’s Turkish Grill | 67 Greene Street

Located in the heart of Jersey City’s financial district, Rumi’s Turkish Grill is a cozy spot serving some of the best hummus in town. The eatery’s hummus is enhanced by its baba ghanoush, kebabs, gyros, and other traditional Turkish fare. Their shepherd salad with feta can feed at least six people, and if you’re looking for something that will satisfy your tastebuds but still be on the healthier side, this is it.

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