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This Jersey City Coffee Shop Was a Filming Location for the New Timothée Chalamet Movie

by Via Rutkowski
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Hudson County residents know that there are literally dozens of coffee shops to explore. In Jersey City, one unique space has caught the eye of Hollywood. The charming Snapdragon Coffee + Social, located at 190 Monticello Avenue, has been McGinley Square’s best-kept secret for a while and has recently been used as a filming location for A Complete Unknown, the Bob Dylan biopic starring Timothee Chalamet. And while it may seem that Snapdragon’s stunning space is the star of the show, there’s a lot more to love about this local favorite in addition to its recent movie role. Read on for more about what to expect at Snapdragon Coffee + Social in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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About the Owner

Snapdragon owner Buzz Pasdar has lived in Jersey City for 18 years and is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit. Before opening Snapdragon in November 2018, Buzz wore many hats that ultimately gave him the skills to run one of Jersey City’s most stylish cafes. Buzz has done it all, from working in the New York City restaurant industry to running a painting service.  He is also the owner of The Bike Hub just across the street at 191 Monticello Avenue, making his connection to the community even more tight-knit.

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From restaurants to painting to bikes, we couldn’t help but ask Buzz why opening a coffee shop ended up on his radar in the first place. He replied with laughter and said, “I love a good challenge… and I’m insane! After working for a long time in restaurants, I thought this would be manageable,” he told HG.  “Plus, I’m right across the street at The Bike Hub and knew I could set up a team there. I also just really believe in this neighborhood.” Buzz radiates with excitement when talking about his businesses and it’s easy to see how deeply rooted his commitment to the community is.

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The Interior

One of the stand-out features of Snapdragon has to be its interior. Buzz said the space needed a lot of work before its 2018 opening. The building, which used to be an old uniform factory, already had amazing bones to work with. The space had historic exposed brick, high tin ceilings, and detailed woodwork. With his background in painting and an entrepreneurial drive, Buzz took things into his own hands when it came time to transform the space. The DIY projects didn’t scare him and he tackled it head-on.

snap dragon coffee interior

“If I didn’t do it myself it wouldn’t have worked out the way it did,” he said. Buzz did most of the work himself, and even hand-selected the decor and mismatched furniture that gives the space a colorful charm. From garage sales to curbside pick-ups, and even some of his mother’s old furniture, Buzz collected the perfect items to fill Snapdragon’s interior thanks to his savvy eye. You’ll also notice that there is ample seating throughout the two-story space with the intention of creating a warm environment for customers to hang out.


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After visiting Snapdragon, it’s no surprise that the coffee shop was chosen to represent a vintage-style coffee house in A Complete Unknown solely because of the attention to detail that was put into the design of this space. Buzz told us that this wasn’t the first time Snapdragon had been approached to serve as a film set. When we asked him how it felt to be chosen to appear in A Complete Unknown he told us “It was great! It really helped the whole community.” saying that some other businesses on the block were also transformed into 60s-style storefronts. Snapdragon even landed a spot on HG’s Insta-worthy locations list due to its unique look.

The Event Space

Aside from a wonderful environment for patrons to sip, work, and relax, Snapdragon also functions as an event space. After all, Snapdragon’s full name is “Snapdragon Coffee + Social”. Whether it’s for an art show, book club, music event, or photoshoot, the Snapdragon space is available to host a multitude of events. Buzz told us “Events are our bread and butter.” Noting that the team has hosted dozens of exciting parties over the years, Buzz said, “We’ve even hosted a few weddings here!”. From birthdays, to book clubs, engagement parties, and even bar mitzvahs, Snapdragon can accommodate several occasions and can comfortably fit 50 people on each floor. Hosts can rent out the location hourly on Peerspace.com or inquire within for larger productions.



The Menu

Snapdragon Coffee + Social has a loyal following thanks to its beyond-creative menu, all designed by Buzz. He told us “We really try to stay true to the coffee house vibe” mentioning how seriously the team approaches the coffee-brewing element. Buzz searched far and wide for the perfect blend to serve at Snapdragon when he finally found unique blends of beans from South America and Africa. Customers can purchase Snapdragon’s beans for home brewing. At Snapdragon the quality of the coffee is paramount with pristinely maintained machines and top-notch barista service. “It really makes a difference,” he said.


Besides an array of standard coffee and espresso drinks, Snapdragon offers a wide range of food such as empanadas, pastries, quiche, bagels, sandwiches, organic draft kombucha, and even desserts. Buzz told us that the most popular dishes are a tie between two Snapdragon classics: the Avocado Mash with 12-month-aged parmesan, organic tomatoes, organic avocado, and balsamic glaze, or the White Fish Sandwich with organic tomato, onions, and capers which Buzz said is “off the charts”. All of Snapdragon’s pastries and breads are brought in fresh every single morning from Balthazar bakery in New York City.


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Besides the usual cafe items, Snapdragon’s creative menu takes things to another level with some extra special items. Buzz said that he wants to “continue to play on the old Americana-type vibes… kind of like an old American diner”. He does this by serving specialty menu items such as Nathan’s hot dogs, bags of peanuts, root beer floats, and even a seasonal orange creamsicle float.

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Visiting Snapdragon Coffee + Social

snap dragon coffee exterior

Snapdragon Coffee + Social is open daily from 8:30AM to 5:30PM and is a great place to set up shop to do work or meet with friends. Snapdragon also has some outdoor seating for those warm weather days. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram and reach out to 646-334-0742 for more information about the event space.

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