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A Definitive List of Hoboken Desserts You Must Eat ASAP

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There’s something to be said for desserts in Hoboken. They’re like Italian restaurants: available on every block. But when it comes to the cream of the crop in dessert land, there are a few that surpass the rest, whether it be due to the classic, been-around-for-years quality, or just amazing taste in general. Here, we’re sharing our favorite desserts that you must try at least once!

Icebox Cake at Augustino’s


If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation at this coveted Italian restaurant, make sure you get the icebox cake: chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream. While you’re there, the chicken parm + everything else on the menu is a must as well.

Nutella Cannoli Cream Pizza at Blue Eyes Cafe

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s pretty much as delicious as it sounds and it will make your head spin with sugary happiness. If you haven’t been to Blue Eyes, you’re missing out. All about a recent trip there here.

The Snowboken at Dino and Harry’s


Before there was Instagram #Snowboken during blizzards, there was this Dino and Harry’s delicacy. If you haven’t been to this 14th Street gem, you’re not a true Hobokenite until you do. At the end of the evening, after you’re stuffed with a 48 oz. sirloin, pinot noir, and are listening to the piano player tickle the ivories is the best part: vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, marshmallow, crumbled Oreo cookies, and shaved coconut.

Cannolis from Giorgio’s Bakery

The best in the biz: Giorgio’s Pasticceria. The chocolate-covered cannoli has bits of orange zest in them which make them tangy and sweet all at the same time. While you’re there, grab some Italian cookies and biscotti — you won’t regret it.

Warm Doughnuts at Anthony David’s



This BYO spot on 10th and Bloomfield has numerous must-have delicacies, but the absolute standout dessert is definitely the warm doughnuts. Choose from Nutella-drizzled or bourbon-glazed, or go halfsies with a choice of both on the plate. You really can’t go wrong.

Bread Pudding at Antique Bar and Bakery

The seasonal menu at this downtown hot spot varies on the reg, but when it comes to a staple dessert, the Antique Bread Pudding is something you’ll be thinking about for days to come. It’s perfectly crusted on the outside with a softer interior, and the caramel drizzle on top is quite literally the icing on the cake.

Rainbow cookies at Alessio’s

(Photo credit: @alessios_hoboken)

Located in the heart of Hoboken, Alessio’s has an expansive Italian breakfast and lunch menu while also serving up some delicious coffee and a flavorful selection of gelato for our sweet-tooth crowd. You can’t go wrong with the Nutella pizza or rainbow cookies!

Zeppoles at Bin14

(Photo credit: @bin14winebar)

Bin14 located in uptown Hoboken has a wonderful ambiance and there is hardly a dish or wine that isn’t delicious. A great treat on the brunch menu is the zeppoles — an Italian pastry consisting of deep-fried dough balls topped with sugar and served with a dipping sauce like Nutella.

Cannolis from Carlo’s Bakery

(Photo credit: @carlosbakery)

Owned by Buddy Jr., star of the reality show Cake Boss, everything in the shop is created with precision and the cannoli is no exception. The crisp pastry is filled with a smooth, sweet filling and dusted with sugar. An Italian classic, done right.


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Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl.com. With deep entrepreneurial roots in Hudson County — as her grandparents owned textile businesses on Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen dating back to the 50s — she started the site as a Hoboken resident to discover the amazing things happening in the area. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her two pups, or watching Bravo TV and ordering takeout with her husband.

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