Changó Kitchen in Hoboken: Savory Latin American Food on Willow Avenue

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A few weeks back, we were saying goodbye to Zafra, a colorful Cuban-Latin fare restaurant located at 301 Willow Avenue. Sources {including its owner} confirmed that the restaurant had officially closed. But shortly after {and by shortly, we mean about two days}, the locale reopened under the name Changó Kitchen after some very quick renovations. The new spot has a similar menu, just new owners, so you can still get your Zafra-esque food fix at this Willow Avenue spot in Hoboken. Here’s all about Changó Kitchen in Hoboken.

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About Changó

Although Changó is keeping a similar menu to the previous Zafra Kitchen, the restaurant itself is under new ownership. This new Mile Square venture is the brainchild of Ceferino Fernandez. When it was called Zafra, the space was owned by Clara Chaumont and boasted a menu curated by Chef Marciel Presilla. They’re the masterminds behind the beloved Cucharamama, just a few blocks down at 233 Clinton Street {known for its South American fare}, as well as recently-closed Ultramarinos.

What’s on the Menu

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Lovers of Zafra can rejoice, because although the space is under the aforementioned Fernandez’s ownership, the restaurant will keeping some of Zafra’s menu favorites, paying homage to its predecessors. Beyond Zafra’s menu, however, the menu at Changó will also be expanding to include other Latin-American dishes, like mofongo {a classic Puerto Rican dish}, Cuban sandwiches, and more.

tres leches chango

Beyond the savory options, however, Changó will also be selling desserts, too. Think tres leches cakes for a sweet-tooth fix at any time of the day. Team HG contributor Danielle snapped this amaze pic of the new tres leches dish, and damn, it’s definitely something to write home about.

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Joining the Ranks

Now, Changó is no the only Latin American-inspired restaurant in the Mile Square. Beyond  Cucharamama, Changó is also joining the ranks of The Cuban on Washington Street, La Isla Uptown and La Isla Downtown, Charrito’s in Midtown, Orale all the way uptown, La Casa, and more. Of course, each of these locales offers its own unique spin and take on savory Latin dishes, but there is one thing that is guaranteed among all of them — the food will be delicious.

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Changó’s Hours

Changó is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM-10:00PM, Friday and Saturday from 9:00AM-11:00PM, and Sunday from 10:00AM-9:00PM {which means you can get your Cubano sandwich fix any time of the day}.

Even though Zafra will be missed, but we’re excited to welcome Changó to the Mile Square and are happy that we can still catch Chef Presilla’s food and unique menu items over at Cucharamama just a few blocks down.

Have you been to Changó Kitchen yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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