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The Chai Lattes You Need to Know About in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Ashley Davidson
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Chai means ‘tea’ in Hindi, but it’s also synonymous with a warming blend of sweet and savory spices. Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, anise, and cloves, all blended and steeped in milk make for a flavorful pick-me-up at any time of day. Plus, its low caffeine content makes it a good choice for a late-afternoon sip or for those lowering their caffeine intake. Chai can be served hot or cold — though there’s something particularly comforting about a hot chai latte in the colder months, especially during the fall. We’ve rounded up coffee shops locally that serve some of the best chai lattes around. Read on for a guide to the coffee shops that serve a killer chai latte. 


Alfalfa | 1110 Washington Street


(Photo credit: @eatalfalfa)

Even though most think of Alfalfa for salads and doughnuts, it’s also a coffee shop serving Intelligentsia coffee along with matcha lattes and chai lattes. The Iced Oat Milk Chai Latte is the signature, but any type can be made to order, iced or hot.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, pistachio

Black Rail | 800 Jackson Street

Black Rail

(Photo credit: @blackrailcoffee)

This coffee shop is a small business owned by a husband and wife serving coffee along with pastries and sandwiches. The shop serves  Intelligentsia coffee along with homemade honey. The latte is made with Organic Masala Chai and milk blended for the perfect crisp taste. PS – beat the 3PM slump at Black Rail by pairing a hot chai with a chocolate chip cookie from Baking Mama, stocked fresh every day.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, coconut

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bwé kafe | 1002 Washington Street, 1401 Adams Street, Hoboken + 140 River Drive S, Jersey City

bwé kafe

(Photo credit: @bwekafe)

With a beautiful outdoor display, bwé kafe makes grabbing a chai aesthetically pleasing with a refreshing kick. bwé has three locations, and chai can be ordered either hot or iced. The Jersey City location in Newport has an amazing view of the NYC Skyline, so maybe a to-go chai will warm your hands while on a walk to enjoy the view.  

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

Choc ●O● Pain | Multiple Locations

With four (and soon to be five) locations around town, we’re in luck since we’re never far from our next stop at this classic bakery/cafe. As much as we love the baked goodies and other treats on the menu, the chai is definitely worth a visit. The chai is available hot or iced, and can be dressed up with vanilla simple syrup or pumpkin spice for a seasonal twist. The only thing better than the chai is ordering it online in advance.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Hidden Grounds | Multiple Locations

For a twist on a regular chai, Hidden Grounds is a great coffee shop to check out. It offers the traditional chai latte but also offers a dirty chai, a rose chai, and lavender chai.

Dairy-free milk available: almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk

Jefferson’s Coffee | 1001 Madison Street + 534 Washington Street

The team behind Jefferson’s looks to history to perfect its beans and brews, and we’re all the better for it. Patrons at either of its two locations can pick up a savory chai, iced or hot. There are several dairy-free milk choices available, including coconut. 

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, cashew, oat

The Hive | 1000 Park Avenue

This cheerful spot opened during the pandemic but it feels like it’s been in the neighborhood forever with its cozy vibes and welcoming atmosphere. The Hive serves locally-roasted Kobrick’s Coffee. Traditional chai is available, and there are also sometimes seasonal chais as well. The chai latte is served hot or iced with any type of milk of your choosing.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, oat

Jersey City 

9 Bar Café | 200 Greene Street

9 Bar Café

(Photo credit: @9barcafe)

This Italian-inspired coffee shop has an open-light concept that serves as a great way to start your day. The chai can be ordered hot or iced but what makes it oh-so-special is the shot of espresso crafted from Italian coffee. Either location is a great spot for WFH-away-from-home, with big tables and lots of light.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy, coconut

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street + 18 Park View Avenue (B18)

Beechwood Cafe is a homey neighborhood cafe serving breakfast, pastries, and a variety of coffee and teas. There is outdoor and indoor seating with two locations in Jersey City. The chai latte can be served iced or hot and also ordered to be a ginger latte. 

Dames Coffee Espresso Bar | 581 Jersey Avenue

Dames Coffee Espresso Bar is a neighborhood favorite for its house-made pastries and espresso drinks. Perfect for a chai latte either hot or iced with the strong, tasty espresso. The workspace inside the shop is also great for a work from home option. The back garden may be the best-kept secret in Jersey City – perfect for a midday break.

Dairy-free milk available: soy

Dream Vista | 177 York Street

A stop into this vibrant Paulus Hook spot will refresh all of the senses. The sight of the bright and colorful decor will awaken the imagination as you savor the smells of the brewing coffee and baking treats. The taste of the chai will be a sure sign this isn’t your average coffee shop. The big, inviting tables indoors are a great spot to mix up the WFH routine, while the jewel box of a back patio is a true urban retreat.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, oat

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The Grind Shop | 360 Communipaw Avenue

The Grind Shop

(Photo credit: @grindcoffeejc)

Established in 2015, The Grind Shop has been serving delicious coffee, pastries, and tea. The chai tea latte can be iced or hot with a choice of any milk. The shop prides itself on bridging cultures and building communities one cup at a time. Between the milk alternatives and flavored syrups available, there are seemingly endless ways to personalize a chai here. 

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Lackawanna Coffee | 140 Bay Street, 295 Grove Street, and 325 Warren Street

This hometown favorite was voted Best Coffee Shop in Jersey City in the Hoboken Girl‘s 2021 ‘Best Of’ competition. The Organic Masala Chai Latte is available hot or iced. There is also a matcha-chai blend available, called Matchai. Maybe order one of each and have a taste test? There’s no bad order here.

Dairy-free milk available: macadamia nut, almond, oat

Maggie’s Farm Espresso | 88 Morgan Street

This Australian-style downtown cafe with bright yellow cups is just the place to be on a cold winter’s day. The chai blend at Maggie’s Farm has an emphasis on big, fresh flavors like cinnamon and ginger. The menu at Maggie’s also has Golden Chai, which is chai made with the addition of a housemade turmeric paste. Both the traditional and golden chais are available served hot or iced.

Dairy-free milk available:  almond, soy, oat

Semicolon Cafe | 77 Hudson Street

The team behind Semicolon Cafe invites guests to use the coffee shop as a place for a rest. As the mission statement explains, “everyone needs a break sometimes.” The exposed brick, big windows, and tons of plants are a welcome backdrop for that break. The chai here adds to the ‘getaway’ feeling, served hot or iced, with its rich spicy flavor. We’ll add a chocolate croissant to our order for the ultimate midday getaway.

Dairy-free milk: almond, soy, oat

Treehouse Coffee Shop | 434A West Side Avenue

Treehouse Coffee Shop

(Photo credit:@treehousejc)

The chai latte from Treehouse Coffee Shop is like no other. It is made with Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and black pepper. With your choice of milk to make this drink one, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Dairy-free milk available: hemp, oat, almond, soy, coconut, macadamia


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