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A Tour De Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Hoboken

by Michael King
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It’s so secret, grilled cheese is a classic American staple. Cheap or expensive, it’s all about the cheesy goodness of what goes between those two slices of crispy, buttery bread. Whether you prefer the one your mother made when you were a child, the one at 2AM after a few rounds of drinks, or the one you order off a kid’s menu, this simple sandwich just hits the spot.

There are plenty of spots around Hoboken that offer this delicacy, but in a high volume, cheesy market, but it’s seemingly impossible to know which one to choose. Hoboken Girl took one for the team and rounded up a few options — from the simpler choices to the more creative. Keep reading to discover some of the must-try grilled cheese sandwiches in Hoboken.

The Madison Bar and Grill | 1316 Washington Street

the madison grilled cheese

Usually, a remake of a classic is not always the best. Movies, songs, tv shows — often hit or miss. The Madison Bar and Grill is known as one of the best spots to grab a drink uptown. The atmosphere and quality crowd are usually what draw customers in but the food menu may be the real treat. Introducing the thick-cut bacon grilled cheese. Thick cut bacon, an heirloom tomato,  cheddar, on Texas toast, with a side of fries, and a bowl of tomato bisque. The sandwich itself could stand alone as a great meal but the side of tomato bisque is the key. The grilled cheese/tomato soup combination is a common one but the bisque served with the sandwich is delightful. Be sure to get a dip in for every bite.

Grubb’s | 418 Washington Street

grubbs hoboken

(Photo credit: @grubbs_takeaway)

Burgers, milkshakes, and sandwiches — a dangerously delicious trifecta. Grubb’s offers basically everything a person could ever drunkenly (or soberly) dream of when the late-night food cravings hit. There’s an entire section of the menu dedicated to grilled cheese, as well as a few special melts, so you’re in luck. Place an order and pick up this classic piled high with multiple slices of American cheese on your way home from the bar, or any time of day, honestly, there’s never a bad time for grilled cheese.

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Elysian Café | 1001 Washington Street

elysian cafe grilled cheese

One of Hoboken’s best brunch spots has its own twist on the classic sandwich. Diners will bite into toasted sourdough, minced leeks, and onions to compliment the aged cheddar. This sandwich is like biting into the sandwich version of a delicious bowl of French onion soup.

Mr. Wraps | 741 Grand Street

mr wrapps grilled cheese

Mr. Wraps is a classic sub sandwich shop that is tucked away off 8th and Garden Streets. Be sure to check out its vast menu of sandwiches and, of course, wraps. The slogan is “gourmet on the run” and if the rest of the menu is anything like the savory + extra cheesy grilled cheese, we will be back.

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Bareburger | 515 Washington Street

bareburger grilled cheese

(Photo credit: @bareburger)

Bareburger may be more suitable for the parent looking to grab the child a quick meal, but don’t overlook the tasty grilled cheese option at this local eatery. For the kid’s meal option with a relaxed ambiance, the “Polar Cubby Meal” includes the melted cheese on eight-grain toast, a drink, and a side — a grab-and-go meal for a great price. 

Black Rail Coffee | 800 Jackson Street

black rail coffee grilled cheese

(Photo credit: @blackrailcoffee)

This Light Rail spot has all kinds of fantastic sandwiches, and the grilled cheese is no exception. Find it on the kid’s menu but don’t be fooled: the sandwich is made with a fresh brioche bun and for a real throwback, diners can add on Goldfish crackers and a drink for an additional $1.75. 


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