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The Best Hangover Food Cures in Hoboken

by Briana
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With all the fine-dining restaurant options in Hoboken, sometimes, we just need some pure guilt. No, not guilt-free: greasy, guilty, goodness. And thankfully, there are a bunch of spots in the Mile Square that offer just that. When feeling naughty and craving some good ol’ junk food to nurse your hangover, or simply are looking for something indulgent to enjoy, check out some of these spots in Hoboken.

Cheesesteaks from Midtown Philly Steaks | 523 Washington Street

Midtown Philly Steaks

(Photo credit: @midtownphillysteaks)

There’s no need to travel to Philly if craving an authentic cheesesteak as Midtown Philly Steaks is whipping up some pretty darn good ones. The options at Midtown Philly Steaks are endless — the shop truly has it all.

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Mac + Cheese from Pizza Republic | 406 Washington Street

Pizza Republic

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(Photo credit: @pizzarepublicnj)

Don’t let the name be misleading. While this spot certainly has pizza, keep reading the menu.  The spot also calls itself the “Mac Daddy of Hoboken” and with 22 different mac + cheese dishes on the menu, we have to agree with that title. From the classic to Buffalo chicken to white truffle, this is not a regular pizza spot.

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S#it Faced Pizza from Tony Boloneys | 263 1st Street

tony boloneys pizza

Tony Boloney’s serves up some of the most unique pizza creations in the area, like the jumbo pizza bagel, taco pizza, vodka sauce pizza + ramen pizza, and is the town’s go-to spot for an inventive and indulgent (+ insta-worthy) meal. Out of the many creations, one that we can’t get enough of is the S#itfaced pizza. It’s topped with beer-battered chicken, homemade honey stout BBQ sauce, mozzarella, and cheddar.

French Onion Soup Dumplings from The Madison | 1316 Washington Street

the madison hoboken

The classic combo of a drink and an app can get stale depending on the menu. But at the Madison, look no further than french onion soup dumplings. This unique and delicious appetizer is something to brag about.

Waffle Fries with Cheese and Gravy from Mr. Wraps | 741 Garden Street

Mr. Wraps

Mr. Wraps is an #HGFave for casual dining and delivery. While the wraps are super huge and filling, sometimes getting an extra treat on the side is irresistible. There are a bunch of yummy appetizers, such as jalepeño poppers, mac + cheese, mozzarella sticks, + more, but one that shines is the waffle fries with cheese and gravy.  True New Jerseyians know the deal — and Mr. Wraps is super generous with the mutz + gravy, making it one of our fave disco fries in town.

Buffalo Shrimp from 10th + Willow | 935 Willow Avenue

buffalo shrimp 10th willow

10th + Willow has some seriously good wings — but the buffalo shrimp are not to be missed, either. These huge breaded + fried shrimp are tossed in the buffalo sauce making for the perfect appetizer, meal, or bar snack.

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Bacon, Egg, + Cheese from O’Bagel | 600 Washington Street

obagel hoboken

For a breakfast option, a simple bacon, egg, + cheese sandwich from O’Bagel is the way to go. To really get crazy, add a hashbrown on thereThe fluffy, homemade bagels, available in a variety of different flavors,  make for the perfect devices to hold all of that breaky-goodness together.

Karma Kafe | 505 Washington Street

May be an image of food

All the delights at Karma Kafe, via Facebook

It wouldn’t be Hoboken if we didn’t have some international flair on this list. For an Indian take on comfort food, try the Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan Bread, and Samosas from Karma Kafe. The savory tomato and garlic sauce in the tikka masala will clear the mental cobwebs from the night before while the rice, naan, and samosas will power the inevitable snooze any good hangover day requires. This Washington Street spot offers delivery and takeout, so there’s no need to leave the sofa.

Bagels on Hudson | 802 Washington Street

The only thing better than a bagel would have to be a bagel sandwich. Bagels on Hudson has hungry Hobokenites covered, 24 hours a day. The always-available bagels make for a great late-night snack or a morning-after remedy. The usual variety of bagels with toppings with classics like cream cheese, jam, and butter are available, but the real magic is in the bagel sandwiches. The menu features savory options like a cheesesteak-style sandwich on a bagel, several chicken cutlet-based options, and deli-style classics with cold cuts. The breakfast sandwiches include all kinds of options involving eggs, meats, cheeses, and vegetables on bagels. And of course, the Holy Grail of breakfast sandwiches: Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese.


Lo Fatt Chow | 720 Monroe Street

This lunchtime favorite has fans all over Hoboken for a reason. The great food, accessible prices, and healthful cooking methods have made Lo Fatt Chow a go-to for takeout. To remedy a hangover, go for the dumplings. Available either steamed or fried, with filling options of pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and combo, these delectable bites are sure to satisfy. The next stop is the soup section of the menu: the half-dozen classic choices such as egg drop, wonton, and chicken noodle soups could put even Humpty-Dumpty back together.

The Brick | 1122 Washington Street

Vegans and those who love them, be sure to flag this spot. Not only is there an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegan food, everything is top-notch. No sad plates of rice and vegetables here: all of the menu items are pub food favorites made vegan. Vegan garlic knots, vegan pizza, vegan ‘Beyond’ burger, and vegan baked penne are just some of the appetizing options here. This uptown spot offers takeout and delivery.


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