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A Guide to the Coffee Shops of Hoboken

by Megan
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From hot, to iced, to strong, to decaf…coffee is amazing any way you have it and for most sane individuals, a daily must. If you work or live in Hoboken {or just happen to visit often}, we imagine navigating through its plethora of coffee shops can be trying…so we’ve rounded up our favorites! Let New Yorkers obsess over Starbucks, these Hoboken local spots are game-changers. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Hoboken, for your caffeinated pleasure:

Bean Vault | 1 Newark Street



Bean Vault is an easy pit stop on your morning commute to the PATH station. It opens at 6:30AM during the week and is just around the corner. Though there isn’t a seat to be found in this small shop, the coffee is incredible, and the shop offers a small variety of pastries. Do try the almond milk latte and sprinkle some cinnamon on top if you’re feeling fancy.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, coconut

The Roost Outpost | 55 First Street



The Roost Outpost is THE place to shop whilst enjoying a double espresso. Beyond caffeine, the selection ranges from home goods to men’s clothing and is, in our humble opinion, a great addition to town.

bwè kafe  | 1002 Washington Street + 1401 Adams Street



Where you can groove to good music while you work (free Wifi) and indulge in the coffee. bwe’s dirty chai latte is the stuff of dreams.  For those of you who have yet to experience it, it’s a latte with a shot of chai in it.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

Jefferson’s Coffee | 1001 Madison Street + 534 Washington Street



We love you SO matcha! If you’ve ever been to Hoboken’s ShopRite, then you’ve literally been steps away from the gem that is Jefferson’s Coffee. Any fans of an iced coffee will be pleased with this version, but we highly suggest the iced matcha (shown above). If you’re not near ShopRite, however, be sure to swing by Jefferson’s downtown location on Washington Street. 

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, coconut, oat

Bluestone Lane | 409 Washington Street

^Bluestone Lane’s amaze avocado toast + 1/2 sweet potato mash toast

This Aussie cafe is a welcome addition to the Hoboken coffee scene. When we’re not jonesing for a flat white, we’re ordering the avocado toast, complete with gluten-free and fun add-on options.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

City of Saints Coffee | 1320 Bloomfield Street



The perfect grab & go for uptowners! City of Saints Coffee Roasters knows how to provide your daily caffeine fix – our current favorite being the vanilla cinnamon latte. Wonderful hot or iced. 

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

Choc O Pain | 157 1st Street & 1500 Hudson Street

^Yes this isn’t a pic of coffee, but their chocolate croissants are enough to write home about, just sayin’

Choc O  Pain brings Paris to Hoboken in not one, but two locations. Expect ample seating both indoor & out, French music, vegan soup & sandwiches, baguettes, macaroons, croissants, and of course…coffee. Our go-to order is a house blend with vegan soup & side of baguette.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

Dolce + Salato | 1101 Grand Street


Dolce & Salato, a neighborhood Italian café and Pasticceria that delivers jolt-worthy coffee to customers — espresso, double espresso, iced coffee, American coffee, cappuccino, latte, Americano, mocha, macchiato, and specialty coffees like capri, taormina, milano, pisa, and more. 

Empire Coffee & Tea | 338 Bloomfield Street



If you’ve somehow walked past this adorable establishment, it’s time to turn around! From French Vanilla to Mint Chocolate Chip to Coconut to Hazelnut to Decaf, Empire Coffee & Tea has every flavor coffee bean you’ve ever wanted. Ranging from $5.00-$6.50 for 1/2 lb. and $9.99-$12.99 for a pound. Happy brewing and good luck choosing. 

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, coconut

Black Rail Coffee | 9th and Jackson


Every cup of Joe deserves a Notorious B.I.G. mug to along with it, and at Black Rail Coffee, you get just that. Plus the most delicious avocado toast, with just pepper flakes OR with smoked salmon and ricotta. For those hopping on the light rail every AM, this spot is a must, as it’s right on Jackson by the Congress/8th Street stop. PS – Baking Mama cookies, the best chocolate chip cookie in the state, are also available here

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy, coconut

Green Pear Cafe | 93 Grand Street

green pear cafe hoboken girl

First opened in 2015, this shop proudly serves the iconic Lavazzo coffee, and the cappuccinos are nothing to scoff at either. If in more of a dessert mood, however, the espresso pudding in a chocolate “cup” is definitely the way to go.

Dairy-free milk available: almond

Curious about Jersey City’s coffee shops? Click here for our favorites!

Hidden Grounds Coffee | 700 Garden Street

hidden grounds coffee

Nested on the corner of 7th and Garden, Hidden Grounds Coffee is a coffee connoisseur’s dream. From bottled brews of masala chais and Creole-style cold brews to fresh juices and gluten-free fare, Hidden Grounds has something for every coffee or other hot beverage lover out there.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

Joboken Café | 23 Hudson Place

joboken coffee

Joboken Café is located at 23 Hudson Place, right next to the PATH station. The storefront itself is small, but offers outside seating and a walk-up window. Along with delish coffee, Joboken also sells baked goods, Natalie’s juices, yogurt, biscotti, and other snacks to compliment your morning brew.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, coconut


Little Grocery | 1212 Washington Street

little grocery hoboken

Coffee, tea, pastries…oh my! Although the Jefferson Street location might be closed, Little Grocery lovers can rejoice as the Washington Street location will remain open. Coffee drinkers can indulge in a freshly brewed iced coffee or opt for a more mellow hot tea. No matter what you head in for, you won’t be disappointed.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

La Bouche | 207 Washington Street

la bouche washington street

Beyond serving delicious fare, don’t miss the Belgian waffle, La Bouche on Washington Street serves top-tier coffee as well. From iced lattes to a savory chai, La Bouche fills the coffee needs in downtown Hoboken one drink at a time.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, soy

The Little Local | 519 Adams Street


Before you declare that your caffeine fix has been satisfied, don’t forget to be on the lookout for The Little Local, a newer Adams Street spot. Grab a coffee and a “Good Mood Food” cookie to go with it.

Dairy-free milk available: almond milk, oat milk, soy milk

BattleCat Espresso Bar | 1426 Willow Avenue

battlecat espresso bar hoboken

BattleCat was created in collaboration with Orale Mexican Kitchen of Hoboken + Jersey City. This coffee spot originated as a coffee cart in JC until opening its storefront on Willow Avenue in Hoboken.

Cafe Vista | 527 Monroe Street

cafe vista coffee

This Insta-ready Hoboken coffee spot boasts a delectable menu with a side of vintage vibes. From the teacups to the furniture, you’ll feel as if you’re sipping your coffee in a different area when you sit down here and you’ll enjoy every sip.

Simply Chai | 79 Hudson Street

Simply Chai recently reopened its Hoboken location and it’s a must-visit. Not only are the coffee drinks out of this world, but there is a menu of food to brag about. PS: try the Dosa waffles, you won’t be disappointed.

Dairy-free milk available: almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk

GFG Cafe | 221 River Street

The perfect location to stop for a cup of coffee or traditional Greek breakfast on your way downtown, GFG offers a unique menu that includes a variety of coffee drinks.

Alessio’s Cafe + Pizzeria | 539 Park Avenue & Pier A Pavillion

If we’re being honest, the menu is quite impressive in its full capacity. Coffees including hot brew, iced coffee, espresso, frappes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos, macchiatos, and lattes are just a few of the drinks. Additionally, there is hot tea, smoothies, shakes, and hot chocolate.

Mojo Coffee Company | 230 Willow Avenue

mojo coffee hoboken

The Mojo House Blend is a must-try. It’s a rich drip and espresso brew blended with beans from Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Central America that exudes a delicious hazelnut aroma with a taste of chocolate.

Joey No Nuts Cafe | 638 Willow Avenue

Joey No Nuts Cafe

This cafe is different than others around town as it will feature no shortage of caffeine but in a totally nut-free environment. That way everyone, even people with nut allergies, can enjoy. The coffee shop is 100% nut-free and serves up delicious roasts in a fun, vibrant, and homey environment.

The Hive | 1000 Park Avenue

The Hive

There’s something for everyone at The Hive, which serves locally made Kobrick Coffee. First, there is a play area for the little ones. Then, house-made goodies are made daily for kids of all ages. And finally, hot and cold coffee and tea choices to suit every mood. The regular menu has all of the classics like cappucinos and lattes, while the seasonal menu has such delicacies as the Maple Matcha, Vanilla Spiced Cold Brew, and the Salted Caramel Latte.

Where’s your go-to coffee shop? Share with us in the comments!

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