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Meet Hoboken’s Newest Coffee Cart: Caf Me If You Can

by Danielle Farina
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Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can saw Leonardo DiCaprio as a doctor, a lawyer, and a pilot, all at the age of 17 years old. A new coffee cart in Hoboken bears almost the same name and plans to give commuters and passersby the same buzzing energy as Frank Abagnale Jr. — without all the con artistry, of course. Caf Me If You Can is the latest caffeine cart to arrive on the Hoboken waterfront, which officially parked on Sinatra Drive earlier this week. The Hoboken Girl stopped by for a little mid-morning pick-me-up and chatted with the Jersey City resident behind the operation, Jimmy Zuniga, to get all the details. Keep reading to learn more about Caf Me If You Can, the newest coffee cart on the Hoboken waterfront.

caf me if you can

Setting up Shop

There are many sights to behold on the Hoboken waterfront, but there are few as colorful and vibrant as the Caf Me If You Can cart. Parked on Sinatra Drive across from the Cresthill Academy, the cart is an ebullient turquoise adorned with yellow, pink, orange, and green geometric shapes. Think of those ’80s skiing jackets that you wish your parents had held onto because they’re back in popular fashion. Even the espresso machine matches the nostalgic themes: a mini mustard yellow La Marzocco.

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Caf Me If You Can opened this past Monday, May 6th, but Jimmy shared that the project was a long time coming. Jimmy has lived many lives — worked in corporate finance, served as a military medic, earned a master’s degree, returned to corporate, and visited 35 countries — but throughout his journeys has always maintained his dream of owning a coffee shop. When he left corporate for good, he decided to start smaller and secured the LLC for Caf Me If You Can last June.

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What’s on The Menu?

The cart is drinks-only, but there is little to be missed from a standard coffee shop. There are espresso options (lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos), teas, and cold brew, all of which can be customized. Even our four-legged friends are accounted for with a puppucino option.

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Zap Fitness

The real highlight, though, is the latte specials, a selection of indulgent drinks crafted by Jimmy himself. On the menu currently: vanilla lavender, s’mores, salted caramel, and pistachio. The concept, Jimmy shared, is to turn items he likes into drinkable beverages, and options will rotate seasonally.

He pairs flavored syrups with the real deal ingredients — the lavender latte has real lavender bits, the s’mores topped with roasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs.



Prices for the standard menu items range from $3-$5, with additions being no more than 75 cents. The latte specials are a little pricier (all $7) but we ordered the s’mores and Jimmy roasted the marshmallows on-site, so feels like a pretty fair deal.

Catching the Cart

Caf Me If You Can is in its proverbial training wheels stage, so Jimmy’s still kind of experimenting. For now, he plans to have the cart parked on the waterfront but noted that he’ll be sharing the location on the cart’s Instagram story every morning.

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^ S’mores Latte 

Hours aren’t solidified, but estimated to be 6:30AM to 4PM Monday through Friday, and definitely open on Saturdays. Opening a traditional brick-and-mortar is a dream in the distance, but for now, Jimmy invites locals to try and catch the coffee cart… if they can.

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You can keep up with Caf Me If You Can on Instagram. Stay in the know with all of the Hoboken and Jersey City news by following @thehobokengirl on Instagram + TikTok, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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