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Coffee Spots Open Late in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Alyssa Kelly
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For all the freelancers and coffee shop campers out there, finding a place to work after 5PM on any given day can be a real production. Even more so, finding a caffeinated beverage + a quaint coffee shop to sip it in after dinner time is a scavenger hunt in and of itself. Luckily, many Hoboken and Jersey City establishments have heard your cries for caffeine and made themselves readily available for late-night coffee consumers, some having sit-down options, and some just giving you an option to grab-and-go. Read on to discover the list of coffee shops that are open until at least 7PM in Hoboken + Jersey City. 


Empire Tea + Coffee Company | 338 Bloomfield Street

Open until 8PM

empire coffee hoboken

A Hoboken favorite, Empire Tea +  Coffee provides that caffeine fix to keep freelancers on point from morning to night. This long-standing gem has all of the great vibes one needs to get the job done.

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Jefferson’s Coffee | 534 Washington Street + 1001 Madison Street

Open until 7PM

jeffersons coffee

The Washington Street location is open until 7PM and is a great WFH spot. The coffee varieties are rich and fresh baked goods are made by hand.

Northern Soul Kitchen + Bar | 700 1st Street

Open until 2AM


Although this is a bar, Northern Soul is open late and sells coffee, which is sometimes really all anyone needs after a big night out. If you’re looking for something to eat as well, Northern Soul offers a number of vegan-friendly options to pair with an iced latte or other caffeinated beverage of your choice. 

Panera Bread | 310 Washington Street

Open until 10PM

Panera is another great option for late-night workers. This locale can fulfill any food and coffee needs, keeping you fueled well into the evening.

Prime Corner | 301 Madison Street 

Open 24 hours

prime corner

(Photo credit: Google Maps)

While this is not a sit-down, laptop-out kind of place, any passersby can run into Prime Corner (or any Prime grocery spot in Hoboken, for that matter) for that 3AM caffeine fix. Grab some last-minute groceries while you’re there, too. 

Starbucks | 1205 N Hudson Street, 51 Newark Street, + 314 Washington Street

Open until 11PM + 9PM

For those in need of a late-night pick-me-up + space to get work done in, Starbucks is a great option. With three locations across Hoboken, this chain-favorite is a great go-to for any folks working late into the evening.

Jersey City

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street

Open until 8PM

Beechwood Cafe + Market

Beechwood is the ultimate homey neighborhood cafe. It serves up awesome breakfast and lunch dishes as well as coffee until well after 5PM. Its sister cafe, B18 is just a block away at 18 Park View Avenue and is open until 8PM.

City Cafe & Bakery | 2800 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Open until 8 PM weekdays, 9 PM Saturdays, and 7:30 PM Sundays

This spot located in Journal Square has a great selection of bagels, pastries, and coffee. The staff is friendly and it’s a nice low-key spot to get some work done.

The Cottage | 136 Monticello Avenue

This cozy cafe offers fresh-baked pastries all day long and closes at 9PM, so it’s a great choice for an evening of productivity. There is a charming patio in the back, so when the weather is warmer, pull up a spot and enjoy the sun.

Crema | 1 Duncan Avenue

Open until 7PM


(Photo credit: @cremajc)

Great ambiance, great eats, great prices: that’s what locals get at Crema. It specializes in ice cream but the coffee is top-notch too.

Gregory’s Coffee | 525 Washington Boulevard + 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City + 111 River Street, Hoboken

Open until 8PM

Gregory's Coffee

(Photo credit: @gregoryscoffee)

Settle into this chain coffeehouse for a drink that is anything but pedestrian. Whether you prefer an iced coffee or a vanilla latte, Gregory’s Coffee will keep you up for the long haul.

Butler Café | 350 Warren Street

Open until 8PM

“Strong Coffee and Tasty Treats” is Butler Cafe’s motto, and it is spot-on. Butler Cafe keeps its doors open until 8PM. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and hit the books.

Short Grain | 183 Montgomery Street

Open until 9PM weekdays, 7 PM weekends


This gem offers delicious breakfast and lunch items inspired by Asian and American classics. The coffee is Vietnamese. It’s a great cafe in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood.

Subia’s Vegan Cafe | 506 Jersey Avenue

Open until 8:30PM Monday through Saturday

Subia's Cafe

Subia’s specializes in vegan fare and healthy juices. The cafe doesn’t sell coffee, however, the variety of juices is worth the trip and is a great alternative to caffeine.

VIP Diner | 175 Sip Avenue

Open 24 hours

vip diner

Another tried-and-true local favorite. Like any classic old-school diner, VIP Diner is open 24 hours. Slave through the night over that big project at work while sipping on a fresh cup of joe in the comfort of VIP. Add a side of pancakes and some scrambled eggs and voila, it’s a full meal.

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Dunkin Donuts | 400 Newark Street, 402 Grand Street + 700 Washington Street

Open 24 hours + until 10PM

dunkin donuts jc

(Photo credit: Google Maps)

Although a chain, Dunkin Donuts is another 24-hour option that does not disappoint. Pop in for a classic coffee + doughnut combo – we’re fans of a good ol’ fashioned glazed doughnut. Grab a cold brew to-go or take a seat for a late-night nibble or breakfast. 

7-Eleven | 193 14th Street

Open 24 hours

While not the most glamorous of options, and definitely not a sit-down option, 7-Eleven coffee gets the job done at all hours of the day. Whether it’s 2PM and you’re out for a midday pick-me-up, or it’s 2AM and you’re stumbling in for that extra shot of Joe to keep you going, you’ll never be without your caffeine fix.

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