Coffee Spots Open Late in Hoboken + Jersey City

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For all the freelancers and coffee shop campers out there, finding a place to work after 5PM on any given day can be a real production. Even more so, finding a caffeinated beverage + a quaint coffee shop to sip it in after dinner time is a scavenger hunt in and of itself. Luckily, many Hoboken and Jersey City establishments have heard your cries for caffeine and made themselves readily available for late-night coffee consumers, some having sit-down options, and some just giving you an option to grab-and-go. Read on to discover the list of coffee shops that are open until at least 7PM in Hoboken + Jersey City. 


GFG Bakery Cafe | 221 River Street

Open until 8PM

There is no better place to camp out with your Macbook or PC than at this Greek bakery with baklavas and coffee available at all times. From breakfast to dessert, GFG has diners covered with an assortment of dishes.

Empire Tea + Coffee Company | 338 Bloomfield Street

Open until 8PM

empire coffee hoboken

A Hoboken favorite, Empire Tea +  Coffee provides that caffeine fix to keep freelancers on point from morning to night. This long-standing gem has all of the great vibes one needs to get the job done.

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Jefferson’s Coffee | 534 Washington Street + 1001 Madison Street

Open until 7PM

jeffersons coffee

The Washington Street location is open until 7PM and is a great WFH spot. The coffee varieties are rich and fresh baked goods are made by hand.

Joboken Cafe | 23 Hudson Place

Open until 7PM

Situated directly outside of the PATH, Joboken is a great spot to grab a late-night cup of Joe if you’re coming home for your NYC commute and need to burn the midnight oil – or just because!

Malibu Diner | 257 14th Street

Open 24 hours

mailbu diner

Ah yes, a diner, because no coffee shop roundup would be complete without one. As a Hoboken classic, diners can grab a morning cuppa at any time of the day or night. Late-night pancake enthusiasts will find Malibu Diner is always open to feed their cravings as well. 

Northern Soul Kitchen + Bar | 700 1st Street

Open until 2AM


Although this is a bar, Northern Soul is open late and sells coffee, which is sometimes really all anyone needs after a big night out. If you’re looking for something to eat as well, Northern Soul offers a number of vegan-friendly options to pair with an iced latte or other caffeinated beverage of your choice. 

Panera Bread | 310 Washington Street

Open until 10PM

Panera is another great option for late-night workers. This locale can fulfill any food and coffee needs, keeping you fueled well into the evening.

Prime Corner | 301 Madison Street 

Open 24 hours

prime corner

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While this is not a sit-down, laptop-out kind of place, any passersby can run into Prime Corner (or any Prime grocery spot in Hoboken, for that matter) for that 3AM caffeine fix. Grab some last-minute groceries while you’re there, too. 

Starbucks | 1205 N Hudson Street, 51 Newark Street, + 314 Washington Street

Open until 11PM + 9PM

For those in need of a late-night pick-me-up + space to get work done in, Starbucks is a great option. With three locations across Hoboken, this chain-favorite is a great go-to for any folks working late into the evening.

Jersey City

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street

Open until 8PM

Beechwood Cafe + Market

Beechwood is the ultimate homey neighborhood cafe. It serves up awesome breakfast and lunch dishes as well as coffee until well after 5pM.

City Cafe & Bakery | 2800 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Open until 8 PM weekdays, 9 PM Saturdays and 7:30 PM Sundays

This spot located in Journal Square has a great selection of bagels, pastries, and coffee. The staff is friendly and it’s a nice low-key spot to get some work done.

Crema | 1 Duncan Avenue

Open until 7PM


(Photo credit: @cremajc)

Great ambiance, great eats, great prices: that’s what locals get at Crema. It specializes in ice cream but the coffee is top-notch too.

Gregory’s Coffee | 525 Washington Boulevard + 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City + 111 River Street, Hoboken

Open until 8PM

Gregory's Coffee

(Photo credit: @gregoryscoffee)

Settle into this chain coffeehouse for a drink that is anything but pedestrian. Whether you prefer an iced coffee or a vanilla latte, Gregory’s Coffee will keep you up for the long haul.

Butler Café | 350 Warren Street

Open until 8PM

“Strong Coffee and Tasty Treats” is Butler Cafe’s motto, and it is spot-on. Butler Cafe keeps its doors open until 8PM. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and hit the books.

Short Grain |183 Montgomery Street

Open until 9PM weekdays, 7 PM weekends


This gem offers delicious breakfast and lunch items inspired by Asian and American classics. The coffee is Vietnamese. It’s a great cafe in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood.

Subia’s Vegan Cafe | 506 Jersey Avenue

Open until 8:30PM Monday through Saturday

Subia's Cafe

Subia’s specializes in vegan fare and healthy juices. The cafe doesn’t sell coffee, however, the variety of juices are worth the trip and are a great alternative to caffeine.

VIP Diner | 175 Sip Avenue

Open 24 hours

vip diner

Another tried-and-true local favorite. Like any classic old-school diner, VIP Diner is open 24 hours. Slave through the night over that big project at work while sipping on a fresh cup of joe in the comfort of VIP. Add a side of pancakes and some scrambled eggs and voila, it’s a full meal.

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Dunkin Donuts | 400 Newark Street, 402 Grand Street + 700 Washington Street

Open 24 hours + until 10PM

dunkin donuts jc

(Photo credit: Google Maps)

Although a chain, Dunkin Donuts is another 24-hour option that does not disappoint. Pop in for a classic coffee + doughnut combo – we’re fans of a good ol’ fashioned glazed doughnut. Grab a cold brew to-go or take a seat for a late-night nibble or breakfast. 

7-Eleven | 193 14th Street

Open 24 hours

While not the most glamorous of options, and definitely not a sit-down option, 7-Eleven coffee gets the job done at all hours of the day. Whether it’s 2PM and you’re out for a midday pick-me-up, or it’s 2AM and you’re stumbling in for that extra shot of Joe to keep you going, you’ll never be without your caffeine fix.


Salem + Son’s Bakery |611 Palisade Avenue, Union City

Open 24 hours

salem and sons

(Photo credit: Google Maps)

Although not exactly in Hoboken or Jersey City proper, Salem + Son’s Bakery is just up the hill and ideal for all of your coffee and pastry needs. The bakery serves up a series of sweet treats alongside beverages to balance out your coffee run. While your purchase will be to-go, it will definitely have you coming back for more.


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