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The Hive, A New Hoboken Coffee Shop Hub for Parents + Kids, Set to Open This Fall

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The coronavirus global pandemic has put unexpected strains on countless small businesses, causing many to close indefinitely and others to shut their doors permanently. Especially in Hoboken, a city built on the integrity of small, local biz, we’ve taken a hard hit. But that’s exactly why it’s such refreshing news to hear of businesses prevailing during these rough times.

The Hive, a new coffee-retail-play concept opening soon at 1000 Park Avenue, is proving to be the little shop that could, with not even COVID stopping it from opening. After all, as co-owners Kristin and Catherine say, as a community, Hoboken needs connection more than ever. The Hive is set to open in the former Truglio’s space, a beloved butcher shop that closed when its owners retired last year.

kristin and catherine the hive hoboken

{Photo courtesy of Catherine and Kristin}

“Our original mission, however, of fostering community, is firmly in place and having gone through lockdown with two young children inside an apartment since March {like so many fellow neighbors}, I can honestly say I’ve never craved connection more,” Catherine tells Hoboken Girl. “Kristin and I are already preparing ourselves for what’s ahead this winter and have a running list of virtual events and delivery ideas in case we’re faced with another lockdown.”

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Luckily, COVID didn’t throw too much of a wrench in The Hive’s original plans; though it did force them to shift the concept a bit, striking indoor dining from the equation. At least, for now.

“We’ve been lucky in the sense that the town’s officials have been quick to move our plans along as we sought approval from them on various changes to the original space,” Kristin explains. “Our model has had to pivot a bit: no indoor dining and of course, no large gatherings of anyone inside or in the playspace. We’re leaning a bit heavier into our retail curation for now while our plans for family events and activations are on hold. We’re investing more into our digital presence — all coffee, food and retail products will be available online for pickup or delivery.”

the hive storefront

{Photo courtesy of Catherine and Kristin}

The Concept

Located at the former Truglio’s butcher shop, the concept for The Hive sparked from Kristin and Catherine’s experiences as moms. They wanted to create a space that catered to both children and their parents.

While I was on maternity leave, I became so lonely when I was first home with my newborn and attended a few new moms groups to try and connect with others in a similar stage of life,” Catherine says. “It was at one of these groups I worked up the nerve to ask if anyone would want to grab a glass of wine and was lucky to create strong friendships with a few of the women there, including Kristin. We were both on very different corporate career tracks but over the course of many happy hours {with babies in tow}, we started daydreaming about a place we could go with our kids that felt like a place where we would want to hang out.”

kristin and catherine families the hive

{Photo courtesy of Catherine and Kristin}

Somewhere that’s not a bar, a place that’s incredibly clean, and one that’s got something to hold our interests, too. We’d been to so many indoor playgrounds and wanted to create a space that had a little something for us mamas, too,” Catherine adds.

After a year of daydreaming together about what that potential space would actually look and be like, Kristin and Catherine took the leap and left their former careers behind for a new, unprecedented venture.

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“We began running a few financial models, we put together a focus group, and started cold-calling coffee shop owners to see if they’d talk about their experiences building their own shops before we got serious about finalizing our business plan, looking for a space, and ultimately taking the plunge by signing a lease on November 11th last year,” Kristin explains.

What to Expect

For Kristin and Catherine, the sense of community and connection parents will be able to find at The Hive starts with its ambiance.

“You’ll find lots of terrazzo, concrete, and really, really good lighting, so you’ll never ever see us looking as tired as well feel,” Kristin says.

As for the retail portion of the shop, patrons can expect an array of beauty and wellness products, made with moms in mind.

“We’re a coffee and retail shop that’s committed to serving incredible coffee and homemade treats, selling the newest and best in beauty and wellness products, and fostering community throughout Hoboken,” Kristin adds.

As a female-owned business itself, The Hive will also seek to highlight other female and Black-owned businesses on its shelves.

“It’s important for us to select products that aren’t available elsewhere in town or at the big stores, and instead, we’re focusing on smaller, independent makers, with special consideration paid to female- and Black-owned businesses,” Catherine adds. “You’ll find brands like Bambini Furtuna, Homebody, Noshaba, and WTHN on our shelves and can expect us to regularly and often switch [it] up to keep things interesting and fresh.”

catherine finn and miles

Catherine and her children, Finn and Miles.

{Photo courtesy of Catherine}

Unlike so many other of Mile Square’s coffee shops, The Hive is unique in that it also caters to children’s needs as well. Meaning, playtime.

“We’ve integrated a creative, sophisticated play-space into the back of our shop, which will be available for private playdate rentals for families. Originally, we’d planned on allowing open play but with the current climate as it is, we’ll be managing it on a smaller {and hyper-sanitized} scale.”

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The menu

The Hive wouldn’t be a coffee shop without cold brew and Nitro —thanks to a partnering with Kobrick’s on top of a menu of bakery items. When The Hive opens in fall 2020, you’ll find cookies, brownies, and blondies, with much more to be added to the list over time.

“I’ve always loved baking, so early on, we decided we’d make some specialty baked goods in-house, including cookies, brownies, and blondies, and once we get rolling, we plan on introducing some fun, grown-up twists on nostalgic favorites: Pop-Tarts, homemade Dunkaroos, Oreos, cinnamon rolls,” Kristin says, adding, “we dream faster than we can test recipes!”

Kristin and Catherine also plan on bringing in specialty bites from Andrea Rizvi, friend, and fellow Hobokenite who launched Boomerang Bites.

Other coffee shop staples include croissants, muffins, and scones, as well as mini sizes for young pastry connoisseurs in training.

kristin stella and harrison

Kristin and her children, Stella and Harrison.

{Photo courtesy of Kristin}

All in all, The Hive’s purpose is to bring the community together and to help parents realize the importance of human connection — something that’s, yes, made difficult by COVID, but not impossible. In fact, we need a space like this now more than ever. A place that both parents and littles can enjoy, The Hive hopes to open come October 2020.

“We want readers to know that this space is about them,” Catherine says. “Kristin and I noticed an opportunity in this town to fuse so many great concepts — coffee, retail, play — and create a hive for gathering. While it’ll be a little while before anyone can gather en masse, we sincerely hope that friendships will bloom, discoveries are made, and creativity is sparked within our walls and beyond.”

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