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A Guide to Parks with Splash Pads in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Ainsley Layland
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For local families in Hoboken and Jersey City, there are over ten parks in the area that feature splash pads so you can get out and cool off this summer without going all the way down the shore. Read on to discover Hoboken and Jersey City parks with sprinklers.


Church Square Park | 401 Willow Avenue

Another ‘all-inclusive’ option, Church Square Park has a playground for all ages — a gated infant area, a gated toddler area, and an open playground and obstacle course for grade school kids. One of the few parks with swings, this park is a hot spot for families with multiple kids. The sprinklers are turned on during the summer and feature dolphins spouting water. This park covers two square blocks and includes chess tables, a gazebo, basketball courts, ping pong tables, a newly refinished dog park, and plenty of grassy areas.

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Columbus Square Park | Clinton Street between 9th + 10th Streets

Columbus Square Park

This park has playgrounds with turf and a splash pad. Be aware the ground surface at the splash pad is concrete so water shoes are recommended. Bathrooms are available at the park in addition to basketball and tennis courts as well as ample green space for picnics.

Elysian Park | 1001 Hudson Street

For those living Uptown, Elysian Park has it all. Amazing city views, a dog park, a playground, green space, a basketball court, and a spray park. Once the littles are soaked and exhausted, you can easily pick up dinner on the way home from one of the many surrounding restaurants.

Jackson Street Park | 120 Jackson Street

Located on Jackson Street, this enclosed playground features a playground, a safety surface throughout, inclusive of spinning chairs, a chalkboard wall, and sprinkler arches that are turned on during the summer.

Madison Street Park | 300 Madison Street

The brightly colored Madison Street Park is a must-play-at location this summer. The park includes a splash area complete with purple and green shade flowers, swings, and playground equipment for both younger and older children. The park is open to the public from 8AM-8PM and bathrooms are available. 

Multi-Service Center | Adams Street Between 1st + 2nd Street

The Multi-Service Center Hoboken is a recreation center. It’s home to baseball, soccer, basketball, and other activities organized by The City Hall of Hoboken. It also has a public water spray area for children to play in.

Pier A Park | 100 Sinatra Drive

Pier A Park

An iconic fixture in the community for decades, the Pier A fountain is a right of passage for kids growing up in the Mile Square. The fountain is massive and shoots up several feet high, making it a great space for tons of kids to run in and out of the water.

Stevens Park | 401 Hudson Street

This park has two tree-covered play areas with a sprinkler in between. Located right next to the Hoboken Little League Field, you can catch a game, check out the waterfront view, grab a snack, and have the kids play all in the same park. Stevens Park also has plenty of green space and a fenced dog park (so the four-legged family members can come, too).

Tom Olivieri Park | 1225 Willow Avenue

Also known as “Frog Park” to some, this pocket park is sandwiched between a residential building and the architecture office on the corner of Willow Avenue and 13th Street. Possibly one of the most shaded play areas around town, this park has some serious tree coverage. There are frog and flower sprayers that get the job done. In 2019, it was renamed from Legion Park to honor the work of Latinx activist Tom Olivieri.

Jersey City

Enos Jones Park | 237 Brunswick Street

Close to Hamilton Park, the smaller Enos Jones Park packs a lot of fun. Entirely gated, this park features a playground and a separate splash pad area featuring a water-spouting whale, dolphin, and seal. Check out the community garden and take adventurous scooter riders to the skate park nearby.

Hamilton Park | 25 West Hamilton Place

Hamilton Park is similar to Church Square Park in Hoboken in that it provides something for everyone. The playgrounds and swings are fenced in and divided by age group. This water playground is on the smaller side but your little one will definitely have a blast. The splash pad has tall posts with buckets that spill over once filled with water and in-ground sprinklers. The rest of the park features basketball and tennis courts, plenty of lawn space, and a dog run. Surrounded by a variety of restaurants, this park is a great location to enjoy a full day out.

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Newport Green Park | 700 Washington Boulevard

Newport Green Park

Newport Green has a lot of amenities to offer. This park has multiple play areas for various ages, two sets of swings for infants and older kids, shaded picnic tables, a carousel, a splash pad with a safety surface in the playground area, and a sandy beach with stationary umbrellas and movable Adirondack chairs. If all of that wasn’t enough, park-goers can also enjoy in-ground sprinklers between the gated play area and grassy lawn.

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