• Truglio’s Meat Market: A Family-Owned Butcher Shop Closing on June 15th

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    The unfortunate news is true — old-school butcher shop Truglio’s Meat Market in Hoboken will be closing its doors on June 15th. The closing is simply nature running its course — the two brothers, Stevie and Joe, who own the shop, are retiring. The meat market has received overwhelming love and support from the community and the Truglio legacy will live on in the Mile Square. Before this local butcher shop {located at 1000 Park Avenue} closes, however, discover its history and impact on the community. Read on to learn all about the family-owned Truglio’s Meat Market in Hoboken. 

    Truglios Meat Market

    The Ethos Behind Truglio’s 

    “We don’t pre-cut. We take [each piece of meat] one by one and we serve them like my father used to serve them. My father used to say “Whatever goes on my table, goes on your table,” Stevie said.

    “Usually when new customers come in and see the grinder they say, ‘Oh, that’s how chopped meat is made?’ They never saw it made before,” Joe added.

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    Here’s what to expect when you walk in – sawdust on the floor, butcher blocks being put to good use, the buzzing of a bandsaw, and local neighbors mingling among customers who have since moved out of Hoboken, but still choose to come back into town just to shop there. The finest cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey will be on display – not to be overshadowed by the famously popular homemade Italian sausage.

    The History of Truglio’s 

    Truglios Meat Market Old Shop

    {Albert, Joe and Stevie photographed together in the “old store” in 1975. Photo courtesy of Michael Flanagan}

    Truglios inside

    {Snapshot of the “old store,” where Albert’s hats still proudly hangs}

    When Albert Truglio first bought the business in 1952 {later to buy the building in 1955}, the butcher shop was serving patrons from 252 10th Street, which is on the side street of the building and a German deli was open in the front half of the store. When the deli closed in 1989, with the help of Albert’s two sons, Joe and Stevie, the business expanded to the front and further grew into the shop that the two brothers established and remains today. Customers will marvel at the “old store” in the back, as the brothers call it, which looks like an actual time-capsule. Al’s hats still proudly hung in the window.

    Truglio’s Today 

    Truglios brothers

    {Joe and Stevie Truglio receiving a proclamation from Mayor Ravi Bhalla on June 24, 2018 recognizing the significance of Truglio’s Meat Market’s role within the Hoboken Community over the last 67 years}

    Joe and Stevie have been working in the butcher shop since grade school and are true masters of their craft. Part of the expansion meant that the shop began to sell wholesale orders to restaurants on top of the personal, hands-on orders. Without knowing it, you’ve probably have eaten meat from Truglio’s Meat Market if you’re a regular at restaurants across Hoboken and Jersey City. Gigi’s, Leo’s Grandevous, Grand Vin, 10th Street Pizza + Pasta, Johnny Pepperoni, Skinner’s Loft, and Otto Strada are just a few restaurants that have been loyal customers serving local and high-quality meat products. Otto Strada even proudly describes its famous 16oz meatball as being made from “Truglio’s special blend” right on the menu {if you have yet to try their meatball, run, don’t walk!}. You can even order the blend for yourself if you’re up to the task of cooking it. The Truglio brothers are fibers of the Hoboken community {as well as the Hoboken meat lovers community}, where they both raised their families and still live today.

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    Truglio’s is open Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-6:00PM, Saturdays from 9:00AM-5:00PM, and is closed on Sundays.

    Pro Tips

    They will deliver your order to you for FREE if you’re unable to swing by the shop. Truglio’s is cash only so be prepared with cash or your checkbook handy.

    Local Tip: If you’re in town during the St. Ann’s Italian Festival on July 26th, every year you’ll catch a large crowd outside of the shop. Since 1991, the business has been an official stop along the festival’s procession route. The Truglio family puts water and food out for all those marching in the procession. In that moment its plain to see that the best of “old Hoboken” is still alive and well on the corner of 10th and Park.

    Have a go-to order from Truglio’s? Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Joanna was born in New York City and proudly grew up in Hoboken above her family's butcher shop, Truglio's Meat Market. Although an Uptown Hoboken Girl at heart, she now lives in downtown Hoboken with her fiancé, Matthew. After graduating from Montclair State University, she began a career in Fashion Retail Marketing. Outside of her current role as Brand Marketing Manager at Ann Taylor, she loves to travel both near and far - yet always looking forward to coming back home to enjoy the institutional local gems of Hudson County, while discovering new ways to shop local along the way.


    • Good bye and good luck happy retirement enjoy in good health to you and your families The Mclaughlin’s See u around town!

    • Happy Healthy Retirement
      We love you and your family
      To all tomorrows
      You came into town#1 and your still #1

    • This blessed famiglia Truglio is going to retire the business and now your turn to enjoy the
      Fruits of your labor. Joe and Steve have created a spectacular legacy , Uncle Al and Aunt
      Lucy are smiling at all your accomplishments and your spouses Donna and Geraldine and so very proud of their grandchildren Lucy, Joanna and Steven. Much happiness to this giving
      Famiglia and a healthy future and your turn to travel. Get the beach chairs ready! The
      Greco, Muldoon and Alonso famiglia wish you well and looking forward to the Saint Ann Feast.

    • We enjoyed your meat for many, many years. Missing you ever since we left Hoboken. Sending you our best wishes for happiness during your well deserved retirement.

    • Congratulations on your retirement. You have blessed my table for generations with your meats. God bless you joe and steve and your families.

    • This absolutely stinks! I loved Truglio’s. Only place to get a great leg of lamb (beyond other cuts) for our Easter dinners. And to top it, the only place that made amazing Lamb sausage! I just grilled some last night and this morning called to ask Elisabeth if she would be making more only to find out they are gone! Service and cuts were always top notch and respected the old school vibe they had. Great craftspeople. They will be missed!


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