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Bean Vault: A Hoboken Hideaway for Artisan Coffee

by Megan Joseph
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Coffee is a dime a dozen in Hoboken {not complaining}. While it’s not hard to get a cup on most blocks in town, some have definitely left their mark and deserve a shout. Case in point: Bean Vault Coffee. Many Hoboken residents frequent this hole-in-the-wall coffee joint, Bean Vault, for their morning cup of Joe {and its cozy grab-n-go vibe}. It’s the perfect spot to get a caffeine fix all before the start of the day or for a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up. Read on to discover all about Bean Vault, a Hoboken hideaway located at 1 Newark Street, for artisan coffee.

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Bean Vault’s Backstory

Justin DePascale and John Foriani, both Hoboken police officers, opened Bean Vault in February 2014 during an infamous North American blizzard. Justin recalls their espresso machine was stuck on a delivery truck somewhere in Secaucus due to the storms, so they only could serve drip coffee at first {talk about a rough start}. But opening Bean Vault, especially for Justin, was always in the cards.

Justin’s mother Geri has worked upstairs for the owner of the building that Bean Vault calls home for as long as he can remember. He grew up in the neighborhood and when he saw the space was for rent, he knew it was meant to be.

His grandparents immigrated to Hudson County from Italy to start a life in the United States and his parents met at St. Ann’s Festival. To say he’s a true Hoboken Italian is an understatement. Justin now lives in Rutherford with his wife and two kids and his parents are in Weehawken. So out of deep Hoboken roots and a passion for coffee, Bean Vault was born.

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{Photo Credit: Justin DePascale}

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Today the shop serves all forms of high-end artisan coffee, pastries from Balthazar Bakery in NYC, and Tom + Geri cookies, made by Justin’s father Tom and named after his mother Geri. Try the oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Locally made gifts like cups, coasters, and chipotle sauce also line the shelves inside the store.

Where to Find Bean Vault

Bean Vault is a tiny coffee joint located at 1 Newark Street. The building was built in the late 1880s and was originally a bank. Behind the counter, you can see an old bank vault and an uncovered elevator shaft that the shop now uses for storage.

Justin describes the space as a loud, fun, and funky shop without much reservation. There’s music booming from the speakers and friends coming in and out at all times. He appreciates the inside jokes he holds with his customers and loves to be silly as much as he can. Justin calls it, “the antithesis of a regular business.”

The coffee entrepreneur and a few other partners and investors own Bean Vault and another Uptown spot, Hudson Coffee {110 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken}.

A Bumpy Beginning

As with any company, there were challenges and issues Justin and John had to face at the beginning, and still do. They realized no one else was going to fix a problem they encountered but themselves.

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“As a police officer, it’s easy to go to work or get a cover for you if you’re sick,” Justina said. “But with Bean Vault, there’s no one above you. It’s your baby.”

Now as the sole Bean Vault owner, Justin says his obsessive personality is what got him into the coffee business. And it wasn’t even coffee that originally sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in him, it was cookies.

“I ordered cookies from a chain for my family and me. They were almost $40 for four cookies just to deliver them to my house,” he said. “I decided I could do this better and figured out how to make, sell, and open my own business.”

Then, Justin dived deeper into the coffee industry and studied it until he learned everything there is to know. His dedication led to over five years of great business for Bean Vault and a loyal customer base.

As a police officer and former Hoboken resident, Justin says he used to sit on the corner of River and Newark Street to study the foot traffic next to the building. He loves the charm of Bean Vault’s two weird steps, the small entrance door, and the uniqueness of the area.

How It’s Made + What’s Next

Bean Vault’s brew is roasted at Partners Coffee in Brooklyn, which is exported from Royal Coffee in Bayonne. Justin says the beans are roasted and sold within 14 days, as opposed to some other manufacturers where it could be up to six months. They’re roasted on Monday, shipped to Bean Vault on Wednesday, and you’re drinking those exact beans on Thursday.

Valuing speed of service, Justin and his employees make sure guests are in and out as fast as they need to be. Their cold brew iced coffee gets the most chatter and praise—a strong, bold, and delicious treat…trust.

And don’t worry: Bean Vault offers every milk alternative under the sun. Oat, almond, soy, and coconut milk are available for your convenience. There are also gluten-free options and different fruits depending on the season.

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Beyond coffee, there’s also entertainment at this Mile Square locale. Justin keeps a community guitar in the corner of the shop. He often plays random tunes and encourages his guests to play too. In 2019, Justin says cold brew will be on tap and more advancements will happen inside the store.

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If he’s not drinking Bean Vault brew, Justin is a big fan of Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia coffee and their branding strategies. His order is simple — cold brew in the summer and regular coffee in the winter. both black, of course.


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Bean Vault is open 6:30AM-7:00PM Monday through Friday, 7:00AM-6:00PM on Saturday, and 8:00AM-6:00PM on Sundays. Check out this local coffee spot, grab a homemade cookie, and become a part of the Bean Vault family. Order take out or delivery through Door Dash or Uber Eats.

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